Mark Jackson NOT Happy After Warriors Loss at Phoenix

It’s obvious — five games into the season, after two disappointing losses — that Mark Jackson is getting frustrated with his team. All his bold predictions and soaring rhetoric have clashed with usual Warriors basketball.

Golden State should have beaten Phoenix on Monday, if they are the team they claim to be, just like they should have beaten Philadelphia at home on Saturday. But, down the stretch, they did not play the defense they talk about. They could not score like they claim. They did not make the little plays they are now supposed to make.

Maybe Jackson sees the rough seas ahead – @ Spurs, @ Lakers, vs. Jazz, vs. Heat, vs. Magic then a four-game roadie – and knew the importance of winning Monday. Now 2-3, if the Warriors have to win 5 of the next 9 games just to come home .500.

JACKSON: “I understand it’s a process, but it’s a 66-game season and we need to speed up the process. I will find guys that are playing well, competing and executing the game plan. And if that means playing five guys 48 minutes, I will. They will tell me how many guys should play by their performance. Just a disappointing loss.”

More from Monday’s 102-91 loss to the host Suns …


David Lee was back in the hotel room by the end of the game. He didn’t join the Warriors on their trip to the Fiesta Bowl, instead stayed in the hotel and rested.

Golden State will practice at US Airways Center on Tuesday. Lee will see how he feels before determining if he will practice. But it doesn’t sound like his illness is serious enough to keep him out of Wednesday’s game at San Antonio.


There was no sugar-coating Stephen Curry’s hacking on Monday.

Not from JACKSON: “Gambling. He’s got to be smarter. You’re a key player and you pick up an early foul or two fouls and you have to make the adjustment. You can’t pick up another one, and he’s done that and it’s hurt us.”

Not from CURRY: “I’ve just got to get smarter. Regardless of whether David Lee is here or not, I just need to stay on the floor and not get dumb fouls like I did (Monday).”

Because of foul trouble, Curry played just 23 minutes, totaling 10 points and two assists. What’s more, Monta had to play more than 42 minutes as Mark Jackson clearly didn’t trust anyone else to dominate the ball.

After the game, he admitted he was a bit fatigued. But he said he wasn’t sure if it was because he is a little under the weather or because he sat for long stretches thanks to fouls.

Curry was also dealing with a sprained left thumb on Monday. It was visibly swollen, though he chose not to play with it taped. It was heavily taped during pre-game warm-ups. He said he sprained it Saturday against Philadelphia.


Dominic McGuire was pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good in his first start as a Warrior. He finished with 14 points, two off his career high, on 6 of 9 shooting. He also had nine rebounds, two assists and a steal in just over 26 minutes. He was a -7, though.

Don’t be surprised though. Monday was McGuire’s 69th career start.

McGUIRE: “I just want to take advantage. Go out there and bring some energy, rebound the ball. Not one man is going to replace David. I’m going to be aggressive, take what the defense gives me, but I don’t think I’m going to go out and get 19.”


Oddly enough, Mark Jackson went with rookie Charles Jenkins as the back-up point guard Monday. Nothing against Jenkins, who knocked down all three of his outside shots and finished with six points in 14 minutes. But this seemed like the perfect game for Ish Smith.

Steve Nash was weaving through the Warriors defense. Curry had a hard time staying in front of him, especially once he got in foul trouble. It seems the speedy Smith would have fared pretty well chasing Nash around. He certainly seems to be pretty good at pushing tempo. The Warriors totaled 6 fast-break points.

However, Ish totaled 32 seconds of action.

Didn’t get a chance to ask Jackson why the sudden change, since Ish had gotten most of the time at point guard when Curry was out of the game.  But it will be interesting to see how Jackson uses his two point guards. It is highly unlikely Monday will be Curry’s last game in foul trouble.


You know who looked REALLY good Monday? Markieff Morris.

He had 16 points and nine rebounds in 32 minutes Monday. He entered the Warriors’ game  averaging 7.8 points on 61 percent shooting with 4.5 rebounds in 17 minutes.

Markieff is the lesser known of the Morris twins from Kansas. But he’s the one the Warriors’ liked more. More of a dirty work kind of guy. Little bit more physicality, and diversity of skills, than Marcus Morris. Still, he wasn’t good enough for the Warriors to draft No. 11 overall. Markieff went to Phoenix at No. 14 (Marcus went 15 to Houston).

You know who did not look REALLY good Monday? Klay Thompson.

His first five minutes were painful. He sat for a long time after looking fairly clumsy.  Thompson looked much better in the fourth quarter, though. Knocked down a couple 3-pointers as the Warriors tried to mount a comeback. He had a little swag back after that.

Until …

He took a heat check shot. After making two straight threes, he rushed a third.  Thompson finished with 6 points, 2 rebounds and 2 turnovers in 14 minutes.

Certainly,  these two are players we need to keep an eye on. Way too early to say Warriors missed on Markieff. But not too early to wonder.

Marcus Thompson

  • Niners in 2012

    Bench DWright and Biedrins, start BRush and Kwame. Make Curry come off the bench as 6th man if his annoying foul trouble keeps up.

  • Spree43

    You can pretty much see the way this season is going to go. Same as last season. They should blow this team up and start over. This is NOT a playoff team no matter how you try to spin it.

  • Marquee Jackson

    Curry’s talent can be a blessing and a curse. He is so confident that he gets lackadaisical. You see a lot of sloppy one hand passes and lazy reach in fouls. I would expect more from a 3rd or 4th year talented point guard. He is also injury prone.

    Talent can get you by when you deal with lesser talented players but when you deal with a Nash or Chris Paul, better focus on your technique, up your energy and really bring it – otherwise, they will eat your dinner. I am hopeful but now is the time to up your game. You’ve been in the NBA for three years.

    On Mark Jackson, there is only so much you can coach. Its like training a dog. There is only so much you can do then the team will need to kick it up.

    Start Ish and Monta with McGuire, DLee and Udoh. This will be a good combination of speed, defense, rebounding, shooting and shot blocking. This would be my base team and swap in scrubs as necessary.

  • Dan

    as the warriors continue to suck big time….

  • noma_pride

    Cannot play with them, cannot win with them, cannot coach with them. Can’t do it. I want winners. I want people that want to win.

  • Dave

    Dlee042David Lee
    Absolutely. Positively. The worst Ive ever felt in my life! I don’t wish food poisoning on my worst enemy, thx for the well wishes today

  • GSWlifer

    I’m going to give this team 15 games before making a season prediction, but it doesn’t seem like we’re going to get things done this year in terms of making the playoffs. The bench is definitely deeper, there are more players on this team today that can play defense, but we’re still missing the kind of consistent play that you need to be a playoff team – even an 8 seed. I like Jackson, I like a lot of the players on the team as individuals, but I’m not sure the whole bunch fits right now. I think it’s important for the team to seriously consider breaking this group up, which inevitably means trading Curry. We either need to blow it up as much as possible and rebuild and commit to starting from the ground up or commit to trading Curry plus others for a legit, all-star/superstar. This team as currently comprised is always either going to just barely make the playoffs or be destined for a 10-12 lottery pick. In either case, we don’t have a shot of even contending for a 2nd round playoff run.

  • chezshoppa

    Marcus. I see ur at it again. Listen the warriors are not good enough to win without running on al cylinders every game. If lee plays we win simple as that. There are 2 players we can I’ll afford to play without. 1 is Monte 2. Is lee. We can play without steph all day which is why it’s a head scratcher every time they speak of moving Monte. The offense doesn’t move when he’s not playing. No matter how good they think steph is he’s still all potential an has not arrived yet. Monte is here has grown and is ready to put the team on his back if need be. 66 games is still a long season. Let’s not judge too early.

  • Grey Warden

    Nash has heard the rumblings of Curry becoming the next Nash. However, Nash scoffs at the idea and continues to school Curry in the art of being a good PG.

  • Grey Warden

    Spurs just got a “little easier” since Ginobili will be out of Wednesday’s game with a broken hand.

  • earl monroe

    Good takes Marcus

  • Dave

    Was he happy he took out Lee during the 1st quarter when they were up 18? Then the 2nd quarter starts and lead disspeared. He finally brought Lee back in during the 2nd when they were down 3. How can they win if he takes Lee out so often so early and for so long?

  • Dave

    That was in the Philly game….

  • Dave

    This is no excuse basketball team. There is no excuse for taking Lee out early in these games.

  • Biedrins has not taken one foul shot. Starting center has played five games and he has not gone to the line. You have got to be kidding me.IF ever there was a player who has no ability to play offense and take pressure off the guards and other starters it is Biedrins.What a joke!!!!!

    We are destined to be in the 7 -11 pick in the draft until we trade our best players and clean up this mess. Mark Jackson is just the next guy who cannot turn a team around with no major league talent. Trade Curry now.

  • robert rowell

    i was at the nye game. goose must’ve only played five minutes after the 1st quarter and looked uninvolved and uninspired while doing so. all those bold predictions that andris “was back” seem awfully foolish now, don’t they? it’s clear he hasn’t evolved at all, that coach preacher doesn’t trust him and that his teammates aren’t looking for him. but at least we have kwame, right?

  • Grey Warden

    #13 Robin,

    Guess you missed yesterday’s game. Beans went 0-2 for free throws.

  • jerry b

    The minute Mark Jackson GUARANTEED the Dubs would be in the playoffs I knew this team was doomed. Same old, same old, with a little bit of Mike Singletary-type amateurism thrown in (“I want winners!”). Can someone – apparently not this owner – hire some BASKETBALL EXECUTIVES with experience and knowledge, please? And Jerry West is not a working executive – I’m not sure what he doesother than make ownership feel better. Jackson has never coached a peewee league team and here he is talking defense and defending Ellis….now how is it possible that you talk defense and Ellis in the same breath? Remind me again why the same starting 5 from a year ago constitutes a different team? The bench? Ah yes….the bench. That’ll get ya to the playoffs, Mark. This team has to move to scroe – and because it doesn’t (can’t) play defense they are always taking the ball out of the bottom of the basket – so they can’t run. They become a half court team, and they can’t score as a half court team. SO: no defense, and no scoring. Tune in for the lottery, as usual

  • The seer

    This franchise continues to make terrible decisions whoever is in the front office. Drafting Udoh over Monroe was horrendous. Udoh had no game. Not letting Biedrins and his nine million go, was horrendous. biedrins has no game. Drafting Thompson will also prove to be a bad move.

    DONT WE ALL WISH ELLISON HAD GOTTEN THE TEAM. Lacob and Guber are blowhards and other than hire names for the front office, it’s all the same junk.

  • The seer

    Jackson you better get used to these losses.. There are a lot more losses coming. This is not a 500 team. They have some nice complimentary pieces, but no stars. You don’t matter in the NBA without stars. Until they get a star, irrelevant.

  • Ewok

    Happy New Year Marcus, and to everyone here.

    It’s been awhile since i made my last post. I really thought the lockout was going to linger forever…

    Anyway here’s my take with the present Warriors.

    They are Talented and this early, I can say Mark Jackson really knows what he is doing. He doesn’t act like a rookie coach, He clearly utilizes his 17 year experience in the league in whatever capacity.

    It seems there’s a change in the team’s philosophy puting more premium with defense than scoring. There’s less fastbreak or transition game but that will come as soon as the team is able to establish their identity defensively.

    Anyway, here’s the factors, in my opinion, that’s troubling the team right now. The 3 and the 5 position. It’s almost non existent with their starters. Andris Biedrins seems to avoid creating his shot. He doesn’t bait for fouls and it’s becoming obvious that he feels tormented being sent to the line.

    Interstingly, and in my opinon, Dorell Wright and Andris Biedrins problems are identical more than anything else… It’s their Mental approach! I think DW is pressured by the possiblity of the young and talented KThompson taking over his spot as a starter or relieving him over a bad play. To DW’s credit however, you can see him trying to contribute to other departments defensively with Rebounds and steals.

    In case of Biedrins, You can see how he agonizes seeing himself on the stripe which is the reason why he is less aggressive offensively. You can tell he literally doesn’t want anything to do with the ball offensively. He gave up his touches and is just content with rebounding which is not his main forte with his size. I sincerely believe this guy (Biedrins) is not confident with his talent, has no intention to shine and prove himself because if he does, he should be at least imposing his presence like in 07′ and that is too bad. Ironically, and perhaps the good news however, is that his back-up, Kwame Brown, was almost on the same exact situation ten years ago, perhaps even worse (as he was adjudged as a draft bust), but he is now emerging and finally beginning to develop his game.

    On the positive side of the team, The new faces are going to deliver. Kwame Brown, a late bloomer, is now beginning to show glimpses as a big time center. His game at present, is more impressive than Biedrins hands down but he is still on the level of a Back-up center which hopefully, won’t be too long. This guy will bloom and will soon become a game changer given the guidance of Mark Jackson and Wes Unseld. The new acquisitions, Dominic Mcquire, Brandon Rush, Ish Smith and Charles Jenkins who reminds me the young Avery and Vinnie Johnson, are all hardworkers. This batch will make a degree of difference.

    What i wish to happen are the following, Jeremy Tyler to develop rapidly and finds a solid role in the Big Man rotation if not bump AB out of it, if necessary.

    More cohesion between Monta and Stephen (ala Isaiah Thomas and Joe Dumars), DW finds his mark, and Biedrins confronts and defeats his demons, with more time in the gym, or by exorcism (whatever it takes).

  • Ewok

    I forgot, I really want this team to establish an enormous and great despise to losing. This way, a personal standard is set and an identity is established.

  • thewarriorsrule

    Jerry B, Post #18, said it best.

    I too really believed that once Mark Jackson guaranteed playoffs, I immediately thought he is all talk and no action. Even Jeff Van Gundy and other ESPN announcers kindly told him not to say such things, and Mark even publicly said “shut your mouth”. Marcus, please relay this message to Mark Jackson. He needs to learn this the hard way.

    If Mark Jackson has really preached defense from the very beginning then why is Curry still reaching in and committing silly fouls and turnovers stopping his dribble in the middle of double teams? Why is Monta still reaching in, complaining about fouls he think he did not commit, but really did. I thought Monta was going to be a pesky ball defender this year like his rookie year. Why is Monta still dominating the ball and Curry still deferring to Monta? How come we have not seen more pick and rolls, the strengths of DLee and Biedrins. Why do we still see DLee catch the ball beyond 18-feet and still expect him to create some type of offense? When he scored 20 ppg in NY, it was from the pick-and-roll.

    Granted it is only a few games, but how did we go from good defensive showings against good teams like Chicago and New York but poor defensive showings against weaker teams like Philly and Phx?

    Same ol warriors in my opinion.