In Exchange for Monta Ellis, Warriors Not Interested in Any Magic Player Not Named Dwight

Multiple team sources said Golden State is NOT interested in trading Monta Ellis to Orlando unless the trade would involve Dwight Howard.

Sources did confirm Orlando has expressed an interest in trying to acquire Ellis to pair with Howard, as ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported. Ellis was previously listed as someone Howard would like to play with. But the Warriors aren’t interested in any other player the Magic has to offer, especially not in exchange for Ellis.

Orlando could get a third team involved. But as one source said, “we’re not trading Monta unless we get something really good in return. It would probably have to be an All-Star or that caliber of a player.” The chances of Orlando finding a player from another team good enough for the Warriors to ship Ellis is extremely slim.

One of the sources said Orlando is simply doing its due diligence, weighing all its options. The teams are in on-going discussions and will be until the March 15 trade deadline. Golden State is trying to “stay in the game” in the Howard sweepstakes. But the Warriors’ interest is purely to acquire Howard. The feasibility of a Ellis trade to Orlando is remote at best without Howard involved.

Marcus Thompson

  • Stan

    Atlanta played bad..but a win is a win. And again-why I give David Lee an “A”. He wants to win.

  • Greg

    Perfectly worded… leave the door open for a 3rd team to throw in an enticing option, but set the bar very high.

  • Niners in 2012

    WAIT, so the Warriors won’t trade a non All-Star player (Monta Ellis) unless they get an All-Star in return? Wow, our front office is so delusional.

  • PhillyJ

    JLin with a double double and only 1 TOs.
    Charles Jenkins on the bench, iced.

    Thank you GSW.

  • Stan

    Papa still eating his words…Lin wins again.

  • D

    Golden State is 13-18 and will struggle to make the playoffs if they trade for Dwight or not. Not sure what their mindset is. They should be much better than they are. I like all the pieces separately but they haven’t come together like expected.

  • PhillyJ

    Papa Smurf?
    a has-been like Fitz.

  • Young

    Why do they even want a player in return???

    Get a bad teams 1st round pick!

    Tank this season to keep our top 6 pick and get someone else’s top 7 pick. This draft is LOADED from pick 1-7!


  • oaktownlar

    D at #7: They never will “come together” because they are disparate parts. There is no Classic Combo here such as a strong 1/5 or 2/3, etc. In NBA history, all the great teams have had Classic Combos. The only exceptions are the rare cases when a team had strength across-the-board. All we have is left-over Nelson-era quirky combos. If quirky combos won, they wouldn’t be quirky–they would be, well, Classic.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Boston wants to dump Rondo and likes Curry.
    Easy trade: Curry and Biedrins to Boston for Rajon Rondo.

    DHoward would like to play alongside Ellis and it doesn’t seem like Orlando’s gonna trade Superman.
    Fine, trade Ellis for Lopez, Morrow, draft pick and filler so that DWill, Monta and Howard can play together in Jersey, then Brooklyn.

    Utah likes white guys, so let’s trade David Lee for Derrick Favors and the Memo Okur trade exemption.

    That way, we shed all major salary, except Rondo. No more Biedrins, no more Lee, no more Ellis and no more gimpy PG Curry. We get Brook Lopez, Derrick Favors and draft picks. Put Favors and Lopez up front with a backcourt of Rondo and Thompson. Mix in Rush, Robinson, McGuire, Wright, Morrow and Udoh and you’ve got a nice squad next year. Throw a NJ draft pick in there with our hopeful top 7 pick and we can get some more young talent.

  • Ewok

    I say let the second unit develop with more playing time, give the starters less and less minutes and emphasis. This way, there will be ample time to heal their injuries. Having said that, we will develop our competitiveness, but without the wins! However, we protect our draft pick next year!

    I really think Andre Drummond if not, Anthony Davis if not, Perry Jones, if not Jared Sullinger is the answer.

  • Moreaufan2

    Okay why is the trade talk only including Monta Ellis, If he is traded I cannot be a fan anymore, cuz he is going to come back and kill them everytime they play! It will be a bad move for the team. Curry is not the answer as the face of our team!

  • Fire Bob Fitzgerald

    The Warriors ought to do Monta a favor and trade him to the Magic for picks and expirings.

  • Tyrone Finley

    This solves it all (four team trade):
    Lakers gets: J.Nelson, O.J. Mayo, R. Anderson
    Orlando gets: M. Ellis, $8.9mil trade excpt (Lakers)
    Golden State gets: Gasol
    Memphis gets: Ekpe Udoh, Q. Richardson, 2nd rd pick (Lakers)

  • Ultra-Humanite

    To be fair, there isn’t really anybody on the Magic’s roaster besides Howard that the Warriors need. Ryan Anderson is playing well, but we already have a power forward who can’t play defense.

  • Dave

    WAIT, so the Warriors won’t trade a non All-Star player (Monta Ellis) unless they get an All-Star in return? Wow, our front office is so delusional.


    Way to misreprent what was said. They are just not interested in any other players THE MAGIC has to offer in return.

  • Capt. Obvious

    Hey Harp’s Dubs – Your Utah deal cannot happen. A team cannot combine a player and a trade exception to trade for a player with a larger contract. Plus, there’s no incentive for the Jazz to do it because they already have a defensive-impaired front court player in Jefferson. Adding Lee to that mix gives them the worst defensive front court in the Western Conference.

    – Boston is NOT going to assume Biedrins’ contract just to get Curry. They like Curry, but not that much more than Rondo. Sorry.

    – The Nets deal would not be so bad if they get Lopez, Morrow AND multiple picks. But that deal would not happen until AFTER Howard was in New Jersey. Since the Nets would likely have to send multiple picks to the Magic as part of the deal, they would likely not have those picks left to send to Golden State as part of the Monta deal.

  • blaze

    of course GSW will not want to part with Ellis unless they are getting Howard in return – Ellis is their #1 and possibly only trade piece. That said, there is NO WAY IN HELL that Orlando trades Howard for Ellis straight up.

    So, someone is going to have to back down. The Magic have several pieces that would be fair value for a trade involving Ellis, but Magic are going to have to take on Andris Biedrins to get him.

    The trade is as follows;

    Magic get Ellis, Biedrins,
    Warriors get Ryan Anderson, Jameer Nelson, Glen Davis,

  • Nigel Tufnel

    Is any team in the league interested in any player on the Magic outside of Howard? Except for him, their roster is complete garbage. Not really a revelation. They don’t even have a good pick to offer.

  • Grey Warden

    #11 Boston doesn’t even want Curry anymore. Curry’s trade value has plummeted because of his fragile ankles and feet. Should’ve gotten rid of him for Chris Paul when we had the chance. Even if he wouldn’t re-sign, it would’ve been a risk worth taking. At least then we could’ve lured some other pieces into joining the team, or trade for some other players to persuade CP3 from leaving.

  • thedrew

    ellis and biedrins for asik and gibson from chi

  • Warriors Crazy

    How about http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=78rm4ux

    We lose Dorrell, Monta and Biedrins for Kaman and JRich (“the return”). In Kaman, even if he’s a 1-yr rental, we get bulk. If we lose him, we get a ton of cap-space for free agency and can start that re-build. We lose the headache that is Biedrins. Orlando gets their guy, Monta. And apparently New Orleans benefits +4 based on Hollinger’s Analysis.

    Sure we eat JRich’s contract for several years, but he is serviceable as a replacement for Monta and still a trade-able asset. We’re not getting as much production from Wright anyway, and it gives other bench players a chance to step into SG role (Rush, Klay, etc.)

  • Niners in 2012

    Ryan Anderson is an asset and that’s how we should view him. Who cares if we already have DLee? You don’t think Boston or LA would give us a couple picks for Ryan Anderson? If we can dump Biedrins on ORL in the process there’s got to be something there.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    @Grey Warden – I wouldn’t want Curry if I were Boston, but they’re supposedly actively pursuing a trade fro Rondo and reportedly still like Curry.

  • moreaufan2


  • Think Big Lacob

    How’s this for going big or cleaning house!
    NJ Nets get:
    Monta Ellis
    David Lee
    Orlando gets:
    Steph Curry
    Ekpe Udoh
    Andris Biedrins
    GSWs get:
    Dwight Howard
    Deron Williams
    Kris Humphries

  • roadster

    How can we get good talent for Ellis if we don’t know how to evaluate talent. Look at Lin and Monroe, players we should have and we don’t. Stupid Warrior’s Owner and management. We keep using Biedrens and DWright as starters. These players are 3rd stringers on most of NBA teams.

    It is hard to win if 4 of our players can’t score.