The Video Stephen Curry Does NOT Want You to See




STEPHEN CURRY: “I don’t know what got into me. I looked toward coach and saw him. We had joked about it earlier how that was his thing. … I’m scared to look at (the video).”

His teammates were on him hard after the game about his ugly “shimmy.”

DORELL WRIGHT: “He needs to keep that in the 80s.”

DAVID LEE: “That was ugly when coach Jackson did it and it was ugly when Steph did it. I was glad we could get some enjoyment out of it, and we could get a win, because I don’t think he would’ve done it if we were down 15.”

But notice in the video guard Nate Robinson responded to Curry’s shimmy with one of his own. Robinson said he couldn’t help it.

ROBINSON: “It was so ugly that I had to join in.”

And what did Mark Jackson think of Curry’s shimmy? Considering the whole thing was probably his fault.

JACKSON: “I tried told in my laugh and stay in coach mode. Now I know why my dad told me to stop doing it.”

Marcus Thompson

  • PerryB

    Nice to see the guys having a good time. They need more of those moments.

  • TJ

    We need a bigman badly, even Brad Miller would help, no kidding.

  • Robert

    I was watching abd had the nuggets broadcasters. They were super mad about his showboating

  • Niners in 2012

    Jeremy Lin is making the Warriors look SO bad.

  • I suck.

  • Steven R

    How is Lin making the Warriors look bad? If he was on the roster he wouldn’t be getting minutes. Stephen Curry is the starter.

  • Dave

    I’d rather have Curry and Lee than Linsanity and Amare.

  • Dave

    Lisanity is making the Knicks look bad. They got all of these wins without blackholes Amare and Carmelo.

  • Steven and Dave: desperation.

    Curry so jealous and neurotic about this MSG/Lin Duke/Seth stuff he can’t control his rampant ego much longer. See his shove of Harden in the OKC game? He was strutting like he’d accomplished something.

  • Young

    Lin is making the warriors look horrible!

    They obviously can’t judge talent.

    Only reason we got Klay was because Jerry West made them. Otherwise get Udoh over Monroe, POB (remember him?), Anthony Randorf…etc. Even Monta was drafted in the 2nd round. We picked Ike Diogu with the 1st round pic in 2005, selection 9. Selection 10 was Andrew bynum….

    Only good other good pick we had was Curry (in the last 10 years. Check the stats!)

  • Ugwarriors

    Steven R., you shortsighted fellow.

    The point is not if Lin would have played with Curry healthy, the point is that if you have any vision you can project a guy.

    The point is that what if Curry, incredibly injury prone so far, gets hurt, again.

    The point is Jenkins was/is no sure fire better player.

    When the W’s first got Lin, i wrote, on another site, that “if Lin ever gets an outside shot, he’ll be worthy.” Well, somehow the W’s and Rockets failed to see this, or it was a numbers game (which hey, i understand that, but if you sense even the chance of what he’s doing you hold him.)

    Also, one must add that this is our Golden State Warriors we’re talking about. They do this ALL THE TIME. If they had built up some cred i wouldn’t rip them as hard.

    From Fitz to Jim to everything about this team…they surround themselves with nice guy, faithful positive types who while nice and positive, don’t have the hard objective vision needed. There’s an atmosphere created that isn’t conducive to winning, while Fitz will rail at you, just like the last 15 years of him being DEAD WRONG (hear that Fitz?)

    We need to get rid of Riley. We need to understand that there’s a fundamental failure to judge talent here objectively, overrating our own and being scared to confidently move on trades etc.

    It’s been clear for some time that Monta gives with his talent, takes away with his hoops IQ. That he isn’t a PG. Yet, the W’s have missed his highest trade value moment (about a year ago or a bit more, when he was still in a running system and had established himself as healthy again.)

    Could of had Iggy, from all reports (sure, don’t know that for sure, but it sure adds up.)

    The new owners seem to be just as Charlie Brown as Cohan (who hired Fitz and Tim Roye, who over time have added to the obscuring of what makes a really talented team due to their constant defending of what really can’t be defended.)

    The fact we sell so many tickets here despite the losing doesn’t mean the team “isn’t trying, or doesn’t care, etc” like so many wrongly think, but what it does do is help create the delusion by making them fail to see how bad it is, and that they NEED to get smart fast.

    I’m SOOOOO tired of the PATHETIC Warriors. Actually, for years now they’ve gotten away with being the MOST pathetic team, more than the Clippers, while the Clips still got that moniker. NO. The W’s are and have been for awhile THE MOST PATHETIC NBA team.

    DO. YOU. HEAR. US. Lacob?

  • Robert Rowell drafted Stephen Curry.
    Joe Lacob kept Curry instead of getting Chris Paul.
    And waived Jeremy Lin because of Charles Jenkins (Warriors scout Speedy Claxton and Charles Jenkins are connected thru Hofstra U).

  • Ugwarriors

    First of all, “Robert Rowell Drafted Curry.” Um, what? I highly doubt that.

    2. Joe Lacob was smart not to trade Curry for what would for sure only be a rental of Paul. He would not stay here long term, and that’s because the W’s are a proven loser, and it’s not LA or NY.

    3. Again, this is loose speculation, the Speedy Jenkins thing. If the W’s could see that Lin was a jump shot away from being pretty good, they’d have let Jenkins go, if that was the only way to keep Lin.

    I don’t want to be a hypocrite, as i too projected a trade we don’t for sure was really there, the Iggy trade. But that one was so widely reported, it made/makes all kinds of sense (well, it used to for both sides, now just one.)

    Let’s try to keep it to what we do know.

    Foyle over McGrady.
    Mdee over Amare.
    Diogu over Bynum.
    Udoh over Monroe.

    To just name four. Sure, again, you could do the same with a few teams. But the point is how full, consistent the W’s record is on this, fully consistently failing. Other teams balance misses with enough hits. The W’s do get hits every now and then, but often they ruin it soon after.

    Also, they have an advantage many other lesser teams don’t, the large Bay Area market, the great attendance despite the losing, which is rare and SHOULD help them, or should have at some time over the last, oh, two decades!!

    Give over the reins to the young assistant GM, GM in waiting, what’s his name, he seems less naive than Riley by far, more in tune. Get West in his ear and get to work.

    Riley has got to go. I cannot anymore listen to him hemming and hawing with excuses, empty legitimizing (Fitz, hello) while once again a window of opp goes by due to his naive, nice Charlie Brown nature. What is a nice and naive guy doing as GM in the first place?

    If pointing out you lost Kwame Brown to injury is your big unlucky moment ruining your season…if that is what you’re falling back on, and Riley is to some extent, then wow, you’re really not fit for the job (and yes, i know Kwame was helping, but still.)

  • w 3 L

    New York took Chandler from the wlosers

    and the wlosers gave New York jLin

    and New York solve their problem in 5 months

    the wloser tried to solve this equation the last 20 years

    may be the wloser executives should apply to Harvard (if they can get in) and get smarter

  • Anonymous

    Hilarious video. Wish we could see more of the bench’s reaction. I agree that it is good they’re having a good time. Shows that the team is growing together and that they can show out any night.

  • Dave

    Curry > Lin

  • Dave

    Knicks gave up Lee for Amare.

    Lee > Amare

    Warriors had Curry.

    Curry > Lin

    Curry + Lee > Lin + Amare

  • Silverstreak

    I rather have David, Curry and Lin… which we had.
    Or even Lin and Amare over Curry and Lee.

  • Silverstreak

    Letting go of Lin and using amnesty on Bell and not Biedrins are the two biggest blunders so far in new ownership. Classic disheartening bulls***

  • Young

    Dave at $80M is certainly better than Amare at $100M. That is obvious. Lee is actually having a better statistical year than Amare this year…

  • Young

    and is cheaper

  • Dave

    and is healthier.

  • Dave

    Plus Lee’s 80 is spred out over 6 years and Amare’s 100 is over only 5.

    Lin is playing great right now but is unproven longterm.

  • Dave

    Whitney Houston just died. Drudgereport.com

  • Dave

    Inside Hilton hotel room; Found unresponsive…

  • jm95054

    You guys are smoking crack. Lin is winning with a bunch of 2nd stringers. Lin is stronger than Curry. His bb IQ is just as good or better. He can defend better. He is faster. The only thing Curry has is a better 3 point shot but Lin is better in the paint and can create for his team.

    Dont believe me. Look up Jlin’s stats on “and one’s”. Look up the Knicks record. I’ve been a W’s fan since Run TMC and we are CURSED as a franchise. Lin will be an Allstar next year and Curry will be watching from home.

  • Young

    Curry > ball handler
    Curry > Shooter
    Curry > passer

    Lin > penetrating
    Lin > finisher around the rim
    Lin > play making (maybe, its been 4 starting games)

    Who is smoking what?

    And please dont tell me you dont know that there is no scouting report for Lin yet (its been 4 games). This is professional basketball, teams takeaway your strength so to be good LONG TERM, you must be well rounded.

    I love Lin, but c’mon man…

  • Curry is a crappy ball handler and an inefficient passer.
    Lin is also not a true point guard but he’s more of one than Curry. Neither will win you much of anything.

  • jm95054

    Curry > ball handler? You mean his wide a$$ tribles that is prone to being poked away?

    How is that Curry ankle holding up? The dude is a tooth pick and is broken down every season in his short pro career so far.

    Lastly, how has Curry done in his first 4 starts of his career compared to Lin? I’ll even give you a break and allow you to use Curry’s 2nd year? Lin is no fluke. Dude has won at every level of his career. He made his teammates better. Curry has yet to do that here in Oak.

  • PhillyJ

    should have traded Curry when had the chance. Thats on Lacob.

  • Young

    Yes, curry is a better ball handler. His fundamentals are solid. His dad played in the league and taught him excellent shooting, ball handling and passing. This is really easy to see, honestly bc as you note the kid is not very physically gifted. If you disagree with his skills please check Steph winning the NBA skill competition. His skills are not really debatable (how good is he? Another story…)

    Now regarding Lin, I like his game. Always have and I’ve seen a lot of his game from Harvard to warriors summer league to now. He has talent. But he’s averaged 6 TO per game since he started starting. You must agree that no one will continue to start games at that clip. Emotion is riding high in NY and he is BALLING. But some time soon his turnovers will get back to 2 to 3 per game and the Knicks will loose a few games and a scouting report will be developed on him. At that point we will know how much game he has in 2012. Its not as much as you are giving him credit for. Which is ok, bc he will get better over the years. but talking about him as an all star now means he’s better than either Derrick Rose, Deron Williams or Rando and that is just not happening in a year.

    my 2 cents

  • jm95054

    Curry tonite 5-14 5 asst 14 points. If Lin had those numbers, the you & critics will say he’s sucking.

    Who cares that Curry was taught by his father. Walton taught his son too but that didnt make him a star did it? Yes, Lin will be an All star this time next year. 1. He is playing for NY and will get more media attention. 2. He will lead his team into winning more games. BTW, Lin has already out played Deron Williams in case you havent noticed.

    Lastly, in Lin’s short starts he has made his teammates better and they won. That is the ultimate judgement of the PG position. Can we honestly say that Curry has made his teammates better? NOPE.

  • Young

    Nvr said curry was a star. I’m not 100% sold on curry, needs more assists for me. for darn sure aint sold on Lin (as a great player now. Will get better over time). saying he’s a star now is like projecting the 2016 presidential race. You really have no idea. But just hang in there and lets chat in 1 month if thats ok with you.

    1 thing I know for sure tho is that Deron Williams is 100 times better than Lin. Would beat him 1 on 1 100 times out of 100.

  • jm95054

    1 thing I know for sure tho is that Deron Williams is 100 times better than Lin. Would beat him 1 on 1 100 times out of 100.

    That is exactly where you miss the point. The NBA has become so much of 1 v 1 game. It’s a team sport and the PG position signifies exactly the same role as the QB in the NFL. I judge the PG position based on how they influence their teams and produces wins. You look at it as 1 on 1 streetball.

  • jm95054

    oh btw, if they were voting for the All Stars now, would you even doubt that J Lin wouldnt be on that roster? If he keeps the Knicks winning, I’m 100% sure he is in.

  • Derek

    Lets see what happens when Melo and Amare S come back and start dominating the ball. The Knicks will fall like rocks once their over payed and over-rated ball hogs return.