Warriors PG Stephen Curry Skipping Orlando to Rest His Ailing Right Foot

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry won’t be headed to Orlando. He is skipping the All-Star Weekend festivities, including Saturday’s Skills Challenge, to rest his ailing right foot, which he injured in Wednesday’a win at Phoenix.

Young said the decision was much more precautionary and the strained tendon in his foot has nothing to do with the right ankle that’s already cost Curry nine games.

“Doctors told him he needs to stay off it as much as possible,” Young said in a phone interview Thursday. “He feels like it will be fine in three or four days. He’s very optimistic he will play in Indianapolis.”

Golden State’s next game is Tuesday at Indiana. The Warriors (13-17) won’t reconvene until Monday evening’s practice. The plan is for Curry, officially listed as day-to-day, to take advantage of all that time to get his foot right.

Curry won’t just be missing the Skills Challenge, for which he is the defending champ. He had a full slate at All-Star Weekend — appearances, media interviews, league events. He was set to play in a celebrity golf tournament put on by TNT and was going to do work for NBA cares.

So just going to Orlando, even without participating in the Skills Challenge, would mean stress on his foot. Thatattending tee attending his brother Seth’s game tonight in Tallahassee, Fla., as Duke visits Florida State, Curry will return to Charlotte for rest and rehabilitation. 

Young said Curry will visit with his team of foot and ankle specialists who he’s been working with on his right ankle issues.

Curry said he was relieved it wasn’t his ankle, though the pain “felt like someone stabbing him in his foot.” It was officially dubbed a strained posterior tibialis, which is the tendon that connects the calf and the foot.

Curry sustained the injury at the 2:29 mark of the first quarter. He said he felt the pain – “It was something I’ve never felt before” – on the push-off as he went up for a layup. He tried to come back. But he could hardly move playing the final 18 seconds of the half.

“I tried to make a cut, but it didn’t respond they way I thought it would,” Curry said after the game. “Coach (Mark Jackson) made the decision in the second half just to let it rest.”

Marcus Thompson

  • forepj

    Who is Young?

  • snarkk

    Curry is scary fragile. No way you can shape a team’s future around a guy like this…

  • Dave

    Is it the shoes?

  • TwoBuckChuck

    Stef Curry is a great player — but the way its going it looks like he’s too soft to play pro basketball…

    I’ve seen less lower body strains in a two months span of YMCA 50 and over basketball.

    Nate Robinson needs to tell him to eat his freakn spinach and toughen up.

  • Playoffbound

    Marcus or anyone that knows,

    Quick question:

    When Curry’s rookie contract is over and he’s due for an extension, how much money do you think he’s worth? Or what will be the market value for him?

  • Mizza

    5.Playoffbound Says:
    February 23rd, 2012 at 3:10 pm
    Marcus or anyone that knows,

    Quick question:

    When Curry’s rookie contract is over and he’s due for an extension, how much money do you think he’s worth? Or what will be the market value for him?


    way way too early to tell.

    If Curry comes back next year and has an injury free season, it will be reasonable to explain the injuries away. Someone could easily say that Curry sprained his ankle badly his 2nd year, and never gave it enough time to heal that year, and so he continued to sprain it. During the offseason he had surgery, and again, came back too early. This caused him to favor it; leading him injuring other parts of that foot. If he rests this offseason, and doesn’t injure his foot/ankle in the next year or two, his injury concerns will likely be dismissed.

    If, however, he continues to sprain his ankle on a regular basis, I can’t imagine his value would be more then 6-7 mil.

    I’m hoping that my first explaination is what is going on, but gotta say that I’m starting to doubt it.

  • Thunder’s Ghost

    ^ ^ ^ ^
    Only Stef’s frail, brittle body can answer that…

  • Itanium


    Young is Lance Young, Curry’s agent.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    I’m worried about Curry’s long-term health as well and think we should look to move him. If we’re so intent on Dwight Howard, here might be an option:

    Trade Curry, Udoh, Lee and Biedrins to Orlando for Howard and Big Baby (can’t be traded until March 1). Orlando does it to get what they hope is a future all-star PG in Curry, an Eastern Conference all-star in David Lee, a defensive-minded young PF/C in Udoh and someone they can call a center (kinda) in Biedrins. Biedrins and Big Baby are basically throw-ins and included only so Orlando has a center and we have a PF.

    If we really want Howard to seriously consider staying, we trade Monta and DWright to Jersey for Deron Williams. That way, at least the Nets get something in return for DWill, who will opt out this summer, undoubetdly.

    Our starting line-up for the duration of this year:
    PG – Deron Williams
    SG – Brandon Rush
    SF – Klay Thompson
    PF – Glen Davis
    C – Dwight Howard

    If Howard and Williams decide to stay, we’re a contender for years to come.

    If they decide to go, we’ve got Klay Thompson, Jeremy Tyler, Charles Jenkins and Big Baby on next year’s roster (hopefully re-signing Dominic McGuire and Kwame Brown as important defensive back-ups and Brandon Rush as a well-rounded wing as well) and a boatload of cash to start over however we choose. Either way, it’s better than being stuck in the never-good enough to make the playoffs and rarely bad enough to get a really high lottery pick quagmire because we’ve committed too much money to non-complementary players that is known as Golden State.

  • Jay

    I like that trade idea Harp’s Dub.

    Young is Curry’s agent.

  • Stan

    Mark Kreidler on 95.7 talking about David Lee’s importance as a Warrior big man. Then in talking abbout his game “The only..uh..dent..in his armor”…
    Lee/Lin…Kreidler,almost a victim of Linsanity.

  • moreaufan2

    If we dont make a trade or something to improve ths team, then we need to fire Larry Riley, and Coach Jackson. but we have to keep Monta! Thats must happen or were in trouble, we have to keep a guy who can penetrate and get to the basket, draw fouls

  • moreaufan2

    Curry has some of the slowest feet I have ever seen for a PG. He needs to do some jump rope or something, drills to work on foot speed, boxing in the off season or soemthing. People have to remember who his dad was, a spot up shooter, and thats what he does. His younger brother might be better than him as time goes on, he can do a little more with the ball, not much more, but a little, and I think he has more range than Stef. Sthf also needs to do some track work, he is not very fast either.

  • moreaufan2

    Curry has a hard time guard other PG’s in the league night in and night out!

  • Stan

    Curry puts more effort into his pregame dances then he does into building his body..and that looks like no effort. Like all the Warriors,he’s in the wrong system. Whatever game is best for you,GS wants you to play another.
    Lacob doesnt see that? The man who takes GM advice from the man who built this monument to BELOW mediocrity system,wonders why we are bad now two years running under him.
    I knew when an “entertainment group” wrestled control over a winner like Oracle’s Ellison,Cohan sold with a big middle finger to the bay area.
    Maybe Gruber can choreograph Curry’s dance moves.Improve something in the Org.

  • JM95054

    You can’t teach speed. You either have it or you dont. Al Davis sucked but at least he knew that much. Curry is a slow poke JJ Reddick. He’s no better than Steve Novak. Get a PG to create for him to spot up and we may have a winning formula.

  • Larry R.

    What is the Matrix? That is the question I have been getting.

  • Larry R.

    Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.

  • moreaufan2

    Curry is not a starter, he should be a 3 point specialist coming off the bench! He put up tons of points in college but that doesnt always mean ur a great NBA player and starter. He should be a 6th man that comes in and knocks down jumpers. Monta is our PG, Bottom line! If we put the ball in his hand and ask him to facilitate first then score. i am sure he will do that, but he has been asked to score alot of points instead without facilitating.

  • rotfogel

    blow up the team!!!!!! Now that it’s all star break it’s time to blow up the Ws from top to bottom. Let’s suck for a year or two and eat our medicine so we can get better. right now we’re like a bunch of alcoholics not wanting to sober up!

  • Harp’s Dubs

    If we’re not going after Howard, we must blow this team up now. Good quotes from Rich Cho, currently in Charlotte, formerly in OKC about having a plan, sticking with it, i.e. suck, get high draft picks, deal with sucking, get more high draft picks, suck one more year, get high draft pick while building yourself a deep, athletic, young team.

    If we can wrestle draft picks from any of the NBA’s worst by dealing our guys (and shedding salary), we should do it. New Orleans, you still want Curry to pair with Eric Gordon? Give us your draft pick, but take Biedrins and give us Kaman’s expiring contract as well.
    Washington, you want a scorer to go alongside John Wall? Give us your next year’s draft pick. You need an established big man who can be an Eastern Conference all-star? We’ll give you David Lee. Lee and Monta will rid you of Rashard Lewis. But we’ll need JaVale McGee to go along with that.

    We need to be bold and creative, while acquiring picks and young talent. The two moves I’ve listed net us the Hornets’ pick this year, ensures we’ll keep our own top-7 protected pick (because we’ll suck), sheds the salaries of Lee, Biedrins and Ellis, and adds a promising young center in McGee to a core of Udoh, Rush, Thompson, Tyler, Jenkins. Yes, we’d have to have Rashard Lewis on the team, but his monstrous deal expires after next season.

  • Stan

    Bold? Lacob promised bold when he took over didnt he? He boldly gave away the teams best point guard. He meekly kept Riley and last year Smart and Rowell. He hired Jerry West and took his advice like he was Jerry Lewis.
    And since he overpaid for the team-he’s hung up on overvaluing the teams modest talents.
    I got to look into buying other companys like Lacob..it must hard to go wrong if his type of vision works at that.

  • Stan

    No mention of Run TMC at the all star event? I just saw some of it..Richmond is in about a great a shape as me..now neither of us can dunk. Well,I never could-lol.

  • Mal

    No need to blow up this team … Trade Curry & Biedrens to New Orleans for Kaman and try to resign him. We play better when Curry is out or a non factor anyway; let Monta distribute and start Klay at the SG. All we really need to compete for the playoffs is a consistent big man who can rebound and score a little bit and take pressure off DLee …. We can build around Ellis, Lee, Udoh & young Klay. You can’t jump to elite status in one year, but this will take in the right direction. Next year resign Kwame and get another piece in the draft. Let’s be sensible here … The W’s have a legit shot this year, but we need a center!!!