What to Watch For – Game 12

Golden State needs this one. Badly.

Losing this game ensures a 2-2 split on the road, which even if they got would have them coming home at 5-9. Not a good look for that playoff guarantee.

Here are some things to watch for tonight.

Mark Jackson’s hook: After the debacle at Charlotte, Jackson said the performance and effort from Saturday night “cannot and will not be tolerated.” How will he come through on that promise?

The easy way would be to have a quick yank of the young players, such as rookie Klay Thompson. But the most effective way, as proven last night, is to yank the “stars” for lack of performance. That’s something Jackson said he would do. To his credit, he did it last night – not sure if it was because they were playing poorly or because the game was over and he wanted to rest his key players.

Pay attention to how exactly, Jackson chooses to not tolerate bad effort.


David Lee’s production:¬†Lately, he’s been a beast. Certainly, Detroit doesn’t pose any threats to stopping him. But Jonas Jerebko may cause problems. He’s one of those hyperactive types that give Lee problems. If Lee exhausts too much energy on defense, it could have a negative effect on his production.


Greg Monroe:¬†If he dominates, it’s only going to infuriate Warriors fans


Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    Third quarter almost over and I have two comments: why would Riley have ever taken Udoh when Monroe was available? I guess we know why; he knows nothing about talent. And two, they had a good quarter but just a series of mindless mistakes at the end gave up most of the lead. Now for the fourth quarter which is usually bad for us. On the bright side SF gets home field versus the NY Giants. I guess I do still believe, just not in the Warriors ever getting better. Sigh….

  • PhillyJ

    Riley<every other GM in the league

  • PhillyJ

    Harbaugh should coach the Ws also.

  • commish

    At least they didn’t blow the game and in fact played well in the 4th, even after Lee foulded out. I am wondering if there is any second guessing re: Andris and amnesty. I know we are really hurting in the middle, and he is playing better than last year (how could he not), but that is one large salary for a guy who only marginally contributes when healthy. Maybe i’m being too hard on him. I always liked him and though he had a great upside a few years ago, but once he got his extension, it seems a lot of his desire ceased.