To Warriors PG Stephen Curry, Sitting Out Long Term Isn’t an Option

Before Tuesday’s game, just to see his reaction, I asked Stephen Curry a question I already knew the answer to. And I was correct in my presumption. The conversation went something like this (paraphrased):

Me: Would you sit out for an extended period to rest your ankle and take one for the team?

Curry: What you mean?

Me: Well, if you’re out a while, it’s going to be that much harder to get wins. If you finish in the top 7 in the lottery, the Warriors get to keep the pick.  So you sitting out could help the team get more talent.

Curry: (Irritated look, like why would I even ask him that) No. That doesn’t even make sense.

The hypothetical conversation illustrated where Curry stands regarding his foot injury. He’s not trying to sit out. Shutting it down, taking a month off, however you put it, he isn’t trying to hear that. That’s good to hear in a franchise who’s had a few players shut it down for lesser reasons. That’s not good news for those of you hoping the Warriors tank to keep their pick.

Curry is going to try to play tonight at Atlanta. And if he can’t go tonight, he’ll try to go at Philadelphia on Friday. He was told the injury would heal in a week, and that’s the timetable he’s going by.

The last few days allowed for Curry’s frustration to subside and for him to get some perspective. Here are a few reasons he’s not in panic mode or ready to do anything drastic, like shut it down:

* His primary injury, the surgically repaired tendons in his ankle, are still in tact. His surgery is holding up. He is looking to the summer as the time for the elongated rest and rehab people are calling for from him.

CURRY: “I’ll sit out long enough to where it’s healed. I can get through this season knowing I won’t have to have another surgery and I can rest it during the offseason.”

* Curry said  in the grand scheme of things, his injury woes are not that bad. He pointed out he played 80 games as a sophomore and 74 last season. So far, he’s missed 10 games. If that’s all he misses, that would mean he missed 15 percent of the season (in an 82 game schedule, that amounts to about 12 games). So he’s not missing half the season routinely.

CURRY: “I’m pretty sure if you were to look at the starters around the league and how many games they miss, I bet you the average is more games than I’ve missed. … I’m not injury plagued.”

GM LARRY RILEY: “You kind of had the perception out there last year that he missed a lot of games. He really didn’t. We’d like for him to be available every game. But if you look at the number of games, it’s not that many – though, this year, it is compounded from the standpoint that it’s only a 66-game season.”

* The doctors aren’t sounding off alarms yet. Even the specialist who did his surgery didn’t recommend an elongated rest. Though logic suggests his latest injury is at least indirectly connected to his previous ankle problems, Curry – along with Riley and coach Mark Jackson, said they are encouraged by the fact this injury is different. It could be a good front, but they don’t seem to concerned about this latest foot injury. Certainly not like they were the last time he sprained his ankle.

Riley said he would shut Curry down if he and doctors thought it was necessary. And Jackson said he’d be willing to shut Curry down, too, if it became obvious that was necessary. It seems as if it would take another ankle incident for that option to be considered.

CURRY: “I am trusting the fact that I’m doing everything I can do. I’m not doing anything wrong. It’s just an unfortunate situation that something keeps happening.”

Marcus Thompson

  • rotfogel

    I’ve got the best Warriors trade yet…Ed Davis of Toronto. He will be good in a year or two and is already a good defense player/rebounder with big offensive upside. With Toronto having their future center not even playing in the NBA (dude they drafted is still overseas) and Andrea Bargaini coming back soon, the raptors will have too many big men. Send them Curry now! Or Monte! Or anyone…DO FREAKING SOMETHING MORONIC WARRIORS FRONT OFFICE!

  • Stan

    He has a bum ankle-anybody who’s played hoops and developed one knows they never “heal”. He could sit out TWO years..and roll his ankle on a sidewalk crack.
    What he should be doing is far more tapeing of the ankle..and exercise that ankle between games. I’m sure modern science has ultrasound..heat..cold. But Monte Poole must never have sprained his ankles a couple dozen times each to think Curry can just be all good sitting.
    Heck,my ankles still can pop and crack when I rotate them just sitting down 20 years after my last pick up game.

  • leonps

    Let’s remember LARRY RILEY made the following assessment:

    GM LARRY RILEY: “You kind of had the perception out there last year that he missed a lot of games. He really didn’t. We’d like for him to be available every game. But if you look at the number of games, it’s not that many – though, this year, it is compounded from the standpoint that it’s only a 66-game season.”

  • rockridge

    Since when do the players and coaches make the personnel decisions for the team? Does our owner and GM (and the Logo Jerry West) do anything other than make excuses?

    IF THEY COMMITTED TO JACKSON FOR 3 YEARS WHICH LACOB SAID — THEN WHY ARE WE PRESSING TO WIN RIGHT NOW? We’re not making the playoffs so why risk Curry for the future!?

    Of course players are going to want to play! Look at Brandon Roy, Hank Gathers, every NFL player who risks his health every game — pro athletes are prideful and by nature will always want to play. But sometimes it’s up to the franchise to protect them from themselves…

    Larry Riley isn’t competent enough to wipe his own butt — let alone make any crucial decisions. Why is Lacob still taking his advise on anything?

    Lacob, Gruber this season:

    — On amnestying Biedrins
    — On winning with Curry/Monta
    — On a first time coach getting you to the NBA playoffs
    — On Jeremy Lin
    — On being able to sign a quality big
    — On Kwame Brown
    — On Stef Curry being recovered from surgery
    — On Mike Malone instilling defense

    It’s over. You clowns blew it this season — blow it up and TANK! After you blow up Riley’s employment contract… Make a gutsy, decisive decision FOR ONCE FOR THIS FRANCHISE. The playoff/lottery fence-sitting is Cohan Era basketball!

    When you play simply not to lose — YOU WILL NEVER WIN. Lacob grow a pair, be a man and admit you where wrong, failed on your goal this season and start preparing for next… Anything less is just pathetic Cohan Era reactiveness, letting the rest of the owners and GMs leave you in the dust.

  • Stan

    More rumors of Lacob contemplating another big trade. Yet,we’ve all heard that since day one.
    The key all along has been Monta was right-he and Curry are redundent. And then they had Lin to be what Curry isnt,tough and a point guard..just let him walk..
    And when you keep together a team Don Nelson built-any wonder it cant do what Jackson wants?
    Lacob bought this team and kept everything that made it a loser for two decades..including the announcers.
    I need to go into the Joe Lacob business if thats how he made millions. I can buy crap too..and wait until it makes me money with no change at all.

  • Young

    Curry needs to play so he can improve. The dude plays point guard and averages the same number of assists as monta ellis ***bewildered look***

    Monta is the one that needs to go bc he has the most trade value less upside.

  • jason

    You should not ask players if they’re thinking about tanking. That’s dumb. Fans think about it. Players and coaches do not unless the situation presents itself. Even then, they won’t talk about it to outsiders. Curry sat out, so you know.