What to Watch For – Game 14

If the Warriors’ win tonight atNew Jersey, they will finish 3-1 on this four-game road trip. And while considering the competition that shouldn’t be a milestone, it actually is a relatively significant accomplishment.

The last time Golden State won at least three games on a four-game road trip was in March 2008. They had a four-game stint in the Southeast Division –Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami and Orlando. Oddly enough, the one loss was to Charlotte.

That year, the Warriors went on to win 48 games and miss the playoffs.GoldenStatewent 21-20 on the road that year. Since then, they’re 26-100 on the road (entering this current road trip). So going 3-1 on the road, even if three are the teams are below .500 and the other at .500, is something to raise a glass over.

Here are some things to watch for tonight.

Deron Williams: He’s been laboring through a rough season. Not only is his team 3-11, but he’s shooting a career worst 36.6 percent. In 25 games since being traded to the Nets, Williams is shooting 35.8 percent. In his career with the Jazz, he shot 46.6 percent.

And not only are his assists numbers way down from last year (he’s averaging 8.2 after averaging 10.3 last season), but his turnovers are way up. Williams is at 4.3 this season. He’s had at least two turnovers every game.

So, does he look at the Warriors as a great game to get himself going? Or is he checked out, biding time until he’s a free agent.


If Monta Ellis wakes up: Monta is shooting 38.7 percent. After last night’s 2-for-12 shooting performance, Ellis is now 15-for-52 on the road trip. That is a whopping 28.8 percent.

If he doesn’t turn it up fast, what little hope he has of being named an All-Star will completely evaporate.

Ellis is playing through his facial injury. He was elbowed in the nose by Varejao last night. X-rays revealed he didn’t break his nose. But his face is swollen.


Great stat from Tim Roye (@warriorsvox): Nets guard DeShawn Stevenson is 12-38 outside the arc and 12-43 overall, five shots inside the line. That means he’s taken five shots inside the 3-point line. I wonder how many of those were 3-point attempts where his foot was on the line. Talk about settling for jumpers.


David Lee vs. Kris Humphries: After Lee abused Antawn Jamison, the Cavaliers switched and put Anderson Varejao on Lee. It worked so well, Lee scored 13 points in the fourth quarter. Tonight, it figures Lee will be guarded by Humphries. He’s certainly the strongest PF Lee will have fast during his latest tear. What’s more, Humphries at his best is a beast on the boards.


Nerves in Charles Jenkins: He’s about as close to playing in his hometown as he’s going to get this season. The New York native has been a model of poise and composure, which is partly why Mark Jackson likes him so much. But he has 30 people in the stands just for him tonight. He’s got media here just to talk to him about his Hofstra days.

With Stephen Curry out, for the eighth straight game, that means Jenkins gets to start on his return home. On top of that, he’s matched up against one of the best point guards in the game in Deron Williams. Let’s see if he seems rattled at all.

Marcus Thompson

  • deano

    MT II: Thanks for these previews. I pay closer attention to the games when i have somthing to look for.

    In addition to your points, I will be looking (as ever this season) for Dorell Wright to catch fire. I feel for the guy. He’s only had one really good shooting game. Fortunately, it was against his old team Miami. That had to give him a bit of satisfaction. He must be bummed, though, that his prerformance in that game did not led to more good shooting.

  • Grey Warden

    Wow at Monta’s face…that elbow hit makes him look like he’s 50 years old, ouch!

  • Niners in 2012

    Ekpe Udoh is hot garbage.

  • robert rowell

    instead, they lost.

    they played nobody on this trip. all bad teams. to come out 2-2 against these types of squads just says everything about the kind of team the W’s are… and what it says isn’t good.

    watching the cleveland game, i couldn’t help wonder, how the cavs went from talentless to promising so fast. i mean, they aren’t a good team, yet, but they’re definitely stepping in the right direction… meanwhile the W’s tread water year after year after year after year after year. nice job, larry riley!

    the funny thing is, however, the W’s do play hard. they aren’t ever an easy win; very seldom to they get blown out. credit ellis and lee for setting the tone there. the W’s just don’t have the talent do get it done most nights.

  • Derek

    Who and where are the idiots touting Udohs great defense. The guy can’t even handle Kris Humphrey and other b grade scorers. Udoh doesn’t rebound, block out, set screens, score or play quality defense. The guy is a total scrub who should be traded for a rebounder and or defender type who can actually play extended minutes.

    The dubs are routinely killed on the boards, causing them to lose many games they’d otherwise win. Larry (the idiot) Riley has never seen fit to address the teams rebounding deficiencies even when there have been many rebounders available.

    What a waste of a high draft pick; Udoh over Monroe equals sheer stupidity.

    When will the team wise up and fire Riley, he’s just as moronic as St. Jean the last disaster GM.

  • Dave

    Anyone come here like clockwork and beat them up after a loss.

    The Orlando loss can be attributed to Jackson’s hack a shaq coaching. They were up 13 in the 1st when they were playing normally.

    They beat Detroit and Cleveland and Miami. These are all games they would lost last year.

    Cleveland is not going anywhere and the only reason they could is because they are in the weak eastern conference.

    The Warriors are getting better.

  • Moreaufan2

    We are not hungry enough as a team, and frankly we have issues with our starting lineup period! Sombody has to go becuz we just cant defend well against other teams! Monta needs to be the Point Guard and Curry might just have to be shipped out! and traded, yeah he can shoot but he doesnt play any defense at all, plus he cannot drive by anyone and create!

  • Moreaufan2

    Or we keep Curry and he comes off the bench!

  • Moreaufan2

    he isnt a star like that to me. He is another Jimmer Fredette that can shoot the 3 ball very well, but not a true point guard in my pinion

  • Dave

    Monta needs to go. This is like the 3rd or 4th game Monta has lost with his low basketball IQ.

  • Moreaufan2

    Wow Dave you really don’t have a clue dude!