What the Watch For – Game 11

To most of you fans who keep sending well wishes and asking questions about his ankle, Warriors point guard Stephen Curry is on to you.

He knows you don’t really care. He knows you’re angle. He reads you like the defense and has picked your strategy apart.

CURRY: “Really the only thing people are worried about are just fantasy teams. Asking me when I’m going to be back because they had a trade request and they don’t know whether they should pull the trigger or not. I’ve got two point guards and I’m trying to see if I’m playing you tonight. All that kind of stuff. That’s the most of it. You still get some fans that are really concerned about the injury and my future. But it’s kind of funny how much fantasy basketball plays into the equation. It’s funny to see how many people have conversations on how disappointed they are in me for not being on the floor.” 

Clearly, Curry was in good spirits at shootaround Saturday. No, he’s not playing. But he said he was feeling good because his return appears imminent.

Though he wouldn’t say it definitively, Curry (as I reported last week) is eyeing Tuesday at Cleveland. He was never going to play tonight and was holding out hope for Sunday at Detroit. Curry said if this was a couple weeks ago, when his mindset was more about getting back on the court, he would play tonight. But now he said he’s focused on getting this ankle thing solved once and for all.

MARK JACKSON: “He understands we need him. He’s hungry and desperate to play. But the most important thing is to have him for the long haul.”

Here is Curry giving the update on his ankle.

Here are some things to watch for tonight.

Curry’s excitement on the bench: Jackson said he had to bring in Curry’s dad Dell, who was at shootaround, to make sure Curry didn’t try to suit up. But Curry said he’s just happy being around the guys again. Happy to be back on the bus and at team breakfast, etc. He did say he learned one thing from watching the games on TV instead of from the bench.

CURRY: “I know how great of a color commentator Jim Barnett is.”


The Warriors’ aggressiveness: Simply, the Charlotte Bobcats are reeling. Falling apart at the seems. They’ve lost their last six games. During that streak, they’re averaging 82 points. They haven’t broken 90 in over a week, losing by an average of 16.8 points per game during the skid.

Not only should the Warriors win. But this shouldn’t be a game that comes down to the wire. Charlotte is at home, but they’re playing their second game in as many nights while the Warriors are coming off a day of rest. And just last night, a 2-9 Detroit Pistons team – which ranks 29th in the league in scoring at 84.9 points per game – came into Time Warner Cable Arena and won by 17. If the Warriors don’t smell blood and dominate, something’s wrong.


Dorell Wright’s movement: His knee has been bothering him, enough to miss his first game since 2009. Against Miami, in overtime, he said he didn’t think he would be able to get off the ground for that break-away dunk. Still, he had some bounce in his step, some swagger about him.

This would be a good game for Dorell Wright to build some momentum. If he’s got some life in his legs, he should be looking for his shots, creating off the dribble, coming off screens. If his knee is still bothering him, he’ll probably just spot up and wait for his teammates to find him. And if he has a bad shooting night, that could be the end of any momentum he might’ve gained against Miami.

JACKSON: “He feels good. He went through practice. Hopefully, he’s ready to play.”


Marcus Thompson

  • Young

    What the Watch For – Game 11

    The warriors getting there doors blown off the hinges by a 2-10 Bobcat team…

    Call me next year

  • Beil

    Lol @ steph “ballerina ankles”curry u hella weak get ur punk ass on the court so we can trade. This dude is unbelievably overrated. He isn’t a star so just stop it.

  • Jay

    What to watch for:

    Mark Jackson being an idiot and taking out Lee and not putting him back in!

    Monta playing like trash!

    Klay thinking he is Reggie Miller and ignoring his teammates!!!

  • Jay

    Klay Thompson 2-8, 0-5 from 3pt range, 4 turnovers

  • Moreaufan2

    Does anyone think jackson could be at risk to be fired if the Warriors are unable to get the wins again top teams like the bobcats,bucks, kings, and so on, raptors, you know teams that arent top teams in the league and even at full strength we arent able to play well against. So what do you all think,will they fire him if we have a losing season or a lower winning percentage then Keith Smart? Or are the Warriors patient enough to get him the time to try to turn things around?

  • Dave

    If they have a losing season i think they will just blame it on the shortened season and injuries. Jackson will stay.