Warriors Close to Signing Free Agent Guard Nate Robinson

Warriors are close to signing free agent guard Nate Robinson, multiple sources confirmed.

Robinson could sign as soon as Wednesday and join the team Friday in Los Angeles.

The sixth year guard started last season with Boston, appearing in 55 games and averaging 7.1 points in 17.9 minutes. But he was traded to Oklahoma City, where he totaled just 30 minutes in four appearances.

For his career, Robinson averages 11.3 points in 23 minutes. He gained national fame by winning two slam dunk contests at 5-foot-9.

Marcus Thompson

  • dan

    well, Nate > Ish + Jenkins

  • Steve

    I hope this means we’re waving Charles Jenkins and/or Ish Smith. I think this is a good pickup. We need some scoring off the bench and a real nba player at backup point.

  • Bobby G

    I’d much rather watch Ish and CT play than Nate. Watching Nate play on that Boston team in the playoffs two years ago really made me not like him. He’s a reserve, if that, and he acts and takes shots as if he’s the #1 option on the floor. God forbid he makes a single 3 point shot and he pulls his jersey out from being tucked in. Relax dude.

    Honestly… and I tweeted this to Marcus… picking up Nate will make me really not like the Warriors. I haven’t had any complaints with Ish and CT, in fact it’s fun watching them play and hustle, particularly on the defensive end. Nate was a joke trying to be defensive energy off the bench for OKC last year. Huge liability, couldn’t do anything against JJ Barea. He’s good for coming in and shooting 3s, and yelling. He won’t do anything for us defensively. We might as well have Steph, in foul trouble, guard with his arms behind his back. It’d be just as effective on both ends of the floor and at least we wouldn’t have to watch Nate play.

    TLDR version: I no likey Nate.

  • Steve Austin

    I hope they get rid of Ish. He sucks.

  • This is a disaster.
    Cohan II.

  • Bobby G

    OK I lied… Nate didn’t get any PT vs. Dallas. He only played vs. Memphis. Why would we pay him anything?

  • Roan Espino

    I thought we needed a BiG man. Last time i checked, Nate was only 5’9″… damn #afootshort

  • Jordan

    @Bobby G

    You have to pay players in order for them to play for you. Shocking I know!

  • deano

    Because GSW did not sign Fesenko, they could add Nate without waiving anyone. Hopefully Nate can play, which would allow GSW to waive Ish or Jenkins. I’d drop Ish. Jenkins deserves more of a chance to show what he can do in the NBA.

  • esdfds

    From the few games I’ve seen of Ish, he’s definitely fast but is terrible at shooting. Something the whole Ws team is struggling with lately. I would drop Ish and get Nate. Great pickup.

  • Chris Mullin

    Nate –> Dakota. Or better yet Klay, based on the way he played yesterday. The Ish era ain’t over yet.

  • Ken

    Does anyone who posts online, actually watch the games ? I think not !

    Jenkins was 3 for 3 and Ish Smith has been at least as good as your average NBA BACKUP (BENCH) PG.

    The point of not signing Fesenko was due to Curry’s second injury after surgery – Ws need to keep Jenkins, Smith AND another guard.

    I also do not care much for Robinson, but Riley has done very well – considering that top free agents won’t sign for Ws until Ws start winning – McGuire, Rush, Brown and Smith have all been excellent signings, and with Udoh make a very competitive 2nd team once they get more used to each other.

  • robert rowell

    let’s just keep getting shorter.

    nate can’t sniff PT on a decent team, i wonder why? too bad the W’s realized too late that a backup PG was, has been and continues to be a weakness. however, the W’s FO stubbornly refuses to bring any talent to the back court so that monta’s and steph’s feelings won’t get hurt. seriously, why not just sign arenas or AI?

    let’s get Tropical

  • ET

    Warriors may have a better chance with Mark jackson playing the backup PG.
    Seriously, I agree with #11, why not give Gilbert arenas a try. Is he still avail?

  • Niners in 2012

    Riley has been horrible. He whiffed on Chris Paul, Tyson Chandler, DeAndre Jordan. Klay has been terrible, Udoh is looking like a horrible 6th pick. Why do people still defend this guy?

  • realtalk

    seen my dude yesterday before he left seattle…he’s a spark, a play maker he was courted by gs and the lakers…i wish lakeshow signed him but the bay is a 2nd home to him…he’s goong to eat regardless…

  • John Starks

    Thanks, MT. You da man

  • Dave

    Great pickup. For 1 million you can’t beat the value!!!!