Mark Jackson Hasn’t Given Much Thought to Adjusting Starting Lineup

He said the only reserve who warrants any consideration is swingman Brandon Rush. He said Rush has been consistent from Day 1. But he explains why he won’t alter the lineup. And also what’s been wrong with Monta Ellis lately.

Marcus Thompson

  • haastheman

    Udoh is having the best game of his young career. I guess he heard Marck Jackson after the OKC game telling them they needed to play with a different motor

  • Twinkie defense

    Well maybe he SHOULD think about adjusting the damn lineup!

  • Dave

    Bench Biedrins and Wright.

  • moreaufan2

    No he doesnt have to bench them, but its more important to have depth, and guys who can come right in to contribute off the bench! Our team just has to play with more consistency and play like they give a hooot! Stop being so Passive, having a better motor

  • earl monroe

    klay thompson should be starting, the backcourt defense is pourous, put either curry of ellis on the bench it really doesnt matter

  • moreaufan2

    hey earl, i totally agree with you, it would help us defensively having a guy who can guard other two guards, and still have fire power with experince coming off the bench! i feel it!

  • jaggerx

    This will be my line up if I’m the coach of the GS…..
    Center… Udoh
    PF…. Lee
    SM…. Rush
    SG…. Thompson
    PG… Curry..

    6th Man will be Ellis… what you guys think?????