What Should the Warriors’ Bench Be Called?

UPDATE: After an informal poll of the reserves, it seems their favorite is T-Money’s “Dub-Stitutes” (though several got a good snicker out of “The Starters”).

The biggest fan was probably Dominic McGuire. Of course, that’s all it takes because whatever McGuire says, people agree with. Including me.


Certainly, if you’ve watched Warriors’ games lately, you’ve noticed the reserves come to play. Arguably, the brightest spot so far is Golden State’s depth.

Judging by +/- statistics, the Warriors’ best five-man unit is Nate Robinson, Brandon Rush, Klay Thompson, Dominic McGuire and Ekpe Udoh. Certainly, +/- has it’s question marks as a reliable stat. But what is not questionable is the reserves are rounding into a nice unit.

It’s fitting that this collection of outcasts and doubted have given coach Mark Jackson something to work with. The energy, versatility and grit they bring are proving more and more valuable to Golden State.

DOMINIC McGUIRE:  “We’re out there getting after it. Everybody sees it. We’re coming out there hungry.”

But this group is lacking one thing: a nickname.

So far, they’re going with Bench Mob. But that’s been used several times. That’s where you come in. What’s a good moniker for the Warriors’ reserves?

I’ve got a few ideas.

Redemption Reserves

Bench of Beasts

Castaway Click

See, my ideas are lame. That’s why it’s up to you.

Marcus Thompson

  • Niners in 2012

    “Better than the starters”

  • Hammertime

    How bout the Fat Boys? You know, coz they’re hungry? I suppose waifs are also hungry, doesn’t have the same ring to it though.

    The Choir? Choir Boys? As in they’re listening to what Pastor Jackson preaches.

    The Care Bears? You know, they actually care about defense and teamwork.

    The Sabre Toothed Metrics? What with the +/- and all.

    And finally, I give you the Bazookas. As in they’re completely ruining the Warriors’ tank.

  • Niners in 2012

    How many more losses before we shake up the starting line-up? Nate-Klay-Rush are better than Jenkins-Monta-DWrong. The shoooting %’s between Monta, DWrong are awful. DWrong is terrible, I have no idea how he’s getting more shots and more PT than BRush.

  • Gummy

    I agree with Niners. They should be called Starters

  • “Reserve Tanks”

  • Rawse

    The S-Unit (Second or Save)

  • John

    I am going with “The Catch Up Calvary” or “The Watchable Warriors” (as in more watchable that the starters).

  • Bob

    overpaid scrubs

  • Dan

    Deuces wild (2nd unit plays crazy)
    Lockdown locos (crazy d)
    Red Bulls (Instant Energy)
    D-Mob (kind of like bench mob, but emphasize D and also slang for “The Mob”)

  • Silverstreak

    The D-Fence Five
    5 Angry Men
    The Stragglers
    The Rough Riders
    Blue Collar Unit
    GSW Blue
    The Walking Dead
    The Feature Five
    Feisty Five
    Ball Busters
    Occupy NBA

    etc, etc.

  • Dn8

    “The Benchwarmers”


    Fab 5
    Furious Five
    Fantastic Five
    Wrecking Krew
    Five men and a baby…

  • ACC

    The “Light Brigade”

  • David

    The Action Unit

  • zeelurker

    I can only think of one….

    Larry’s Losers (Riley)

    They don’t deserve a nickname right now. Let’s address this question again, if they look like a play-off team.


    How about “THE WARRIOR BENCH”

  • earl monroe

    Here’s a novel idea why don’t we forgo the nicknames and just call them part of the team?

  • mr mean

    The Villiage People

  • mr mean

    The Bricklayers

  • Hollywood Charles

    With a nod to Silverstreak… OCCUPY THE PAINT (OTP)… also giving nicknames out on this team feels like when we called our invasion of Grenada “Urgent Fury”…

  • TooTall

    The Golden Bench

  • Robert

    Run BNC (bench)

  • John Starks

    Reservoir Dogs

  • Al


  • WTF

    No nickname. Just start them. Ellis and Lee would be coming off the bench on good teams. Curry looks like damaged goods. Biedrins is only serviceable because he’s legit 6’11”. Mark Jackson has done an admirable job so far, but this team needs top end talent, plain and simple. When a bunch of castoffs that no one else wanted look more competitive and mentally tougher than the players you have starting, time to start the castoffs. If they want to win and even have a chance of salvaging this season, time to start from scratch and see who are keepers. Out of the big 3, only Lee looks like he cares. Every season, same thing, so sad. Go Warriors?

  • deano


  • deano

    Pine Posse.

  • Vic

    Oh Come On its NATE’S NASTIES!!

  • northwestpat

    How about “5-Player Energy” ?

  • DG


  • DG

    the “Pew Crew” sitting on the church pew hearing the pastor preach!

  • gizzm

    “needs a contract for next yr”
    “just good enough to lose”

  • Who?

  • Who???

  • Anounomus

    Cleanup Crew

  • Ewok

    The Spinners

    The Avengers

    The Ewok Warriors

    I also believe the team should adopt the Ewok character as their mascots. Ewoks are great Warriors!

  • Inside9

    The Blue Collar Bunch.

  • FloorBurn

    Lock City.

    You know – a response to Lob City?

  • Don

    the bench..marks
    the energizer benchers
    D Bench
    the back-up starters

  • rotfogel

    Epic Poo Poo

  • moreaufan2


  • itsagreattimeout

    the night shift


    January 21st and the season is already over the Warriors. I thought things were supposed to be different this year, and look at their record.

    They’ve lost 10 of the 15 games they’ve played! It’s a disgrace. I’m so sick and tired of the losing. When is it ever going to change?

  • Mick

    I like pine posse, larry’s losers and good enough to lose crew. Brandon Rush deserves his props, but the rest have been too hot and cold.

  • Moreaufan2

    We probably shoud have kept Coach Smart. He won 10 extra games, and all thats about to happen is COach Jackson will get fired too but really it needs to be Larry Riley, he is a clown, even when you listen to him talk! Chris Mullin should still be here running the team!

  • Moreaufan2

    No Our bench is playing well so far thias season but our starters need to be revamped. Wright should come off the bench andwe should start brandon Rush period, he has the experince of winning, played in college and undersatnds the game, u can tell that D Wright is still young as far as the game goes, even though he has been in the league for a few years now, but he cant drive to the basket with Confidence and there are an abundance of wholes in his game. When he 3 is off, his entire game is off!

  • Gswfan

    The terror squad because they come out and terrorize other teams squads

  • robert rowell

    the scrubs. The disappointments. The draft busts. The best we could get because Larry Riley is in charge.

  • Dave

    Monta’s IQ

  • Zume

    Bench Monta for last minute Group

    Robinson’s Cruzers
    More than 3 Amigoes

  • Moreaufan2

    Dave are u a Monta hater?

  • Dave

    I like Monta.

  • Zume

    I like Monta too, he just needs lots of coaching help and guidance. He has weaknesses and right now they are blind spots.

  • itsagreattimeout

    Second Team

  • Greg

    I heard Tim Roye call them the “Rotation Sensation” (suggested by a fan), that gets my vote.

  • qriusme

    How about “The Beastie Boys”?

  • My suggestion got the vote! Yea buddy!

  • Jhaggy

    They should call them “The Five Spartans,” because like the Spartans of old they focused on defense first offense second. They worked as a unite and their defense made their offense deadly. This is what the GSW bench does, defense is first and offense second. Not like the starting five where offense first defense never!

  • Jhaggy


    The Fierce Five
    Dynamic Defenders
    Defensive Five
    The Great Wall of The Bay
    Hit and Run Five
    Hustle and Grind Five
    The Defensive Wall of the Bay
    The Deniers
    The Golden State Stoppers
    The Fighting Five
    Golden State Defenders
    Bay Area Hard Hitters
    The Bench We All Prayed For
    The Cleaners
    Golden State Special Ops
    Defensive Pack
    The Hungry Ones
    Defending Five
    The Knights of Five
    The Unknown Heroes
    The Starting Five Who?

  • Team Scrappy.

  • FrankP

    The LEtDowns, The REplacements, Incompetent, Junior Varsity…