Stephen Curry Out; Charles Jenkins In

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry tried out his injured right foot before the game. By the end of his workout, he was on board with the popular decision for him to rest.

CURRY: “I agreed after I tried and couldn’t do it.”

So Curry, who sprained the deltoid ligament in his right foot last Wednesday at Phoenix, is out for tonight’s road trip opener at Indiana. Coach Mark Jackson, who called Curry a long shot after Curry didn’t participate in the morning shootaround, tabbed Charles Jenkins to start. Jenkins was the starter when Curry missed eight straight games earlier this season.

Curry said doctors told him he would be out a week. So Thursday is the day they recommended he return. Curry would have played Wednesday (or at least lobbied Jackson to let him play) had the pregame workout gone well. But Curry said he has one more hurdle to clear – the plant and pivot.

The consensus is he won’t play until he’s fully recovered.

MARK JACKSON: “It’s the right thing to do. You’ve got to use wisdom and make sure he’s 100 percent healthy.”


Marcus Thompson

  • Gav

    Lets see how good this guy is, the guy Riley and Meyers kept over Lin. Maybe he will go 25 points and 9 assists per game and Warriors go 9-3 next 12!

  • Sleepy Freud

    Whimpy!!! Trade his butt!

  • Young

    Crap..early game (4pm), couldn’t wait to watch after a long break, and this guy is STILL injured… :-/

  • Jet_BlackBeard

    Playing him tonight would have been dumb. Why risk your franchise player’s long-term health for a meaningless game? I wouldn’t mind if they shut him down for the rest of the season. It’s not like they’re making the play-offs anyway.

  • Gav

    They kept Jenkins over Lin, This guy must be as good or better than Lin! Go Jenkins!

  • Gav

    Uh guess Jenkins is not Lin… In fact he doesn’t look like he belongs in the NBA. And this is the guy the retarded Warrior management kept over Lin?


  • PhillyJ

    pathetic team.

  • Niners in 2012

    I don’t understand MJackson. He plays Nate Robinson at PG but refuses to put Monta there with Klay or Rush at SG. Why not? Oh well, let the losses pile up, it’s for the best.