Warriors C Kwame Brown Maybe Done for the Season

Kwame Brown will have to undergo surgery, the team announced today, that will keep him out at east three months. That puts Brown’s return well into April, barring no setbacks. The regular season ends for the Warriors on April 26.

The MRI performed yesterday revealed a torn pectoralis major (the large chest muscle that attaches to his right shoulder). Surgery has not been scheduled, but it is expected in the next few day.

LARRY RILEY (in release): “Obviously, we’re very disappointed, especially for Kwame, who was playing extremely well and had worked diligently since his arrival. In a short time, he had proven to be the anchor to our low post defense and certainly lived up to his reputation as one of the top interior defenders in the NBA.  He had provided us a big, physical presence in the middle, which is something that we’ve lacked in the past.  Unfortunately, surgery of this nature typically requires, approximately, a three-month recovery period.”

The injury occurred at the 6:22 mark of the fourth quarter during the Warriors’ game against the Miami Heat on Tuesday when he fouled Udonis Haslem.

Brown, 29, was averaging 6.3 points and 6.3 rebounds in 20.8 minutes per game.  He started each of the team’s last three games, averaging 9.7 points and 6.3 rebounds in those contests.

Golden State, down to just center Andris Biedrins, may have to go get a big man. That could mean the end of point guard Ish Smith’s stint with the Warriors. Golden State is currently at the maximum of 15 players, which means they would need to waive someone. Smith is the most likely option since the Warriors have three point guards (Stephen Curry, Charles Jenkins and Nate Robinson), not including Monta Ellis, who spends some time at point guard.

Who is available? Hilton Armstrong (playing in France), Earl Barron (waived by Portland just before start of the season), former Warriors center Chris Hunter (waived by Knicks on Christmas Eve), Dwayne Jones (who got called up several times from the DLeague) and D.J. Mbenga (another former Warrior).

UPDATE: Excellent point by FloorBurn in that the Warriors could re-visit Kyrylo Fesenko. He was still recovering from his injury, I’m told, the last time the Warriors worked him out. Maybe he’s that much better now. He certainly brings some of the physicality the Warriors liked in Kwame.

Marcus Thompson

  • pick -n- roll

    I was at the Miami game. He fell pretty hard! This is a shame. He really fit in well with what the team is trying to do. His style of play validated the focus on defense. Kwame hope you make a complete recovery!

  • FloorBurn

    MTII: Is Fenseko a complete no go after having met with him, or might they give him another look?

  • D.J Mbenga

    Pick me! I’ve got a ring! Taccccoooosssss

  • Dawg

    Kwame just stole $700,000 per game from the W’s.Not surprising, just another chapter in the worst team in the NBA.
    What is surprising is that they still draw every game, I for one refuse to waste my hard earned cash on garbage.

  • Monta pedo

    Fresno signed with mavs right? I’ll take hunter back or go for Tyler minutes. Can’t hurt

  • Grey Warden

    Meh, just put Udoh back in the center spot. Jackson’s been playing a lot of small ball anyways.

  • scolopro

    What about the guy they had in camp playing on their d league squad julian kazzou? or maybe jeremy tyler get some burn?

  • puprpletoemcgee

    Didn’t Kwame hurt his shoulder on a standing hard foul? I don’t remember him falling at all. Moot point.

    Has Tyler earned a crack at any minutes, yet, or is he still far off?

  • Dave

    Kyrylo Fesenko 10-11 Season Mixhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9D2PQdRPiw

  • Dave

    yrylo Fesenko 10-11 Season Mix.


  • Dave

    The latest shows that “Big Fes” is still available. Mavs and others were/are interested, but nobody snatched him up yet.

  • PerryB

    How about Chris Daniels out of the D-League? Played at Texas A&M, a 7 footer who plays like a power forward, but averages 17 points and 9 rebounds a game in the D-League. I also like Uncle Fesenko.

  • Gtown1_sj

    Just sign someone who can block out and rebound, catch the ball, and please, please be able to shoot Free Throws. I think the Warriors have cornered the market on big men who can hit the side of a barn.

  • Harry

    Fesenko is a good option,relatively young, he moves well without the ball, faster than you think, and he’s a 7’footer who played his early career with jazz so he knows how to play d to stay on the floor. Why waive Smith instead of Chris Wright?Might as well waive both. bring back Khazzou and Ubiles they could add depth

  • Niners in 2012

    Terrible signing. Should have just kept the caproom and amnesty. His expiring contract can’t even be traded till March 1st, that’s too late to rent DHoward or anything like that. Just a terrible move to begin with.

  • Mick

    TIME to Tank it. Play J. Tyler.

  • If he is healthy I would love to take another try at Fenseko. Tyler just isn’t ready.

    Also, trading the whole team for Howard, any big name that will be a free agent next year, draft picks ,etc. is something I would if I were in charge. I think coach Jackson and our D asst. coach (can’t remember his name) are doing really well with what we have, but we should blow this team up and start over. Once the schedule gets easier, I think the W’s will start to play .500 ball, because of our coaching staff and the current group plays hard. With that said, clearing some cap space and/or getting picks would allow the W’s to start over and in the end I would rather do that.

  • Dave

    The amnesty wasn’t for Kwame. And it’s not like they knew he would get injured. Between Nate Robinson and Kwame it averages to only $4m a piece which is not terrible.

  • robert rowell

    this just kills me. year after year, the W’s have to pick up multiple players off the scrap heap and give MAJOR minutes to them, all because of horrifically constructed rosters courtesy of larry riley. all teams suffer injuries, only the W’s, with their pathetic lack of depth and talent are forced to dig through the bargin bin for a guy they’ll need big minutes from.

    let’s get Tropical.