NBA Admits Botching Kick Ball in Loss at Indiana

Here is the statement from NBA.com/official
“With 5.4 seconds remaining in the Indiana-Golden State game on Jan. 20, Pacers guard George Hill intentionally kicked the ball away from Warriors guard Monta Ellis during his cross over dribble. According to rule no. 10, Section IV.b, kicking the ball or striking it with any part of the leg is a violation when it is an intentional act. The officials missed the kicked ball violation which should have resulted in a deadball situation and Golden State inbounding the ball on the sideline nearest the spot of the violation.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Harry

    proof! a valid excuse in no excuse basketball team country.

  • GSWlifer

    I can’t see how this team makes the playoffs, gets to .500 or has an all-star. At this point, we should probably start hoping for a top 3 pick. We need to start collecting star potential lottery picks.

  • Sleepy Freud

    It was obvious thatt he NBA screwed us last night. What is also clear is Monta is our best player and we should trade Curry for a big. Go Warriors!

  • Moreaufan2

    Well that wasnt the reason we lost the game!

  • alsmouthguard

    “It was obvious thatt he NBA screwed us last night. What is also clear is Monta is our best player and we should trade Curry for a big. Go Warriors!”
    Do you understand how trades work in the NBA? If the team is above or at the salary cap, the salaries being traded have to match or be within a certain % to be valid. With that being said, the team is better off moving Ellis, he would get the better talent in return.

  • Dave

    He kicked it, but Monta still dribbled too long and was careless. This is getting old.

    I recall 3-4 games this season where Monta has dribbled too long or thrown the ball away in the closing minutes or had a turnover. Marcus Thompson was asked about this and he said the reasoning was low basketball IQ.

  • D$

    Love Ellis, but Curry is further in his development at this point of his career. We’re not going deep in the playoffs anytime soon, so I’d trade Ellis at highest value now.

  • earl monroe

    I was taught in HIgh School never to show the ball like that in half court sets,
    crossing over and exposing the ball is a not a good basketball play, the non call was
    bad but it was caused by a bad basketball play or low IQ as posted at #4.

    If you want to cross someone over do it on the break when they are backtracking

  • Slamma Jamma

    They were jobbed by the no call in the closing seconds, but this team is in serious trouble. I would LOVE to see Monta go for a top pick, then make sure to lose enough to keep our second top pick. Curry, Lee, Wright and two of the top 10 picks or so? Maybe we’d have hope. I am honestly concerned that Mark Jackson will get this team to battle and win just enough games to lose their draft pick. We need to deal Monta and Beans and whoever else we can in order to make sure Jackson does NOT do that!!

    Think about it, if they keep Monta and win just enough to lose their top pick, WE WILL HAVE NO HOPE FOR AT LEAST TWO MORE YEARS!! Depressing.

  • Young

    I’m with Slamma Jamma…Tank the YEAR and get a good pick.

    Trade Monta Beans and anyone else not named Steph (Steph’s trade value is too low now)

  • Nate

    To say Monta has low basketball IQ or any such thing does nothing but demonstrate your own inability to think freely as an individual and derive well informed opinions on basketball related topics. It simply demonstrates the willing acceptance of a nationally adopted point of view on a drastically underrated, under appreciated and over criticized basketball player because of his unorthodox style of play and physical ability’s that are unmatched by any other in the league. The ability to manipulate his body in the air to minimize contact in an effort to actually make a shot, rather than solely relying on initiating contact to shoot free throws all night long, gives officials the impression that he is not being contacted and does not deserve a whistle. His demeanor and history (namely the moped incident) give people the media a cornerstone to base harsh and unwarranted criticism on (which much of the general public eats up as they do in all other aspects of society when they are simply unable or too lazy to put the time and effort into forming their own opinion, seriously do your own research). I am not blaming any of the warriors failures strictly on officiating or lack of respect this team receives, since they clearly have been unable to remain remain healthy and secure rebounds in the low post. The real concern is why is it that the warriors have been unable to gain enough respect in the NBA to land a “star caliber ” big man or any other big name free agent? In my opinion the stigma that has surrounded the warriors organization for years as underachieving, untalented and so forth starts right here at home. Local beat writers belittling the franchise constantly for failures of the past, casting doubt on everything that is touched by blue and yellow, and the overwhelming negativity that surrounds everything they do (no matter how impressive or lack luster it may be). Lastnignt following the blatant officiating error “warriors insiders” we’re criticizing Mark Jackson, Monta Ellis, and other players and fans who were capable of using their vision to see the clear error because they would rather perpetuate the negativity that has come to be the Warrior way. Yes the warriors should never have been in that position in the first place, but it happened and they were trailing much of the fourth quarter until Monta and Steph returned and took over. Monta was down right unstoppable in this last 6 minutes of the game, and was able to prevent the defense from keying in on Curry when he got hot, including creating two wide open three point attempts for him (3 if you consider the amount of attention he received on the last second desperation shot). He controlled the game, brought the warriors back to a tie ball game and gave them a very real shot to win inspire of tLhe bigs inability to defend the low post or rebound the basketball, because that’s what star players do. That’s what players who are averaging over 20 points and 7 assists per game in the NBA do ( would you argue that about The defending MVP Derek Rose or Lebron James, the only other two players who rival Monta’s numbers), you would not because it would be foolish to do so and would be a losing battle. My point is, if your own fans and local media do not give you the credit you deserve, how the hell do you expect the rest of the country to? Open your eyes and stop believing a truly flawed misconception of one of the most talented players in the NBA, period.

    Please forgive my typos, as I wrote this rant on my iPhone.

  • northwestpat

    Curry is too nice a guy to say anything other than “it’s a good play”. But as a fan, it is getting really old to see Monta always trying to be the hero, one-on-one. Too predictable! There was plenty of time left so why not move the ball to try and get an open shot? Or run a play as Curry suggested? I thought basketball was a team sport…

  • Gummy

    Monta is not not the best player on the team. Whoever think the W’s should trade curry clearly havent been watching Ellis lose games for the team. If anything, I believe Ellis and Curry role’s should switch. Ellis PG, and Curry play SG

  • RNP

    The ball needs to be in the hands of a true point guard. Monta is great, but prone to dribble off of feet (his or the defender’s). MJack should have called a timeout and put the ball in Curry or Nate’s hands. Post up Monta or Lee and take the last shot. Either we win or go to OT. Turnover is unacceptable.

  • Niners in 2012

    Ofcourse this will distract the Warriors from the real reason they lost the game. Ugh, Lacob needs to look in the mirror! Hello! We suck, dude.

  • pick -n- roll

    There is a lot of basketball yet to be played.

  • moreaufan2

    Gummy! Monta he is the best player on the team! Are U serious! Players have to take tough shots all the time and he is willing to take them. Curry on the other hand is not able to go by players and really create! slow foot speed!, but I agree Monta should play the 1.

  • It seems like the NBA keeps dropping the ball at the most important game changing moments of the game. Big human error vs not wanting to review the replay…”Not good at all”! A subliminal way of shaving points ?

  • Damon

    sour grapes, moving along…

  • Yoda

    Monta is in the way of this team improving. His default mode is one on five basketball and he’s just not as good as people think he is. And putting Monta at the 1 would be the worst move possible. He can’t do it. He doesn’t want to do it.

    And this “give Monta the ball in iso to end the quarter/game” stuff is really getting to be insane. Everyone on earth knows he’ll just pound it until the last second and try to go to his right (because he’s awful going left) and then try a pull-up jumper. And lately he can’t even get a move off.

    Monta would be a great off-the-bench guy on a good team. But no one is going to give up a top pick in this draft for him. The league doesn’t overrate him as much as the Warriors and their fans do.

  • Jack

    Even though it was a missed call, Monta can’t be so predictable…you could tell he wanted to go to the same move as he did last year. Monta over all is the best player on the Warriors and is having a terrific, but he needs to become the late game player that he was last year. He has done everything from turning the ball over to missing the game winner this season, and the Warriors fans are getting frustrated. He needs to come through more like last year. I understand not every time he’ll make the shot or things will go perfectly, but he has had a lot of chance this year. Again though, it was a kick ball and the call should have been made and possibly the game would have been won by the Warriors

  • Jack

    Also people shouldn’t blame Monta for the iso call, Jackson told him to go iso. I understand he didn’t execute but the reason why it was run was because Mark Jackson said so.

  • Kevin Bain

    This proves what an idiot Matt Steinmetz is. CSN bay area needs to replace him. If you missed it, Steinmetz said that defenders don’t purposely kick balls. Then he told Greg Papa that HIS Raiders make the same excuses when they lose. FIRE STEINMETZ

  • Shakira

    MT – Of course, your counterpart, Mr. Know-it-all, Steinmetz, still thinks he’s right.

  • Chris Webber

    As I said before. David Stern and the NBA, hate the Warriors.

  • amanda hugankiss

    Agree with # 22 it was jackson’s desicion to isolate Ellis. trading stephen curry seems like the best thing to do since he has the most value on the team. He will probably never be an all-star, but still a good player. Trade him now and get a good player in return. the warriors must also find a way to get rid of Lee he is not a difference maker, but instead a role player. You shouldn’t pay a role player 15 million dollars a year.

  • Dave

    Lee wishes he made $15 million. He makes $11.6m this year which is below average for this type of player. Any player who gets any real playing time makes at least an average of $10m.

  • moreaufan2

    U know what Dave, since we pay him that much we need to make him earn that money and give him the ball in crunch time when we have the lead. We have to get some scoring in the low post for real! We have to becuz shooting all these jumpers in the fourth and tunring the ball over is not working, get the ball inside period!!!!

  • moreaufan2

    Jackson will be on the hot seat if he cant get some wins and this is the reason, u dont hire a rookie head coach for a losing team, maybe if he was coaching a Middle of the Road team like The Orlando Magic were for Doc Rivers when he started, things could be different. Seriously a Rooie head coach takes over one of the worse teams in the league, seriously????? We get a coach last year who has some experience and we win 10 more games than the year before and we fire him! he didnt have a playoff team last year! No size and no toughness, and was able to win 10 more games than the year before. What a bad move by the Dubs! i dont care what ayone says. Yes I like Mark Jackson, he knows the game, but hasnt learned how to win basketball games! Hasnt had the experience of that sideline! Should have worked to be an assistant first and work his way up like guys such as Mike Broen, Tom Thibodeaux, Gregg Popovich and even Phil Jackson. These guys learned to be coaches in the NBA by sitting and being assistants

  • hoopndunk

    and I had to listen to no basketball knowledge Matt Steinmetz claim it was not a kick ball?

  • This talented team needs a leader someone who modifies the off. to get the best shot available rather than the 1st one available.
    Deensively they are a disaster (mutt and jett show)
    lip service to defensive sets lack of switching on the high screens coupled with no resistent in the paint and lack of reb. which translates to little or no hustle.
    Bottom line this colection of shooters needs patience and a renewed interest in playing both ends of the court.
    Coach Jackson has his work cut out for him.
    My opinion Ellis is a liability where-ever he is on the court.
    When he’s hot it offsets some of his bad behavior out there. Talent being wasted and it starts with MONTA a great shooter if he would only take the high % shot not evident thru the last 3 yrs???
    David Lee needs to get more vocal and Jackson has got to kick ass with Curry and Wright.
    Iv’e picked them to improve by 5 games a yr over the past 3 yrs and it is not even close like i could pick there improvement out of a hat of bad performances.
    Just as a side bar iv’e been following the NBA/NBL since 1946. Ignorance was bliss on my part.
    Please crack the whip on these selfish and under-achieving Ballers!!!!Being Kind!!!

  • edc

    trade lee and curry and whatever else for d. howard. even if it’s only a rental.

  • jackie

    all these people saying they should trade monta or stephen are idiots they need both of them they have the best back court in the nba they can only play together and dwight howard only wants to come to golden state if stephen curry is there and all you people know nothing about basketball from the looks of it