What Are Your Keys to the Warriors’ Second Half of the Season?

The Warriors are set to kick off the second half of the season tonight. Many a Warrior fans think the Warriors should tank the season and finish in the bottom seven, keeping their first round pick. But how many are eyeing a post-season berth considering the Warriors are just three games back with 36 to play?

Presuming the latter, that you want the Warriors to make a charge for the playoffs, what do they need to do to get it done? Here are my keys. But I’m much more interested in yours.

Dominate at home: Golden State only has 15 games left at Oracle Arena. Considering the second half is road heavy, home contests are that much more valuable. Playing .500 ball at home – as the Warriors did in the first half (9-9) – is not acceptable. They’ll need a good 12-3 or 13-2 run to close out at home.

Get better down the stretch: This largely falls on coach Mark Jackson. Golden State routinely does what it takes to not pull out close games. The fact that it’s usually a different reason perhaps implies a need for a shift in a approach may be needed. But Jackson said the Warriors’ close-game shortcomings are a sign they’re right there, they just need to stick at it. Certainly, the big win at Phoenix on Wednesday suggests he could be right.

Stay healthy: Losing center Kwame Brown is a blow the Warriors’ still feel. Now, point guard Stephen Curry is hobbled again. Playing from behind, Golden State cannot afford injuries. However, their schedule will all but promote injuries. With very few off days and plenty nights on the road, Jackson and his staff are going to have be creative balancing minutes and nursing injuries while still going hard to the finish line.

Your turn.

Marcus Thompson

  • Young

    1. Jackson (Malone) needs to call better plays offensively and defensively to close games.

    2. Jackson to play Mcguire on the other teams best offensive player for long stretches.

    3. Jackson needs to teach curry that all good points guards average at least 8 assists per game. He averages 6, this is jacksons biggest disappointment in my book.

    4. Offense should run through lee more. Tell Ellis to stop hogging.

    5. Edoh needs to continue perform well

    6. If D wright doesnt improve, sit him

    They will get at least the 8th seed… Yes I said AT LEAST!

  • Niners in 2012

    Forget about making the playoffs this year. Do what Jerry West wants, find a way to keep the pick. Trade Monta, this will help keep the pick. He’s a few months away from demanding an extension which will lower his trade value dramtically. Find a taker for DWright, he’s not the answer at small forward, but plenty of other teams could use a 3PT shooting. Buy out Andris Biedrins, end this chapter in Warrior hell, please!

  • J Canseco

    Trade Monta for anyone over 6’10” who has even basic/rudimentary post moves.

  • deano

    The relevant second half does not begin until after the trade deadline, on the Ides of March. After that, more playing time should be given to the players acquired this season whom GSW wants to have on the roster next year. Likely units for next season should be identified and played together. In other words, the usual GSW agenda for March-April.

  • Stan

    Kick that spoiled POS Beidrens in the ass. Until I see tears-I say for the Warriors to continue to act as if they are grateful to HIM is more loser thinking that permeates like a stench all through the Org.

    And hearing Papa diss Lin? Isn’t Papa the man who said that the 400 pound Brontosaurus Russell was the best rookie QB he ever saw? I think it was.

  • 1) Learn the defense, close out the year as the defensive team Jackson wanted, but wasn’t able to start with in practice

    2) Trade Monta. I love Monta, but with Klay there, if the Warriors have a chance of getting Josh Smith, Granger, or even Derrick Williams and a non-lottery #1, they have to go for it. Get better balance and overall size for the team, as well as clear up money, especially with Andris here for another couple of years.

    3) Learn to Win – W’s teams of the last 5 years have been fairly competitive but broken down at the end of games.

  • commish

    I am in with Niners In 2012. You’d have to be smoking some strong stuff to even think the Warriors can make the playoffs. This is my tweet and I am sticking with it.

  • Stan

    Tonight- more evidence this is a el-stinko team,going nowhere.

  • PhillyJ

    blow this team up. everyone has to go.

  • rockridge


    2.) TANK IT
    a. Trade Monta for expiring contract
    b. Sit Curry down for the rest of the season
    c. Give big mins to Udoh, Thompson, Jenkins, Tyler

    Won’t be pretty but we’ll get through it. We have the forth worst record in the West as it is — won’t be the huge slide many fans fear.

    Finally time to suck it up and let the bottom fall out, its the only way. We have to get worse to finally get better and completely wash our hands of Cohan Era one-dimensional players and decision making…

  • oaktownlar

    It’s not keys to the second half of this season–it’s gone. We’re talking about the future. Curry’s future as the 1 needs to be evaluated: His sometimes passing brilliance needs to be nurtured—and his sometimes carelessness and apparent disinterest needs to be evaluated: Is this a chronic problem, or can it be fixed? Ditto with his ankle. If the answers to these questions are yes, then Lacob needs to sit down with him, indicate to him that this is his team, and back it up by trading Monta for a reliable post scorer (Lopez?), commit to going over the cap to continue to add talent (all five past Champs have been over the cap), and sign him to an extension right away. In a dominant 1/5 team, the Dubs have all the other pieces they need: Lee at 4, with Thompson, Rush, and even DWright more than adequate at the wings.

    If the answers to the PG questions above are no, then we got nothin’ and have to start all over again.

    My fear is that the new ownership is too mired in debt (that explains the Bell amnesty and refusal to go over the cap to give a Chandler or a Gasol the offer they can’t refuse) to demonstrate to potential FA’s that this is the place to be.