Should Curry Sit Out a While or Tough it Out?

Stephen Curry sounded so depressed.

His head was covered with a towel, his chin resting in his palm, his foot stuffed into a bowl of ice. He started by saying he didn’t have much to say. But when he did talk, his pain was obvious.

Curry: “Just another re-aggravation of the same thing that’s been happening. … Just another frustrating incident I’ve got to deal with. … Just déjà vu all over again for me.”

In Wednesday’s loss at San Antonio, Curry sprained his ankle for the third time this season.

With 3:10 left in the third quarter, he scooped up a loose ball off an Ekpe Udoh deflection and was set to push it the other way. But when he planted his right foot, his toe jammed into the court and his right ankle rolled over. He immediately tried to get rid of the ball, throwing an errant pass before limping off to the side. After trying to walk it off, he was helped to the bench.

Eventually he went to the locker room for treatment. He said he tried to return, re-taping his ankle and re-lacing his shoes. But his ankle had already stiffened up too much. His night was over.

LEE: “When you come in here after the game, the reality sets in. More than anything, you feel bad for Steph. He works so hard and does all of the right things. He just has a little bit of misfortune. … He needs to get his ankle right, whether that’s coming back for the L.A. game or waiting six weeks.”

Curry sprained his ankle four times last season, prompting offseason surgery to repair two torn ligaments. But back on Dec. 20, in the preseason finale at Sacramento, he sprained it again, setting off the latest rash of ankle injuries. He twisted it again in the fourth quarter against Chicago on Dec. 26, stepping on Kyle Korver’s foot. That forced him to miss the Dec. 29 game against New York.

Curry said he would see how it feels Thursday before determining whether he will play Friday at the Lakers. Overwhelmingly, the sentiment is that Curry needs to sit out a while, let that ankle fully heal.

He’s tried everything else this season. After the initial sprain, he spent four days receiving rest and treatment. That worked enough to get him on the court but not enough to keep him from spraining it again. Then, after the second sprain, he tried a new ankle-taping technique and even traveled to Nike to research and change shoes. Still he sprained it again, the second time he’s done it this season without any contact.

Curry could sit out and let it heal. But that’s not a guaranteed remedy. He sat out for four months this offseason. Nonetheless, sitting out an extended period helped last year. Curry sprained his ankle last year at San Antonio (on Dec. 8). He was out of action until Christmas Day. He didn’t miss any more games the rest of the way.

JACKSON: “It’s natural to think ‘here we go again’ as a player.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Marquee Jackson

    Hang it up before that cripples you. Its frustrating but you have to get real!

  • Steve

    When Curry initially injured it this season he only waited 4 days for rest and treatment before coming back to play. Based off of my own experiences regarding ankle injuries, usually a week is the minimum amount of time for the ankle to heal depending on a persons body/ severity of the sprain. So unless Curry sits out potentially longer than 2 weeks and keeps up treatment/ankle strengthening exercises, then he will most likely have lingering issues with his ankle the rest of the season until he can adequately rest and rehab it.

  • thewarriorsrule

    shoulda traded curry for paul when you had the chance. the worst case scenario would have been curry averaging 25 ppg, 5 rebs, 6 asts. but who cares, we are warriors fans and used to that.


    Yup I was going to say the same thing. Should have shipped him to New Orleans.

    Yet another sign the Warriors are cursed since it’s clear Curry is damaged goods and will probably never go more than a week or two without spraining it again once he comes back.

    So far, I see nothing has changed much this season. Last year’s 10 games below .500 team is this year’s 10 games below .500 team.

  • Judge Wapner

    No post about the game tonight??? Well, since no one else seems to have any comments.. here are two from me:

    1. Dorrell Wright is absolutely USELESS this year. He cannot hit a jumpshot to save his life. He can’t dribble. And worst of all, he can’t play a lick of defense. How many times did he leave Richard Jefferson alone on the 3 point line tonight, giving up uncontested 3’s??? Jackson should bench him immediately. Start Brandon Rush. At least he plays defense, whether his shot is falling or not.

    2. Mark Jackson will be a good coach, but his inexperience really showed in tonight’s game. He needed to rest Ellis at the end of the 3rd period. He knew he wasn’t getting Curry back, and Ellis was absolutely gassed. The guy played his heart out tonight.. Jackson set the Warriors up to fail by failing to rest his star for the stretch run.

    Great effort by the Warriors tonight, but its a game they should have won. I was encouraged by the play of Kwame Brown. He showed some life on the offensive end, and played tough D. Even Klay Thompson had a few good moments tonight. He needs to stop taking panic 3’s with 20 seconds left in the shot clock because somebody passed him the ball. As soon as he realizes he doesn’t need to prove himself each and every time he touches the ball, he’ll settle in and start to progress as an NBA player.

    Growing pains. Tough Loss. A game they should have won.


  • JimPunkrockford

    Nelson used to not get the guys rest either, would piss me off. Monta was so gassed, but the bench has some…shall we say, offensive “deficiencies”

    of course it is the same bad team as last year, it is the same players just a worse bench

  • Thesickone

    I was with you until the “encouraging play” by Kwame Brown. Too many are caught up in what the announcers and Bay Area media are saying about him to hype him up. Is he a solid rebounder..yes..and a very good post defender, yet he is clueless on offense which cripples our team. Not to mention a very bad help defender on the pick and roll. Watch the last few games, he NEVER steps up on pick and roll and guards are getting open mid ranged shots. Something that Biedrins will always do. Nash took advantage of it as did TJ Ford. Clutch time in the 4th he is killing us. He takes away an option inside so teams can double or focus on our only scorers. I just don’t get why he gets more minutes than Biedrins. Sure he supposedly hurt his ankle today, but this season in general. Andris has outplayed him and his PER (which is a stat I HATE) shows it. People already gave up on Biedrins which I understand, but he’s a better option for us in there during clutch times.

    Jackson has done great things, but his rotations need work. With noone that could create or score besides Monta he should have went to Ish for a spark in that 4th. Took pressure off Monta, allowed him to conserve a little more energy. On top of that..why wouldn’t we take advantage of TJ Ford on Dorell or Richard Jefferson on Lee in the closing minutes. We’ve got to take advantage of that. Since Kwame isn’t a threat, Duncan shadowed Ellis. But a post up of Lee would take care of that clearing room for Monta. Just bad execution due to a panic state. But this is also a reason I like the Nate signing..would provide the bench with someone else that can score and create. Ellis needed it tonight, he left it all out on the floor and nearly carried us to victory.

  • Yoda

    Anyone who thinks this year’s bench is worse than last year’s is on some kind of hallucinogen. The problem is still a very flawed starting five. Until the starters are good enough to make Monta a sixth man it’ll be the same old same old.

  • Squalldip

    Did you just say “Curry” and “tough it out” in the same sentence?

  • Young

    Do we suck? Again…

    C’mon man!!

  • Trade him. And his bible.

  • Grey Warden

    MT2 makes a good point about Curry having 4 months in the offseason to heal the ankle, yet really made no difference at all. You could rest him for the whole season and I’d bet that ankle still gets rolled in the first 10 games or so. Keep in mind that first rolled ankle had nothing to do with him stepping on somebody’s shoe. It was all on him and his ankle couldn’t hold up. Either way, I say rest him for a week or two, but as soon as he plays 2-3 full games, the chances he messes up that ankle again are pretty high.

  • Grey Warden

    So basically damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

  • Where was that sleeve Curry was wearing on his lower leg in the prior game? Even if it was somewhat restrictive, a restricted Curry is better than no Curry! The new shoe and sleeve on his lower leg are worth an extended try after of course 2 weeks off.

  • I’m no physical therapist, but it seems like despite the best medicine in the world, the NBA is not capable of fully rehabilitating an ankle once it’s gimpy like Curry’s. Maybe yoga? Seems to be working for Bynum.

    I didn’t see what management seemed to see in Curry enough to protect him and now that he is showing the possibility of a career limited by injury, I see it even less. I think we play him gingerly for the season, build his trade value back up and blow up the team.

  • Jay

    Maybe Curry should talk to Kobe’s Dr. in Germany.

  • Ron Seikley


    I would argue that Kwame Brown definitley contributed to us losing our momentum and ultimatley losing the game. You dont get handed 4 clutch free throws when the game is so close and completley blow them.
    Mark Jackson should have seen this and made a change, get him the hell out of there during crunch time situations.

  • haastheman

    I’m thru worrying about this 100lb kids ankles. I’m worried about the team in general. Can someone please explain why the warrior players feel it’s necessary to leave three point shooters alone to help out on a man who drives to the hole on three people with no chance of making the shot. If i was Mark Jackson i would sit them down to watch film and every time someone left a shooter, or anyone for that matter, to help on someone who has no chance of making a shot i would pause the screen and ask the defender why he just left a shooter to help. However, the pause button may break half way through the game tape. This is what has plagued the warriors longer then i can remember. What’s wrong with playing man up defense? If you get beat, you get beat. The Warriors are horrible at help defense, it leaves the rest of the team scrambling trying to figure out who to guard and the other team with an open jump shot or easy lane to hoop after a couple of passes. Monta is the worst, it’s no wonder his steal numbers are so high, he’s never guarding his own man!

  • Dave

    Warriors don’t suck but their health sucks. Another year down the drain unless Nate Robinson can take over. I never understand how NBA player cannot shoot free throws. If I was in the NBA I would be a 90% free throw shooter all day long.

  • Niners in 2012

    I wonder if the surgery did more harm than good by tightening it up again.

    Resting it longer than normal doesn’t really accomplish anything. Back in high school I sprained my ankle dozens of times. Now its impossible for me to sprain my ankle, its like I have rubber ankles. You recover from it faster each time it happens. It seems to be the case with Curry, he recovering faster. I suggest he plays as soon as soreness goes away. I think he’ll eventually have rubber ankles like me.

  • Ewok

    Rest it and rehab it.

    And the team should consider him gone for the meantime. That way, they concentrate and focus on their own individual talent and incorporate their game as a team especially the backcourt.

    Nate Robinson can take over in spurts. Monta can assume the role. Ish Smith and CJenkins are up and coming or at least, too early to be judged.

    The main problem of the team IMO is not Curry’s situation. They are the following,Dorrell Wright being on a long slump, and Biedrins unpredictability and inconsistency.

    Coach MJ can turn this around. He just needs to inspire, toughen up and rev up our role players to a new level. For example, Kwame Brown is playing well but he does have those jitters when he is on the line but defesively, he is producing big time. Limiting Bynum to single digit is a big statement.

    By the way, Whatever happened to Tyler?