Warriors Send a Rook to the D-League (No, Not That Rook)

The Warriors are sending one of their rookies to the NBA Development League. Forward Chris Wright – and not Jeremy Tyler – is head to play for the Dakota Wizards.

Wright, signed as a free agent on Dec. 12, has appeared in just five games this season. He totaled 5 points and 4 rebounds in 16 minutes. It makes sense that the rookie out of Dayton is headed to the D-League. A super athlete who has the raw skills the Warriors like, he needs game experience more than anything.

Tyler, on the other hand, has game experience having played in Israel and China. What he needs is to learn the NBA game. Coach Mark Jackson said he has been happy with Tyler’s progress, which is why he rewarded Tyler with a season-high 8 minutes on Wednesday. The way Tyler played, I wouldn’t be surprised if he saw more such spurts.


Marcus Thompson

  • deano

    I went to the Portland game last night. Tyler looked like he knew what he was doing on the court. In contrast to his prior brief appearances. I did not see any of the other players making on-court explanations to him. Progress.

  • Grey Warden

    Tyler stills needs a lot of work. He should’ve been down in the D-League since the beginning to improve his skills instead of being a bench warmer and playing once in a while.

  • VladRad

    Now, how about sending that other rook – Mark Jackson, to the D league as well?

  • Harry

    If Chris Wright can improve his game to where he can contribute on the court especially at the 4 position he’ll be the steal of the season.He needs to get back to what made him a force at Dayton.

  • Bob

    Tyler played in Japan not China.

  • @Grey, Jackson said that Tyler is picking it up in practice. Makes sense to have him play with other NBA players. The DL just doesn’t have good enough competition, and Tyler is the kind of player who checks out against weak opposition.

  • ender

    To follow up with what EvanZ said, not only is the D-League lacking in competition, it’s a scoring, perimeter- driven league. No Center worth their weight would learn anything that would translate over to the big show, save spotting up and working on their mid-range game. That’s not what the Warriors want out of Tyler.

  • Rey Baluyot

    Warriors should abandon giving the ball to Ellis only in crucnch time. Opponents know this is the case, so they are prepared for it everytime. The Warriors have
    a number of players who can shoot, they should utilize all of them during ebnd games this way teams can’t prepare for them. What’s the idea of hiring Earl Barron
    anyway? I thought Jackson said, he can rebound and shoot better than Biedrins and Kwame, why is he not in
    the game at all? Ellis seems to be always away from the player he is guarding, which becomes a problem in defense. He needs to be re-directed to maximize their defensive strength. Charles Jenkins should also play as he is more physical and can go to the basket unlike other players who are happy with perimeter shooting.d

  • Sleepy Freud

    Monte Eliis is by far our best player!

  • PhillyJ


    Tyler played in Japan, not China!

  • Niners in 2012

    Not a fan of the DLeague, guys like JLin go down there and drop triple-doubles. JTyler can learn more banging with NBA players in practice.

  • moreaufan2

    I like tylerm he can play, just needs some reps!I think he can be agood NBA player for a good while in the league once he gets his time!, he has so much energy! and he is a high flyer, 260lbs, what more can u ask for, and he is not scary!

  • moreaufan2

    warden u are wrong, he needxs to play more on this level, he is tough and physical, and udoh better step it up

  • Young

    @moreaufan2 can’t agree more. Best part of the win was Udoh playing NBA basketball. He’d been looking very JV since we drafted him…

    Sign of more good things to come from Udoh?

  • Creepy Ross

    Marcus – or anyone who has an opinion – living in LA, i dont get to see the w’s much, so i’m wondering if Greg Monroe is as far a superior player to Udoh as the stats would suggest, or if Epke’s defensive play somewhat offsets the difference in scoring and rebounding. I realize there’s a discrepancy in playing time, but that would suggest Udoh is not good enough to warrant more minutes. Thoughts?

  • Warriors4Life

    @Creepy Ross

    I also live in LA. But I subscribed to league Pass because I want to follow my Warriors. And sick and tired of these LA people who hype about the Lob City and all these bandwagon. Right now Greg Monroe is a stud and almost a franchise player for Detroit Piston. And Udoh are good on the defensive side but still need improvement on his rebounding and scoring. Warriors fans still have doubt with Udoh when will his brake-out season gonna be. For he is already 25 years of age and kinda late for the party.

  • Young

    Udoh has looked like he’s in over his head in every game I have seen this year, save for last game. He was real good. Showed polish, looked like he understood what was happening. Scored like he knew how to score.

    Monroe now is >>>> Udoh

    Not close, nothing to debate between the 2

    my 2 cents

  • Grey Warden

    So because Jackson says Tyler’s picking it up in practice means we should take his word for it? Jackson also said we’ll make the playoffs this year. You believe that too?

    Last year Keith Smart said Udoh was constantly working out and in game shape when he had the wrist injury. Once he came in the game, he gassed out pretty quickly. Just because a coach says one thing doesn’t mean it’s gospel and we should all believe what they say.

  • moreaufan2

    Yeah But Tyler is giving more energy and is not scary at all to me!