Stephen Curry out indefinitely with ankle injury

From Marcus Thompson’s story, which was just posted online:

Warriors pont guard Stephen Curry ruled himself out of Friday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers because his sprained right ankle “didn’t respond as well as I wanted.”

He said he doesn’t know yet how long he will be out. Curry said he will confer with all the doctors involved on Thursday — including Bob Anderson of OrthoCarolina, the foot and ankle specialist who did Curry’s surgery in May — to determine the next course of action.

He said he will “see if there is some kind of measurable level I need to be at before I return to play. It could be sooner than later. … Making sure there’s some kind of goal we need to get to.”

Jon Becker

  • dan

    another surgery coming…

  • robert rowell

    i feel terrible for the kid. that’s a tough injury to come back from and not have it recurring on a continual basis.

    BUT — good thing the W’s dynamic duo front office of lacob and riley reeled in ish smith and nate robinson*


  • Ron

    Please coach and front office develop some/any sort of long term plan to make this team a contender. Last nights game was just like any game from the past several years. Ride 5-7 guys so hard they wilt in the 4th from fatigue. More players must be given minutes not only to see what they can do but keep the stars rested so they have something in the tank when the game matters.
    PS This team is not going anywhere so work on the long range plan not the short range one.

  • Young

    We are 6 games into another season and we already know how this one is gonna turn out…

    So looking back at it…Should we have traded Curry for Chris Paul?

    Its not really about the fact curry is oft injured, we had a chance to get an all star and passed…should we have?

    The answer is clearly no. This league is about getting a star. Getting pieces when you have a star is easy…the stars are hard to get…Just look at our we believe team. Once we got Baron, everyone else just showed up or got better…

  • J-walk

    If anyone inside the Warriors organization sees this, pass this on to the training staff. The fastest and best way to strengthen Curry’s ankles is to put a padded body suit on him, then get him on the ice with some hockey skates and teach him how to skate like a hockey player. Doing those drills will stretch and strengthen all the ligaments in the ankle, not to mention the caves, hamstrings and quads.

  • kay thuy

    its just the warriors. if curry was on another team, he’d automatically be an all star and never be injured.

    even if the warriors landed howard, he would automatically play as if he was clifford rozier

  • Marquee Jackson

    Recommend lace-up ankle brace. I know its archaic but hey it worked back in the day and it will work again. The fancy taping techniques and Nike gimmicks ain’t going to cut it.

    First, you have to shut down Curry for a few weeks to heal and strengthen.

  • IMustBreakU

    I second the lace-up brace. This problem will keep happening until the ankle is stabilized. I know in the past that Curry has shunned this type of brace saying that it takes away from his shot and mobility, but he needs to learn how to play with it until it is no longer needed, which frankly, might be never. Suck it up and learn to wear and play with the brace…

  • gtown1_sj

    I have been playing b-ball since I was 12 and I am into my 40’s. After several (almost 50) sprained ankles I decided to go away from laced ankle braces and decided to use on that was built from hardened plastic and had gel inserts on the inside. I have been using this brace for over 15yrs and not one sprained ankle. This gives tremendous support when you twist your ankle as you cannot go further than the platic allows, which is extremely sturdy. Not sure why NBA does not endorse this type as brace? I guess if “Nike” , Adidas, or “Reebok” produced it our athletes would be without sprained ankles.

  • Don

    It was not worth betting the farm on Paul. We were trading a B+ PG for an A PG. But getting Howard is different. It’s an A center. There are so few of those that you have to try. Of course I don’t think we have enough to make the trade but it is still worth a try. I know three way we get Howard, Lakers get Curry, Klay and Biedrens and Magic get Bynum and a #1. Think the Lakers do that? Yes I know crazy dream.

  • robert rowell

    #9 what is the name of that brace you use? i’ve got the same problem, getting a few sprained ankles a year, and tried the lace up. i’d like to try what you use out.