Nate Robinson Officially a Warrior

The Warriors officially announced the signing of guard Nate Robinson before Wednesday’s tipoff atSan Antonio. He is expected to join the team in time for Thursday’s practice in Los Angeles.

Robinson, who took his physical Wednesday inOakland, gets a one-year deal worth about $1 million. He could be available for Friday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers, depending on how coach Mark Jackson feels after seeing him in practice.

No doubt, Robinson will need to get in game shape. He’s been training in Seattle waiting to be signed.

Robinson, 27, played for Boston and Oklahoma City last season. With the Celtics, he appeared in 55 games, averaging 7.1 points in 17.9 minutes.  In 11 starts with Boston, he averaged 12.8 points, 3.1 rebounds and 4.1 assists in 33.2 minutes.

Robinson was traded to the Thunder in the Kendrick Perkins deal on Feb. 24. He appeared in four regular season games and three postseason games for the Thunder, mostly garbage minutes. He was waived by the Oklahoma City Thunder on Christmas Eve.


Marcus Thompson

  • Grey Warden

    And now, starting PG for your Golden State Warriors…Nate Robinson!

  • Ewok

    At this juncture, The Warriors lost to the Ginobli-less Spurs. Nevermind the score which is 101-95. I am more concerned how we were outrebounded 37-45.

    Our solution for this problem, Nate Robinson.

  • Marquee Jackson

    Look it. I think Curry is done. Three sprained ankles in as many games?? I think his NBA days maybe numbered.

    Look on the bright side. If we keep loosing, we may have the number 1 pick next year. We can squander that too!

  • Niners in 2012

    I rather the Warriors just PULL THE PLUG already.

    What are we doing?? We have no shot at the playoffs, adding these role players are just gonna help us win a few games and lose that pick to UTAH via NJ. Its top 7 protected, we’re gonna end up giving Utah a 8 or 9 pick.

  • Ewok


    I think I made a judgement too soon!

    With Curry’s tender ankle, The coaching staff and the front office had to make a decision and a tough one at that. They anticipated another injury with Curry and this was something they knew all along, so in as much as they needed Fesenko, the team opted it best to get a veteran playmaker who can dictate the tempo and control the ball plus an offensive threat at the same time. Cjenkins and Ish Smith are not as reliable for a whole forty and The frontcourt can be remedied with a guy from th D-league with more practice time as a unit.

    So I guess this acquisition, makes sense and is right afterall. Bottomline, Curry’s injury has not healed yet and he could be a slow healer.

    Nope, I don’t agree Curry is finished. He is just too tender and bone strength comes with time and propr healing.

  • ET

    Lots of good big men in next year draft class. Tank the season coz any of the top 7 draft will be a major upgrade for the Warriors bench. Develop these young bench. Imagine Anthony Davis or Andre Drummond in a warriors uniform, or an Austin Rivers coming off the bench. The good thing about Curry’s injury: you dont need to pay him big money and big contract.

  • thewarriorsrule

    shoulda traded curry for paul when you had the chance. shoulda traded monta for iggy when you had the chance.
    shoulda traded randolph for love when you had the chance.
    shoulda drafted monroe over udoh when you had the chance.

  • Gswfan24

    Curry should take a minimum of two weeks off, contact Grant Hills foot surgeon and consider another operation to save his career. This is sad

  • dubs4GSW

    I’m heartbroken by curry’s injury,we can only hope that mark jackson uses this loss and the team losing one of its captains as a motivator.Curry should take as much time as he needs to for his career’s sake this part of the season that Jackson really needs to lead his team through adversity(as a preacher and nba commentator I think he will).Speaking of stepping up Dorell needs to..like 5 games ago, your a pro make it work. Bombing for the draft sounds stupid,draft another promising pt gaurd so he can roll his ankle..been there before.

  • Bucky

    should have drafted Markieff Morris over Klay Thompson.