Warriors Waive PG Ish Smith

Golden State just announce it has waived PG Ish Smith.

The Warriors need to clear up a roster spot. They were at the maximum of 15 and, with the injury to center Kwame Brown, needed to add another big man.

Smith was the obvious choice, as Golden State has three point guards ahead of him: Stephen Curry, Charles Jenkins and Nate Robinson (not to mention part-time point guard) Monta Ellis.

Smith, 23, appeared in six games, averaging 5.4 points, 1.8 rebounds and 1.8 assists in 12.6 minutes.  He even started once and looked pretty good.

The worst part about Smith being waived? It was right before he got the chance to play in his hometown. The Charlotte native now won’t be on the team for Saturday’s game at the Bobcats.


Marcus Thompson

  • J Canseco

    Marcus, can you give us any hints on who they’re looking at to replace Brown.

  • rotfogel

    Bad karma Warriors….
    Food for thought:

    I called knbr saying the Ws needed to draft Greg Monroe two years ago. Don Nelson and Riley seemed to be pumping him up, I was stoked. My world came crashing down that draft day when inexplicably the Ws chose little known Ekpe Udoh.

    How is it that most Warrior fans have a better understanding of good players than the Warriors GM usually does/do? How on earth is that possible? This is WAY too common an occurrence. I also like Markeif Morris more than Klay Thompson…the Ws swung and missed on that one too.

    The lack of professional scouting has gotten to be embarrassing. Sell the team again, this time to the correct owner, one who can properly set up shop…Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry!

  • RyanBrownie13

    @rotfogel The Warriors swung n missed on Klay 10 games into a season where he only got to participate in half of a shortened training camp? He’s shooting 44 percent from 3 now, and yeah he’s got a long way to go, but pretty much every rookie from this draft does.

    Give him some time before you judge him so harshly. Its not like anyone else has proven themselves a home run yet.

  • reppinwarriors

    i was just talking to my friends about the same thing…ekpe udohnal foyle is not good..it pisses me off even more when i see greg monroe get 32 and 16 last night..i was at the draft party they had at the oracle when we drafted udoh, everyone there was shocked we picked him over monroe…he was the best pick at the time, i would have even consider paul george as well..but nope we keep missing on high draft picks and that is why we are where we are..

  • rotfogel

    Markief Morris is a home run. The suns knocked it out of the ball park…
    Your silence on the Udoh pick leads me to believe your fully agree with me…as you should.

  • Dave

    He may be better but he isn’t making a differnce. Pistons with Greg Monroe have lost 6 straight, are 2-9, worse than the Warriors (with injuries), and in the very weak Eastern Conference.

  • Gaos
  • Gaos

    Apparently, Dubs have found Kwame’s replacement:


  • Niners in 2012

    THIS is why you don’t draft for need! My goodness. Imagine if we had Monroe! That would’ve been a nice trade chip for DHoward, CPaul… instead we’re stuck with Epic DooDoo.

  • Dave

    If they did draft Monroe, on the West Coast he would underproduce, and he would start under Biedriens. With Lee, Monta and Ellis his numbers would start to dip. Re Epic DooDoo, we were hearing all last year that he was better than Lee if he would just play, he is not even close to being in Lee’s league.