Monta Ellis’ Game-Winner Lifts Warriors Over Suns 106-104; Warriors Enter All-Star Break Having Won 5 of 8

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PHOENIX — As usual, the ball was in the hands of Monta Ellis with the game on the line. But this time, Ellis was matched up against his nemesis, Phoenix small forward Grant Hill.

Ellis dribbled hard down the right side of the lane, pivoted away from the basket and pulled up for a turn-around fade-away over Hill. Nailed it.

Ellis’ game-winner lifted Golden State to a 106-104 win at Phoenix, saving the Warriors from another heart-breaking defeat as they blew a 21-point lead.  Ellis’ game-winner, the most timely of several clutch baskets late, was the highlight of the night. But  the Warriors won the game thanks to defense, grit and a stubborn refusal to lose.

Down the stretch, the Warriors were without point guard Stephen Curry, who left the game after playing just 10 minutes thanks to a right foot injury. They also didn’t have big man Ekpe Udoh, who banged his left knee again and was limited enough for coach Mark Jackson to keep him on the bench.

Still, the Warriors  hung on. Even after their lead dwindled to nine, to five, to two, and eventually to a 98-96 deficit, the Warriors hung on.

“If I had to design a win,“ Jackson said, “I would have designed it this way. Itw as much better for our future to grind out a win. … We buckled and were disciplined enough on both sides of the basketball to come out of here with a win. It was a great victory, absolutely a great victory.”

The Warriors led 59-45 at the half. They were dominated by the Suns’ frontcourt in the third quarter — Hill, Channing Frye and Marcin Gortat combined for 27 points — and the Warriors’ lead was dwindled to 83-79 entering the fourth quarter.

The game was tied at 100 with just over two minutes left. Ellis put the Warriors up by two with a 21-footer. Nate Robinson came up with a steal and drew a foul. His free throws put the Warriors up 104-100.

But a Frye putback dunk, followed by a Warriors turnover and a driving layup by Hill, had the game tied again at 104 with 11.9 seconds left. It appeared as if Golden State was on its way to losing yet another close game. But Ellis broke that cycle.

The Warriors (13-17) not only snapped a 13-game losing streak in Phoenix, but they head into the All-Star break with back-to-back victories. Golden State is still 3.5 games behind the eighth seed in the Western Conference. The Warriors return from the break with five straight on the road. Their next 20 games, 11 of which are on the road, are played over 32 days.

Still, after Ellis’s game-winner, the Warriors are feeling pretty good about themselves, having won five of their last eight.

“We played together as a team,” Ellis said. “My teammates, I give them full credit — catching the ball when I was passing it, setting great screens for me, getting me open shots and making big shots down the stretch and getting defensive stops on the other end.”

Ellis traditionally has a tough time against Phoenix, especially in U.S. Airways Center. Suns coach Alvin Gentry likes Hill on Ellis because Hills’ combination of size (6-foot-8), athleticism and smarts makes scoring difficult for Ellis.

In his last four games at Phoenix, Ellis averaged 13.3 points on 33.9 percent shooting.

With Hill all over him again, Wednesday proved to be a struggle at times for Ellis, who missed 13 of his 23 shots. But he scored eight points in the fourth quarter and came through when it mattered most.

“He needed that,” Jackson said, “and we needed that.”

* Curry left the game late in the first quarter after injuring his right foot on a drive to the basket. He said he felt sharp pain on the inside-bottom of his foot. X-rays were negative, but tests showed Curry sprained a tendon in his foot known as the posterior tibialis. It is the tendon that attaches the calf muscle to the bone inside the foot.

Curry tried to come back in for the final 18 seconds of the first half. But he could barely move and told Jackson he couldn’t go.

Curry said he’s going to rest and get treatment. He said he hasn’t made a decision yet on whether he will participate in the Skills Challenge on Saturday as part of All-Star Weekend.

He wasn’t the only hobbled Warrior. Udoh banged his left knee again. He sat out the rest of the first half and received treatment at half time. Udoh was able to play in the second half, but was limited to 12 minutes of action.

* Jackson decided to stick with center Andris Biedrins as the starting center despite the emergence of Udoh. Jackson said he likes Biedrins’ post defense and the way he defends the pick-and-roll. He said he also likes Biedrins’ size. But Jackson went small down the stretch, opting not to play Biedrins against the Suns’ frontline.

Biedrins finished with two points, three rebounds and a block in 18 minutes.

“ I think it’s the smart thing to do,” Jackson said. “Ekpe has certainly made a case to start with his play as of late. That would be the easy decision to make. But he gives us a post presence with that second unit. If he plays the way he’s been playing, it won’t matter whether he starts or not. He’s going to play a heck of a lot.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Grey Warden

    The longer we keep Curry and don’t trade him, the worse his trade value is going to get. He is proving to be as fragile as it gets with regards to his ankles and feet. Keep asking to trade Ellis and keeping Curry is a recipe for disaster. What’s going to happen if you trade Ellis, give Curry a fat contract, and he ends up getting injured repeatedly? You’ll have a backup starting as PG, with no offense other than Lee, and another season down the drain.

  • Derek

    Curry is the trade bait not Monta. Curry never hits the last minute shot nor does he seem to want it.

    Monta may not always hit them, however he’s always game. The guy is durable, fast and can score on anybody. Curry is slow fragile and abit timid. Don’t get me wrong, Curry seems to be a great guy but not as good of a basketball player as Monta.

  • Dave

    Monta and Lee are keepers.

  • Dave

    What’s going to happen if you trade Ellis, give Curry a fat contract, and he ends up getting injured repeatedly?


  • Stan

    Your ALL wrong-Joe and Mark think Curry and Ellis are god’s gift..they passed on every trade offer because those TWO are (one day) all star HOF players.They are sure of it
    Its more of that Cohan dark cloud. When the Warriors trade-they always made sure the other team got the better deal. Now,they have(maybe) better then average players and think of them as priceless..both of that thinking makes for a run of the mill team. No playoffs.
    Its been no secret those two are no good without a big man..but Lacob let a true point guard-that Lin guy- heard of him? just walk away because of sticking to Cohan thinking (As personified by Riley the perpetual loser GM)..over valueing what he has. From Beidrens to Curry..all should have been moved. Lin with assists to Ellis with Howard at center..THAT WAS POSSIBLE!..but Lacob kept his loser GM,and of course did his usual loser mistakes on the amnesty and Bell,etc.
    Would Lacob buy a resturant thats losing money because the Chef’s food stank…and KEEP that Chef?. Yes, he would. Apparently.

  • Stan

    Yep,my advise to Joe..jettison Riley before he does teach Meyers how to be a loser GM. Enough of Warrior tradition.

  • snarkk

    Just another game closer to losing the #1 pick…

  • Playoffbound

    Curry’s injuries are concerning. It will just be a matter of time before his agent demands that he is paid like a top point guard. Warriors will have some decisions to make. I hope that Curry’s ankles heals because if it doesn’t, then the Warriors are in trouble…

    Not to cry over spilled milk, but had the warriors kept Lin…

    Finally, great ROAD win.

  • moreaufan2

    We trade him now while we have a chance to get a nice player in return that can help us get to the playoffs and start to compete for a championship. if we give Klay more minutes he will score more as well, and he can drive also. Lets get a true center who can score and defend.

  • moreaufan2

    Curry is a great player and I wish we could keep him, but honestly we have to move him now. But the question is where can we send him and actually get a top player in reutrn. sorry but I know Dwight is not coming here, and niether is Deron Williams, So we have to find something else, and id we were to get dwight he isnt going to stay he would play out year upswt that he came to losing team, and quickly leave because we are a small market team. We just have to find a good player who can fit what we need and who wants to be here. We did a god job getting Brandon Rush, he is a keeper as well