David Lee Finishes the Victory Dominic McGuire Inspired; Warriors win 85-82

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ATLANTA– Warriors forward David Lee converted the game-winning basket in the Warriors’ 85-82 win over the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday. Guard Monta Ellis had the standout numbers, as his 24 points and eight assists were both game-highs.

But the star of Golden State’s bounce-back win was forward Dominic McGuire. Starting in place of injured point guard Stephen Curry (sprained right foot), McGuire made a definitive impact on the game.

And he didn’t score a point.

His 15 rebounds, his season-high, helped Golden State win the battle of the boards (53-50). His defense helped hold Joe Johnson to 18 points on 17 shots with three turnovers. His willingness to roll up his sleeves and mix it up helped play with a gritty, urgent swagger they needed after getting embarrassed at Indiana on Tuesday.

“Dominic McGuire embodies everything we’ve preached about from Day 1,” Warriors coach Mark Jackson said. “I thought it was important to make a statement and start the guy who has done everything we’ve asked him to do. I knew exactly what I was going to get from him. Great defense, going after every rebound, and chasing down all the loose balls.”

The Warriors, who have won two of their last three road games, have snatched the back the positive vibes they squandered in Wednesday’s blowout loss to the host Pacers. And they did it with defense, contrary to their usual style.

Golden State held the Hawks to 33.7 percent shooting. That was not only the lowest opponent’s field goal percentage of the season, but the lowest since November 2006, when the Warriors held Utah to 32.5 percent.

Atlanta missed 21 of 28 field goals in the fourth quarter. It was a stark contrast to the field day the Pacers had the night before.

“That was great – especially after the debacle (Tuesday) night,” said Warriors forward Ekpe Udoh, who finished with 12 points, eight rebounds and three blocks. “We have to play like that if we want to be successful. We can’t take minutes and plays and games off if we’re going to get where we’re trying to go.”

Of course, the Warriors had to do it on that end because the offense wasn’t clicking. With Curry on the bench watching, held out with his sore right foot, the Warriors again struggled to get a rhythm offensively. Golden State shot 41 percent, missed 11 of 12 from 3-point range. Ellis and Lee took 48 of the Warriors’ 83 attempts. They missed 29.

But Lee made the biggest basket when Golden State needed it most. It was Warriors ball with the scored tied at 78 and just over a half a minute left. Everyone in Philips Arena expected Ellis to take the shot, but the play went to Lee. He drove down the right side of the paint and banked it in from close range over Hawks’ forward Josh Smith, putting the Warriors ahead 80-78 with 30.1 seconds left.

On the ensuing defensive possession, Atlanta guard Jeff Teague missed a runner and reserve forward Brandon Rush skied for the rebound, completing the timely defensive stop. Ellis and guard Nate Robinson combined to knock down five of six free throws to keep the Hawks at bay.

“We closed out and won when the game was there for the taking down the stretch,” Jackson said. “I was extremely proud of the way we bounced back tonight.”


* Multiple team sources said Golden State is not interested in trading Ellis to Orlando unless the trade would involve center Dwight Howard.

ESPN reported Wednesday that Orlando was interested in acquiring Ellis from the Warriors to to pair with Howard. Ellis has been mentioned by Howard as someone he would like to play alongside. But the Warriors’ sources said the team isn’t interested in any other players the Magic has to offer, especially not in exchange for Ellis.

Orlando could get a third team involved. But as one source said, “we’re not trading Monta unless we get something really good in return. It would probably have to be an All-Star or that caliber of a player.” The chances of Orlando finding a player from another team good enough for the Warriors to ship Ellis is extremely slim.

One of the sources said the teams are in on-going discussions and will likely be until the March 15 trade deadline. Golden State is trying to “stay in the game” in the Howard sweepstakes. But the Warriors’ interest is purely to acquire Howard, the sources said, and the feasibility of an Ellis trade to Orlando is remote at best without Howard involved.


* The play on which Lee made the game-winning shot might’ve looked familiar. It was the same play they tried to run at Memphis on Feb. 18.

Needing a basket, and with the Grizzlies overplaying Ellis, Jackson used Ellis as a decoy and went to Lee. But on his drive to the basket, Lee committed an offensive foul. Warriors lost.

So consider Wednesday a make-up.

“This time I pulled up short and shot a floater,” Lee said. “We talk about losing some games down the stretch and learning from it. And I learned from it. We ran the same play tonight and I was able to complete it.”


* McGuire is the only the second Warrior to grab 15 rebounds and go scoreless in the same game. He’s the first to do it in 38 years.

The other Warrior? Clyde Lee. He had 0 points and 20 rebounds on March 2, 1974.He also had 0 points and 16 rebounds on Dec. 26, 1972.

“If I’m out there long enough, I’m going to get rebounds,” McGuire said. “That’s guaranteed.”

The first 10 games Curry missed, Jackson started rookie guard Charles Jenkins at point. But Wednesday, he said he went with McGuire as a reward, moving Ellis to starting point guard.

“I thought it was important to make a statement and start the guy who has done everything we’ve asked him to do,” Jackson said. “I knew exactly what I was going to get from him. Great defense, going after every rebound, and chasing down all the loose balls.”


* Warriors point guard Stephen Curry, still hobbled by the sprained deltoid ligament in his right foot, sat out his second consecutive game. Most of it. During the timeout before Lee’s game-winning basket, Jackson called on Curry (who for the second consecutive game was in uniform though he was ruled out). Jackson wanted Curry to come in for McGuire and stand in the corner, using Curry’s shooting as a threat to keep the defense honest.

Curry snatched off his warm-ups and checked right in. He played 3.2 seconds.Jacksonloved the sacrifice.

“For him to throw all of his numbers and stats out the window,”Jackson said, “and say, ‘Coach, if you need me I can go’ – to come in to just stand in the corner – that was amazing. I’ve played with a lot of star players in my 17 years, and I know a lot of guys who would have said, ‘Don’t put me in and mess up my numbers.’ That’s what we’re trying to build here.”



Marcus Thompson

  • gizzm

    Wonder why Jackson continues to go with Andris and Dorrell as starters. They both horrible. Start Mcguire at the 3 and Udoh at the 5 please.

  • ET

    mcgurre = poor man dennis rodman

  • Stan

    Its been the story the last two years-anybody not Monta or Lee,does better then the previous Warrior. Because they all have the same mediocre talent,and the guy not starting comes in playing hard..he then fades ..and the cycle starts again. The Riley “core” is in his head.

  • Yoda

    If it’s important to reward the hard work of a forward, why not start him at forward?

  • Silverstreak

    Curry, Ellis, McGuire, Lee, Udoh — These five should be the starters. Good balance of D and Offense.

  • kay thuy

    It was really nice to see McGuire, Lee and Udoh running down the court. With McGuire and Udoh, Lee’s defensive flaws become less of a problem and that front court becomes a rather strong group. It’s definitely not the usual mix of soft unskilled big men they’re used to.

    If McGuire could learn to hit a 15 footer and slash on offense, he’d be a perfect all around role player. Right now, he is a lean version of Chuck Hayes.

  • Moreaufan2

    Bandon Rush should start, he has to put a fire under some of these guys, make them play off the bench! Like Wright and Biendrins

  • deano

    I also want Beans and Wright on the bench, replaced by Udoh and McGuire. You replace nothings with needed somethings. It seems obvious that Jackson should play our three best scorers with two solid defenders, one of whom can score and the other of whom collects rebounds. Isn’t that balance?

  • Grey Warden

    Man, I can’t believe some Warriors fans wanted to trade for Josh Smith. Dude throws up near as many bricks as Ellis does, and shoots horribly from the free throw line. When he shoots jump shots, it’s almost as if he’s purposely shooting as high as he can (kinda like a teardrop shot) just to see if it’ll go in.

  • Niners in 2012

    If you like Dominic McGuire how could you turn your nose up to a player like Josh Smith or even Gerald Wallace?? Dom is a nice player but those two guys are him on steroids.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    @Grey Warden – I wanted a Josh Snith for Monta trade. That way, we would have had equal number of bricks, but double the rebounds, triple the blocks and quadruple the defense.

  • moreaufan2

    To #11-Are you serious? Monta really throws up a bunch of bricks, all th time? you sounds stupid, with all due respect! If we trade Monta I am a Warrior Fan No more!!!! He is able to drive and dish and make more plays than anyone else on the team can. if we just make him our PG then he will have less pressure to put up so many difficult shots. Curry is not the answer at PG. Do you see how fast monta goes by people! Put him at PG and we will see more wins like we did against Atlanta. He can guard othwer PG in the league and Curry cant, he is a spot shooter which is good, but not a PG. Just because he throws a Lob from the other side of the court means nothing as it pertains to the PG position. Can he defend, NO!!!!

  • moreaufan2

    And to number 9, Monta doesnt thrown up brick like that, He just has to take those shots because thats what he is asked to do, who else can create their oen shot on this team, NOBODY!!!!! HE SHOULD CONTINUE TO PLAY THE POINT GUARD POSITION

  • derezee

    dominic mcguire embodies everything we’ve preached about from day 1.

    so we waited 32 games and a couple of injured players to give him significant minutes.

  • Stan

    Meyers on that comedy sports show? And you still wonder why he let Lin walk away for NOTHING in return?

  • Stan

    Derezee-stop talking sense. That is how they talk in WARRIORLAND…

  • Young

    @ #14

    Best post of the year. These guys are a joke…

  • abomination

    How bout we try to move Beans for Lamar and Chewbacca…basically a headcase for a headcase, and we get one more butt in the seats, even if it an ugly one…

  • abomination

    And while we’re at it, lets try to move Dorell for J.Smith out there in NOLA. That gives us J.Smith at C at 7’0″ Lee at PF at 6’10” and Lamar at SF at 6’10” to go with our mighty mite guards, with Ekpe and McGuire still coming off the bench for energy minutes…least we wont lose the rebounding battle every game

  • @6 i love it. ” If McGuire could learn to hit a 15 footer and slash on offense, he’d be a perfect all around role player. Right now, he is a lean version of Chuck Hayes.”