David Lee Out for Today’s Game; Dominic McGuire to Start

For the third straight game, Golden State will be missing a starter. Warriors forward David Lee will not only miss today’s game, he’s not even in attendance.

Lee is pretty ill. So ill, he was at a local hospital instead of warming up. They aren’t sure yet whether it’s food poisoning, the flu or some kind of virus.

Dominic McGuire will start in David Lee’s place. He has the responsibility of staying glued to Channing Frye, the Suns’ 3-point shooting big man. That might help the Warriors on the defensive end as McGuire may be better able to contest Frye.

Without Lee, Golden State will be without their leading rebounder (8.0) and second-leading scorer (18.8)

Marcus Thompson

  • Dave

    Warriors are 1-9 without their MVP David Lee. (arm injury last year and food poisining today.)

  • ACC

    Same old same old. Its like deja vu from last year.

  • Marquee Jackson

    This team is just short on talent. One ailment, one missing starter and there goes strings of games down the toilet. The front office with their good will / good intentions will need to rebuild credibility to attract top talent. $$$s will not cut it anymore. A winning attitude plus a winning culture will attract good talent. I am surprised that Ellis has not asked for a trade to a winning team.

    Cousins appear to request a trade. He maybe a possibility but he needs a major attitude adjustment.

  • Young

    this is a defensive team

    “hold me accountable and I’ll hold them accountable” – Mark Jackson

    107 points allowed vs. Philly

    102 points allowed vs. Phoenix

    Mr. Jackson, your team is not playing defense.