Stephen Curry’s MRI Results Has Him “Hopeful” He Can Play Tuesday

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry got the results back Sunday from the MRI on his right foot. He said he has a sprained right deltoid ligament.

“I’m hopeful I can play Tuesday,” Curry said. “It feels better. Rehab is going well. Just have to see how it responds the next couple of days. I’m confident I won’t miss won’t miss much time, if any.”

Curry sustained the injury at the 2:29 mark of the first quarter in Wednesday’s win at Phoenix. He said he felt the pain as he attempted a layup. He tried to return to action, but he could hardly move playing the final 18 seconds of the half.

During the All-Star Break, Curry went to Charlotte to rehab his ankle. Saturday, instead of defending his title in the Skills Challenge, Curry was getting an MRI. The results revealed he’d injured his deltoid ligament, a thick band of ligaments that run on the inward side of the ankle. Warriors guard Monta Ellis sprained his left one in August 2008 on his infamous moped ride.

Curry said the MRI also revealed tendon sheath inflammation (swelling of the membrane around the tendon). The likely swollen tendon in this case is the posterior tibial, which attaches the calf and the foot and is in the same area of the deltoid. The initial diagnosis after the game was a strained posterior tibialis.

“I tried to make a cut, but it didn’t respond they way I thought it would,” Curry said after the game. “Coach (Mark Jackson) made the decision in the second half just to let it rest.”

Curry will join the team in Indiana for evening practice at IUPUI. Golden State plays at Indiana on Tuesday and at Atlanta on Wednesday.

Marcus Thompson

  • Harp’s Dubs

    If the Bobcats didn’t already have two point guards in Augustin and Walker, they’d be a perfect trade partner, with us getting their first rounder in return for their hometown hero, Steph Curry.

  • Niners in 2012

    Charlotte would trade anything and anybody for Stephen Curry. They’d sell out every night.

  • Joe Barely Cares

    Really, Niners?….anybody? How about Curry stright up for Bismack Byombo? The numbers work, but I don’t think they’d take that one.

  • Young

    My guess is the Warriors aren’t going to trade steph now. They sent Jeremy Tyler to the D-League today so they are thinking playoff push not acquire & develop young talent.

    I’m guessing…

  • Yoda

    They should sit Steph out for at least a month to truly heal, trade Monta for a bag of Cheetos to anyone who will take Biedrins with him, and start over.