The NBA’s Best 3-Point Shooting Team Unrepresented in Shootout

The NBA announced the participants in the 3-point shootout, which will take place Feb. 25 in Orlando. The list seems to be drawing a bit of criticism, but I don’t find it too terrible. Certainly, some guys were left off. Brandon Rush probably deserves a spot, though I’d rather see near-winner Stephen Curry take a crack at it. But the lineup should be pretty entertaining.

Here are the special six …

Ryan Anderson, Orlando 

2011-12 stats: 80-for-190 (42.1%)

Orlando has to have a representative, right? Plus, as a Bay Area guy, it’s good to see a local guy get some spotlight.


Mario Chalmers, Miami

2011-12 stats: 57-for-123 (46.3%)

Anything connected to the Heat is good for the NBA.


Joe Johnson, Atlanta

53-for-149 (35.6%)

OK, this one I can’t defend. Is the NBA really that cash-strapped that they had to get a guy already coming?


James Jones, Miami

19-for-47 (40.4%)

He deserves the right to defend his title. Of course, his presence kind of negates the need for Chalmers.


Anthony Morrow, New Jersey

60-for-143 (42%)

He should have been in it and my pick to win in a landslide


Kevin Love, Minnesota

44-for-122 (36.1%)

Nice novelty – a big man in the 3-point shootout. He doesn’t have the numbers, but I’m interested.

Marcus Thompson

  • Dn8

    Marcus, you mean the nba is paying for the contestants trip to the ASG? If thats the case, tell stern to take joe johnson off the list and ill personally sponsor our own klay thompson to the ASG 3pt contest. Thats right, all expenses paid, whatever it takes to get the dubs represented g-dang it.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Poor choices in Love and Johnson! Plug in Curry and Daequan Cook instead.

  • NYC Fan

    Does it bother anyone else that biedrins lacks confidence so much that when he sets a pick he opens/turns away from the ballhandler so there is no possibillity of receiving a pass off the pick!?!? That’s basketball101 that you learn in elementary school basketball camp. Open to the passer so you can take a pass. He’s been just a tall body all season.

    MT2…please ask Mark Jackson or beans about that. For all of the motivator player friendly coach Jackson claims to be, he really has done nothing for beans. He’s low energy bad fundamentals on both ends. Why not play Tyler?

  • Tay

    They weren’t hitting many threes tonight

  • Niners in 2012

    Warriors get snubbed by the NBA every year come All-Star time.

  • Yoda

    So the Warriors don’t get to play in a meaningless carnival sideshow. Seriously, who cares? The only part of all of this that means anything is that they are still so irrelevant as a basketball team that they can’t get any “respect” from the League. Since the League is all about hype, isn’t that just the obvious result when you’ve sucked so long?

    Fix the basketball team and stuff like this will follow.

  • Grey Warden

    I’m glad Morrow finally got in this time. I expect him to OWN this 3 point contest.

  • Nigel Tufnel

    Kevin Love and Joe Johnson, wow, that is completely f-ed up. Once again Stern and the NBA do whatever the hell they want to try to pump up potential stars and ignore reality.