Steph Curry is Clearly Getting Tired of Sitting Out

Stephen Curry went through his first full practice since spraining his right ankle on Jan. 4 at San Antonio. He got some five-on-five action in at the Cavaliers’ practice facility.

But Curry said his ankle did not respond as well as he hoped. He said he would see how the ankle feels Tuesday before deciding. But coach Mark Jackson already seemed prepared for the worst.

JACKSON: “I probably would say he won’t play.”

Curry wasn’t as pessimistic. In fact, he sounded like he was ready to make it happen.

Curry said he felt fatigued and did not have the usual strength in his legs. But he said isn’t sure if it’s because of his ankle or because his conditioning is behind. He’s missed the last six games after spraining his ankle three times in 18 days. He has had 11 days of minimal activity before returning to practice Monday.

He said if his ankle responds well, he can chalk the fatigue up to conditioning.

CURRY: “It was nice to be able to play a little bit and be involved with practice. We think we’re in a good spot … It’s not 100 percent, like I want it to be, where I’m out there just free-flowing.”

So then why even consider playing Tuesday?

CURRY: “I’m tired of missing games. I said I was going to wait, but I didn’t say how long I was going to wait.”

An interesting caveat to the return of Curry is who he’s playing against. Rookie point guard Kyrie Irving is a quick one. And judging by his numbers — he’s scored at least 20 points in five straight games — he’s aggressive on offense.

Of course, the Warriors can just put Monta Ellis on Irving. But Mark Jackson said it’s not like the Warriors will be able to hide Curry. NBA point guards are too good.

JACKSON: “There are no Mark Jacksons where he can just chill.”

Marcus Thompson