Marcus Thompson

  • rockridge


    2.) TANK IT
    a. Trade Monta for expiring contract
    b. Sit Curry down for the rest of the season
    c. Give big mins to Udoh, Thompson, Jenkins, Tyler

    Won’t be pretty but we’ll get through it. We have the forth worst record in the West as it is — won’t be the huge slide many fans fear.

    Finally time to suck it up and let the bottom fall out, its the only way. We have to get worse to finally get better and completely wash our hands of Cohan Era one-dimensional players and decision making…

  • Gav

    The idiot Warriors kept Jenkins over Lin today. I saw Jenkins tonight, I don’t think he is even a NBA player. Are you serious right now?

  • Gav

    The guy we cut Lin for Charles Jenkins is not even NBA caliber player. Oh lord…..

  • wil


  • robert rowell

    yeah but what if espn called a spade a spade?

    let’s get Tropical.

  • marquee jackson

    What a mess of a team. The team feeling Management breathing down their necks. Big mistake firing Nelson. Now the Ws don;t have any offense, too many turnovers, incosistent coaching, shotty GM work, etc,etc…

    Should have given this team to Ellison. He would fired the whole damn team and just buy the damn league himself and clean up the BS that goes around. Ridiculous!!!

    Too many overpaid underachievers with the Dubs – Biedrins, Ellis, Curry, Lee. How the heck can you give Biedrins $9M per year – what the heck? This guy consistently gives you 40 / 0 / 0 / 5 (40 mins, 0 points/ 0 rebounds and 5 turnovers consistenly. The guy who gave Biedrins a contract and cut Jeremy Lin should be fired and banished!

  • Lin-ness

    I have been a Warriors fan since RunTMC days. This is by far my lowest point as a Warriors fan. Its very sad! Minnesota suck for the last few years. And now they have a better record then us. This long slum is getting very old and I am very sick of it.

    Yes! Fire Larry Riley

    Trade Monte or Curry

    Give JLin a fat contract to come back to the dubs. Tired of seeing all the excitements in NY.

  • rotfogel

    Tank the season!!!!!!!

  • Snore

    Oh wow look the panic brigade is out trolling again screaming Tank the season. As a real fan its unacceptable to watch your team purposefully play terrible for some one and done who’s probably overrated. There are too many teams worse than warriors to secure a draft pick, our guys have to much heart until you trade or waive them and they’ll surely make another team better. Hows all that young talent in Washington doing, oh right yeah they’re developing real nicely. Plus Riley,Myers, and co did such a bad job drafting and acquiring free agent why would you let them do it again with LESS talent?!