What to Watch For – Game 10

With no Kwame Brown, it makes sense that you’d see a lot of Andris Biedrins tonight.

But Biedrins averages just under 14 minutes. Plus he’s coming off a three-game stint on the shelf thanks to a sprained right ankle. And he’s guarding Dwight Howard, which could very well lead to a foul-plagued night. So don’t be surprised if Biedrins does not see a huge spike in minutes.

But though Warriors coach Mark Jackson may not have another true center on the roster, he does have a couple options.

Forward Ekpe Udoh is easily the best defender left on the frontline. He has the added ability to make Howard play some defense. Remember last year in Orlando when Ekpe put a few good moves on Howard? Look for Udoh to get his run at Superman II.

Jackson can also use David Lee. Arguably Lee’s best game last year was at Oracle againstOrlando. He did a surprisingly good job defending Howard.

Here are a few more things to watch for tonight.


Brandon Rush’s production: With Dorell Wright out because of an aching left knee, Rush gets the nod at small forward. His task will be to keep Hedo Turkoglu from hurting the Warriors.

Golden State will also need some scoring from Rush. He is due for a good game. His pattern has been to alternate between effective and struggling on offense. Last game, he had eight points on 2-for-7. So he should be good for 15 tonight.


Charles’ Jenkins aggressiveness: He’s getting more and more comfortable out there, which is leading to a gradual increase in minutes. Tonight, he has a size advantage. Though Jameer Nelson has experience, see if Jenkins tries to take him.


Jason Richardson v. Monta Ellis match-up: Richardson hurts the Warriors when Ellis guards him because J-Rich either posts Ellis up or stands out by the three-point line. Either way, Ellis is at a disadvantage.

Richardson has too much size and savvy down there for Ellis to handle. When Ellis is posted at the three-point line, Ellis – who likes reaching in – often gets caught in between, giving Richardson open looks. Ellis will need to play disciplined defense tonight or he may give up 25


Marcus Thompson

  • Hammertime

    what is he averaging, 13 minutes? Andris surely will go over that.

  • Niners in 2012


  • Dave

    Time to bring in Big Fes.

  • robert rowell

    “What to what for?” really? you guys don’t even do a cursory read through of what you publish?

  • Young

    I wasted 2.5 hours of my life watching that game last night!

    I must admit a few things tho…

    1. David Lee is playing like an all star – used to laugh last year when Riley referred to him as an all star. Offense should run through Lee now.

    2. Monta Ellis does take too many shots. He’s my favorite player in the league and I defend him tooth and nail, but just penetrate and kick buddy… Also, can you dribble???

    3. Warriors would have won if Kwame was playing

    4. Klay is gonna be NIIIICCCCEEE. Haven’t see a true shooter since Paja left Sac. Steph can shoot, Klay is a shooter…

    5. Mark Jackson is better than expected. Good game plan last nite! Hack-a-Dwight!

    6. Nate Rob has matched curry’s normal production – sorry steph