What Should the Warriors’ Bench Be Called?

UPDATE: After an informal poll of the reserves, it seems their favorite is T-Money’s “Dub-Stitutes” (though several got a good snicker out of “The Starters”).

The biggest fan was probably Dominic McGuire. Of course, that’s all it takes because whatever McGuire says, people agree with. Including me.


Certainly, if you’ve watched Warriors’ games lately, you’ve noticed the reserves come to play. Arguably, the brightest spot so far is Golden State’s depth.

Judging by +/- statistics, the Warriors’ best five-man unit is Nate Robinson, Brandon Rush, Klay Thompson, Dominic McGuire and Ekpe Udoh. Certainly, +/- has it’s question marks as a reliable stat. But what is not questionable is the reserves are rounding into a nice unit.

It’s fitting that this collection of outcasts and doubted have given coach Mark Jackson something to work with. The energy, versatility and grit they bring are proving more and more valuable to Golden State.

DOMINIC McGUIRE:  “We’re out there getting after it. Everybody sees it. We’re coming out there hungry.”

But this group is lacking one thing: a nickname.

So far, they’re going with Bench Mob. But that’s been used several times. That’s where you come in. What’s a good moniker for the Warriors’ reserves?

I’ve got a few ideas.

Redemption Reserves

Bench of Beasts

Castaway Click

See, my ideas are lame. That’s why it’s up to you.

Marcus Thompson

  • Moreaufan2

    Dave are u a Monta hater?

  • Dave

    I like Monta.

  • Zume

    I like Monta too, he just needs lots of coaching help and guidance. He has weaknesses and right now they are blind spots.

  • itsagreattimeout

    Second Team

  • Greg

    I heard Tim Roye call them the “Rotation Sensation” (suggested by a fan), that gets my vote.

  • qriusme

    How about “The Beastie Boys”?

  • http://theflesh.tumblr.com T-Money

    My suggestion got the vote! Yea buddy!

  • Jhaggy

    They should call them “The Five Spartans,” because like the Spartans of old they focused on defense first offense second. They worked as a unite and their defense made their offense deadly. This is what the GSW bench does, defense is first and offense second. Not like the starting five where offense first defense never!

  • Jhaggy


    The Fierce Five
    Dynamic Defenders
    Defensive Five
    The Great Wall of The Bay
    Hit and Run Five
    Hustle and Grind Five
    The Defensive Wall of the Bay
    The Deniers
    The Golden State Stoppers
    The Fighting Five
    Golden State Defenders
    Bay Area Hard Hitters
    The Bench We All Prayed For
    The Cleaners
    Golden State Special Ops
    Defensive Pack
    The Hungry Ones
    Defending Five
    The Knights of Five
    The Unknown Heroes
    The Starting Five Who?

  • http://google smiler gragan

    Team Scrappy.

  • FrankP

    The LEtDowns, The REplacements, Incompetent, Junior Varsity…