Andris Biedrins: “Maybe I Could Have a Little More Fun”

You could tell center Andris Biedrins was being extra careful choosing his words, calculating his responses. The veteran center doesn’t want to cause any discourse.

With that said, Biedrins tipped his hand about his thoughts regarding his role under new coach Mark Jackson. Biedrins is averaging a career-low 2.9 points per game. And his 16.5 minutes a night is the lowest since he became a regular starter in his third year. He rarely plays in the fourth quarter.

So what does he think about his role?

BIEDRINS: “I don’t know if that’s in my control. He’s the head coach, and he makes all of the decisions. I just have to do what he’s telling us to do.”

Biedrins made sure to point out he and Jackson aren’t on bad terms. He made it even more clear he’ll do whatever Jackson requires.

BIEDRINS: “We have a good relationship. I don’t see any dislikes between us. We work together well. He’s the head coach. This is his team. If he wants me to play 15 minutes, I’ll play 15 minutes. If he wants me to play 10 minutes, I’ll play 10 minutes.”

But when asked if he was having fun, Biedrins revealed where he’s at mentally. There’s a difference between being willing and wanting. Biedrins is clearly willing to play this limited role. But if he had his druthers …

BIEDRINS: “Maybe I could have a little more fun. I would like to play a little bit more, but this is the situation. I have to accept it. I have to do what they tell me to do. That’s the way it is.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Sleepy Freud

    He needs to take his lead from Monta Ellis. Monte is the team’s best player and leader. Trade Curry and build around Monte and Andres.

  • John Starks

    I’m pretty sure Jackson isn’t telling Dre to not have fun. I’m just guessing here, but it seems to me like Jackson is imploring Dre to produce something with his minutes on the floow – even things that don’t show up on the stat sheet. While it probably isn’t deliberately insulting to Biedrins, I doubt Jackson’s message delivery is anything close to “fun”.

    Dre, it’s not fun because you’re not having a good season and the team is not winning games. Even you must admit that your production is a ghost of what it once was. There are ways you could make it impossible for Jackson to take you off the floor, and they all have to do with production.

  • PhillyJ

    He has got to shoot the ball instead of passing it all the time. this guy has no confidence. just shoot it, or drive and get hacked. try some FTs, get involved. dont just stand there and pass the ball. make some moves. no one is going to guard you so it is 4-on-5 ball all the time.

  • deano

    Dre is a beaten man. He is not as active on the floor as he was in the first six games this season. Lately, it looks like he is going through the motions more than pressing the action. The mental/emotional rehabilitation we had hoped for has not occurred. It’s over.

  • noma_pride

    I badly want Beans to step up and play to the potential we saw years ago. But unfortunately he’s just another member of the Albatross Contract & Zero Production Club (Bay Area chapter). Enjoy hanging out with Zito and Rowand!

  • Dave

    Lee is being hung out to dry by whoever came up with this roster and guys like Biedrins. 4 games, 65 minutes, and zero points.

  • LTinSF

    He doesn’t shoot because he is deathly afraid of getting fouled and going to the line and clanking 2 free throws. RIck Barry swears up and down that he can get anyone to shoot 80% with the old school “granny” method. I will never understand why it is more important to look cool than play at the highest level you can…but i guess if you already have millions of dollars, who cares.

  • moto

    it’s inevitable that Biedrins’ predicament gives rise to discourse, gswscribe, but he no doubt wants to avoid being the cause of discord.

  • Steve

    Beidrin needs to get rid of that sissy boy haircut.

    Ever since he changed back to that pathetic little baby boy haircut he lost his manhood in every way.
    His old haircut was great and he looked confident.
    Now he looks like a pushover. Its very sad.


  • Niners in 2012

    Biedrins is a backup C forced to start. We need an upgrade at the C spot (Kaman, hello!). As a backup you play against other backups, you can play with energy and not worry about foul trouble. That’s a perfect role for Biedrins. We have good role players, but played out of position. Monta should be a 6th man, Rush should start at the 2, Biedrins should be a backup, Udoh should never play C. You know Phil Jackson or Jerry Sloan would have those guys playing specific roles. I wish MJackson had the balls to do that.

  • shobbrobb

    That Bedrins is still on this team speaks volumnes about the front office…………

  • Nellilover

    Maybe he could have a little more fun?? If being on the court is his idea of fun, he’s having too much now. Warrior fans could use some fun. Get a real center and you’ll have a playoff team. No chance with the Biedrins contract sucking up $9 million a year from now ’til doomsday. Someone please show the guy how to shoot the ball with backspin. You can’t just chuck it up there and hope it falls in. You’re welcome.

  • Schaefdoggy

    The front office made an error not using amnisty on AB contract. Don’t let them fool you they would have had no Center heading into the season. We could have thrown any Big Man out there in and been 27M in better shape. They just did not want to eat that kind of money (Can’t blame them on that) but how long of a leash does this guy have?

    Solution: Trade AB and Dorell Wright for Kaman. Sign Kenyon Martin ASAP. Move Lee to SF.

    Curry – Robinson – Jenkins
    Ellis – Thompson
    Lee – Rush – McGuire
    Martin – Udoh – Wright
    Kaman – Tyler – Barron

    Call me Lacob…this is just for starters……

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Our team sucks. It’s time to pull a Seattle, er, OKC and blow it up, building through the draft.

    Trade #1 – Biedrins and Curry for Kaman and one of New Orleans’ 1st round picks. I love Curry, but am worried about his gimpy ankle, hate that he can’t guard any real NBA point guard and still seems better suited as a shooting guard. This way, we shed Biedrins’ contract, get a one-year center that will create salary cap space in Kaman and don’t have to commit big dollars, i.e almost a max contract, to Steph, who has never professed his desire to “retire a Warrior.” We get a lottery pick from New Orleans – not theirs, but one they have the rights to, via a trade. The Hornets get the coveted Steph Curry to pair with Eric Gordon in the backcourt and a young “big man with length” that Dell Demps has been talking about.

    Trade #2 – Lee and Monta to Washington for their #1 this year and Rashard Lewis (massive $22 million contract) which could be bought out for $10 mil this summer or kept for one more year after this when it runs out.

    Making these moves does three things:
    1) Blows up a franchise that needs it badly
    2) Gives us a trmendous amount of financial freedom down the road
    3) Makes us really bad this year, ensuring we will very likely keep our Top 7 protected pick and not ship it to Utah, via Jersey (Thanks, Marcus Williams and Chris Mullin)
    4) Gives us three (ours, New Orleans’ and Washington’s) lottery picks in what most are considering the deepest draft since 2003 (Bron, Melo, Bosh, Wade).
    5) Keeps guys like Thompson, Rush, McGuire, Jenkins, Udoh, Tyler around.
    And, our starting 5 would not be completely laughable (Robinson, Wright, Lewis, Udoh and Kaman) with Jenkins, Rush, Klay, McGuire and Tyler off the bench.

    It’s time – let’s do this. Warriors fans will continue to show and support this team and might actually have some hope for the future!

  • Harp’s Dubs

    @11 – No way New Orleans does that trade, unfortunately, because it’s great for us. They want draft picks or a young star and a big with length who can back up Okafor, says puppet GM Dell Demps.

  • dan

    MJ should run some plays for Biedrins or force him to shoot the ball by running pick-n-roll. MJ has nothing to lose. Do you want to watch Dwright jacking up 3pt shots ? Unless they release Biedrins, run some plays, maybe 5 or 6 plays for him. To me this is another problem with Curry as PG because he can’t penetrate and dish. My 85yo grandma is faster/quicker than Curry.

    Get rid of Curry asap while he is still walking.

  • David wood’s soul

    Its Monta, not Monte. Get it right!

  • earl monroe

    I thought it was monty

  • Ron

    16 minutes/game is 16 minutes too many.

  • Nellilover

    I’ll try to keep this positive about Biedrins.
    1. He’s tall, and can almost touch the rim without jumping. (Not jumping is something he’s extremely good at.)
    2. He’s rich. (Too rich.)
    3. He doesn’t go for pump fakes. His feet seldom leave the floor.
    4. He is an unselfish player, not a ball hog. In fact, he treats the ball as if it were a hot potato.
    5. He makes a high percentage of shots from the field. (Mostly shots from the 1-2 foot range.)
    6. He has a good attitude. (Wouldn’t you?)
    7. He moves well without the ball, and glides effortlessly up and down the court during his usual 15 minutes of play.

  • joe

    W’s new mgmt built a very good bench. Even K Brown was exceeding expectations.

    Big mistake was assuring a playoff appearance.

    No one wants Beans. We’re stuck. Center is a tough position to fill so the W’s keep him and try to fix him.

    Frozen 1st pick makes trades hard. Ellis either learns to move the ball and takes fewer shots or we continue to lose.

  • Nigel Tufnel

    I think this is a misunderstanding, I’m sure he must have said “Maybe I could get a little more done.”

  • deano

    Dan: Running plays for Dre only embarasses him. He does not want the ball. He wants to be asked only to do what MJ has said he wants from Dre: defense and rebounding.

    We are stuck with him. GSW’s only slim hope of salvaging something from Dre is to ask no more of him than he can comfortably provide. This is not how it should be, but this is how it is.

  • dubs

    “Trade Curry and build around Monte and Andres.”

    Sleepy- You want to build around Andris? That is the worst idea I have seen about what the Warriors should do.

  • Dubfan

    Am watching sac game tonight. Beidrens is turning into a gunner! Who knew!?

    By the way, can anyone explain the right forearm sweat pad that he always wears? Is he covering up something? Wouldn’t be a tattoo, would it? (would seem to be sacreligeous for an NBA player to cover up a tattoo). Is it a scar? I just wonder, especially because it seems I see him adjusting it as he runs back and forth and it seems this has to
    have some effect on his (limited) efficiency. If anybody can explain this, I would appreciate it!

  • moreaufan2

    I think we shoudl trade Curry also, he is playing PG and he cant penetrate or create, all he does is shoot, and he cant defend well at all! And since we dont use him and a SG then we might as well trade him cause he makes bad decisions

  • moreaufan2

    maybe we trade him and monta and see what we can get!!!!

  • moreaufan2

    We may need to bring one of them off the bench and start Brandon Rush or something

  • Michael

    You don’t have to do anything Biedrins. If this team isn’t willing to play you extended minutes, demand a trade to a team that will.

  • Nelly Lover

    Earth to Michael…Earth to Michael… There may be one or two NBA teams who would be willing to add Biedrins to their roster as a third string center. But NO ONE will take him and that monster contract someone improvidently bestowed on him. Extended minutes aren’t going to help him, or the team.