What to Watch For – Game 17

Here’s something to watch for tonight: Joe Lacob and Peter Guber dancing on the sidelines.

Not because of a Warriors’ victory, but because their investment in the Warriors is turning out pretty good. Forbes put the Warriors’ current value at $450 million, which makes Golden State the eighth-best value in the franchise. That’s got to be good news since they’re only about a year and a half in and haven’t yet executed most of their plans for increasing the franchise value (including a new stadium).

In the 2011 list, Golden State was No. 12 at $363 million – behind the likes of Toronto

Of course, in the past, I’ve heard Warriors’ executives (ex-team president Robert Rowell) rip the Forbes valuations as inaccurate.

Below are the top 10.

1. Los Angeles Lakers

Value: $900 million

Operating income: $24 million

2. New York Knicks

Value: $780 million

Operating income: $75 million

3. Chicago Bulls

Value: $600 million

Operating income: $59 million

4. Dallas Mavericks

Value: $497 million

Operating income: -$3.9 million

5. Boston Celtics

Value: $482 million

Operating income: $7.7 million

6. Miami Heat

Value: $457 million

Operating income: $26 million

7. Houston Rockets

Value: $453 million

Operating income: $18 million

8. Golden State Warriors

Value: $450 million

Operating income: $22 million

9. San Antonio Spurs

Value: $418 million

Operating income: $14 million

10. Phoenix Suns

Value: $395 million

Operating income: $13 million

Click here for the full Forbes list



The David Lee-LaMarcus Aldridge match-up: Lee usually does pretty well against Aldridge. In four match-ups against Portland, Lee averaged 19 points on 63 percent shooting with 11 rebounds. That includes a 29-point, 20-rebound performance against Aldridge in Portland in April.

Of course, Aldridge got the last laugh, making the playoffs while Lee went home.


Marcus Thompson

  • Ron

    Nice investment when your product stinks but goes up in value!

  • Nigel Tufnel

    Surely the $450M is based on the same $450M they just paid for the team?

  • David

    Marcus – The first thing you do when conducting a valuation is to check for recent sales. In many cases the most recent price paid is the defacto valuation. That’s why they list it exactly at the purchase price, not that they could get that if they tried to sell it.

  • Marcus Thompson


    You’re probably right. But I have to think Forbes puts more into these rankings than last price paid.