Stephen Curry Will Defend His Title in the Skills Challenge

The Warriors will be represented at All-Star Weekend. Stephen Curry will defend his title in the Skills Challenge on All-Star Saturday.

Golden State was close to being shut out. Guard Monta Ellis was not named a reserve. Neither of the Warriors top-notch shooters — Brandon Rush (who leads the NBA in 3-point percentage), Klay Thompson and Curry — were selected for the 3-point shootout. Warriors undrafted rookie Chris Wright, who has incredible hops, was not invited to participate in the dunk contest.

And both Thompson and Ekpe Udoh were left out of the Rookie-Sophomore game — even though the NBA reportedly added two players to the Rookie-Sophomore game on Thursday (New York’s Jeremy Lin and Miami’s Norris Cole).

Lin was selected to participate in the skills challenge. So if Curry loses to Lin in the challenge, will that start the Curry-for-Lin trade rumors?

Marcus Thompson

  • PhillyJ

    I would rather have the Monta-for-Lin trade. Move Curry to SG.

  • Thesickone

    I hope you’re joking..Lin for Monta..really? Wow. I’m happy for Lin’s success. He’s an extremely hard working and humble person but talent wise doesn’t compare to Monta nor Steph. He fell into a perfect situation for himself and that’s great. But to trade one of the NBA’s most dynamic scorers for someone with 2 weeks of success is a bit ridiculous.

  • Dave

    Lin in untouchable now. He is like a god in NY.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Thank goodness Steph got invited!
    Now, we need David Lee to continue playing at an all-star level and Monta back to being Mr. Consistent 20/6/4, so that we could entice Washington into a Lee, Monta, Biedrins for JaVale McGee, Rashard Lewis and their first round pick deal.

  • PhillyJ

    No joke at all. I would trade Monta for Lin + someone to match salaries.

    Monta stops the flow of the game with his one-on-five shooting. He only looks to shoot and pass as a very last resort. We cant win with that, we need to get the big men involved somehow. Jump shooting teams always fail.

  • Zume

    I would trade Monta for Lin

  • Zume

    But we actually really, really need a center so I would trade Monta for a center – Kaman, Gasol (either one), Gortat

  • Zume

    Kawakami says it well on his site –

    “If and when we can siphon out the politics, the prejudices, the agendas and the money, sports competition is pure, which is why we love it. And what Lin is doing is the purest form of all that.

    Players play. The best ones win, whoever they are. Lin is winning.”

    Who is a winner on the Warriors – Lee and maybe Curry but not Monta, he is failing us at the end of games.

  • Zume

    “If and when we can siphon out the politics, the prejudices, the agendas and the money, sports competition is pure, which is why we love it. And what Lin is doing is the purest form of all that.

    Players play. The best ones win, whoever they are. Lin is winning.”
    – Kawakami quote

  • Zume

    Lin is winning because he makes good decisions at the end of the game to either pass or shoot. He is smart with the ball when it counts. Is Monta doing that – winning games? I would trade strait up but NY would not.

  • Gav

    If you call the Knicks and Offer Monta for Lin, they would laugh at your face. Lin led them to 7 wins and whole team is following him. MOnta has never led the Warriors to even 5 straight wins and has trouble getting a dog to follow him.

  • Common guys monta doe’s not have the supporting cast that lin has in new york. Warriors have no good big men to help monta, lin has chandler and others who actually rebound and help to make him a success. It’s really unfair to debate unless you see monta in a situation with a serviceable big man to rebound and run the pick and roll with.

  • Former season ticket holder

    I would rather have had Lin and Klay and traded away Steph and Monte. Steph have good value in a trade and should be able to get back a decent big man. With Lin attacking the basket all the time, Klay should get a ton of looks.

  • Jay

    “Who is a winner on the Warriors – Lee and maybe Curry but not Monta, he is failing us at the end of games.”

    Dunno when the last time either Lee or Curry stepped up at the end of a game, so I wouldn’t even classify these guys as winners either.

  • John Starks

    OMFG I hope Curry comes in higher than Lin. As if the Warriors don’t look bad enough already, they would seriously never hear the end of it if Lin beats Curry.

  • JM95054

    Curry will not come higher than Lin. A good PG breaks down the other team by going to the hoop. Curry is no different then many other European bball players. Very good shooter but none of them got the toughness to get to the rim. You have to be able to get to the rim as a guard in the NBA. Look what Shumpert did to Calderon the other nite. Curry doesnt have that quickness. Curry is a tweener imo. He is best used like JJ Reddick is being used.

    Lin with all his wild plays have proven he will drive on you and you saw how many easy dunks they had the other day against Sac. He made Sac looked like a Dleague team.

  • JM95054

    JLin will transform the NBA back to the old days of team bball. There are other teams doing it like the Knicks and Mavs already but JLin’s hype is bringing so much attention to team bball and it’s in NY. Look at how much slack Melo is taking right now. The days of the ball hogging superstar is over…very soon.

  • DW

    Can we have an article without J-Lin being squeezed into? I’m sick of this kid.

  • Nigel Tufnel

    Now watch Curry blow out his ankle in the Skills Challenge. Wouldn’t that be so Warriors?

  • natty nate

    Lin would not succeed with the warriors roster (chris paul would even have a tough time) – the problem is not at point, although truly we dont have a good one (monta is not and curry is overrated) – if we had amare and tyson (or even one of them) and if curry would play consistently like a point guard, we might have a chance – so keep trying to get a good big man or two and trade monta if we have to, say bye bye to AB, etc etc – whatever it takes to get some bigs

  • robert rowell

    wait, i seem to remember the W’s having some Asian kid on the team last year. what ever happened to him anyway? probably bagging groceries or something, i’d imagine.

    let’s get Tropical.

  • Young

    @JM95054 Says:”JLin will transform the NBA…”

    I guess this statement has some validity in that it is a copy cat league. But c’mon man…

    Can’t we just wait 1 month and see how much game the kid has?

    Best case scenario he has all this game, he still needs a championship before his style of play, which is Dantoni open offense steve nash ball, is validated. Critics only like you when you are winning. Otherwise you are blamed for everything, especially in NY. Please dont litter up these message boards blaming Dantoni, or Amare or Melo or the media when the Knicks get criticized. In every sport, you win a ring or you havent done anything….Unless you think he’ll be winning it all this year?

  • Dave

    Keith Dumb happens.

  • Dave

    Lin with 8 turnovers at the half.

    “Lin stripped and another turnover…and the Hornets back up by double digits.”


  • JM95054


    It’s no longer Lin’s play. It’s the HYPE. The hype is out of control. That’s why I think the league will shift back to the old days. I listened to NY radio this week and a guy like Melo is taking all kinds of heat right now.

  • Young

    I hear you man, I honestly do. But his game is really Steve Nash ball (high penetration, turnovers and assists. Up tempo, many possessions, open offense, early offense..etc). So we have seen this show before and its nvr really produced anything (championship). Until it does produce something new (championship) then there is no reason to believe it will yield new results…(note the definition of insanity)

  • Young

    The only reason Melo is taking heat is because the Knicks sucked before Lin took over. Please remember the NY media wanted Dantoni’s head on a platter before Lin saved his job. Now people are giving Dantoni’s system the nod of approval again, because he has what he said all along his system needs, a point guard. Melo is taking heat for the Knicks loosing with him and winning without him. Melo is not selfish though, so there point wont go far. Dantoni’s system just needed someone to play the point, push / penetrate / kick. They have that now and it will look like the suns. Especially bc amare is still the 4. He doesnt defend, thats why they want to trade him out of NY. The whole thing is a mess. Only chance they have is trading Amare and Lin stopping the turnovers or it the Phoenix East and Dantoni knows this…

  • Gav

    Thompson will work very well with Curry as both guys see the court extremely well. You don’t need to be 1 on 5 quick when you can see things before they develop !

    I look forward to when Curry and Klay man the perimeter, pick and roll to Lee and when they get a nice Big at center, look out.

    It’s really not that complicated right now, people want to know why I am fixating on Monta. BECAUSE HIS BLACK HOLE PLAY IS DRAGGING THE WHOLE TEAM DOWN.! You don’t belive me, TIVO a game and watch what Curry does when Monta is in the game with him, Monta plays like he only has 1 or 2 other teammates on the floor. Yes with Biedrins that is sometimes true., I digress.

  • JM95054


    The Mavs and Celtics won championships playing team ball but there was no hype there. There was no focus there like there is one in NY now. They saw them losing with 2 superstars and won with a bunch of rag tag 2nd stringers playing selfless ball. If you noticed, there is all kinds of media and social media attention highlighting that now. That is why Melo is taking heat. So long as the Knicks continue to win and I believe they will. Their worst game last nite they lost by a few points. The 2nd stringers were not making shots like they have been.

  • Young

    I dont understand why you reference the mavs and Boston? Neither play a Dantoni offense. Every team that wins a championship played team ball.

  • PhillyJ

    Yes, definitely trade Monta for JLin.