After Another Failed Pre-Game Test, Warriors PG Stephen Curry to Third Consecutive Start

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry still cannot plant-and-pivot without pain and therefore is officially out for Friday night’s game at Philadelphia.

Curry won’t play until his right foot is completely healed. He will test it out again before Sunday’s game at Toronto. At that point, he will have had 10 days of rest since spraining the deltoid ligament in his right foot.

As was the case last game, Curry will be available for spot duty. Wednesday at Atlanta, he served as a decoy for a three-second stint, spreading the floor for David Lee to convert the game-winning basket.  But Mark Jackson cautioned that Curry is not just a decoy in those situations.

MARK JACKSON: “He can make a shot. I double dog dare you to leave him open.”



Marcus Thompson

  • Grey Warden

    Might as well shut him down for another 2 weeks.

    Well at least I hope McGuire gets rewarded with another start today.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    So, it seems the Hawks are amenable to trading Josh Smith now and the Celtics want him.
    Boston seems tired of Rondo, but won’t trade him unless they get some serious value in return and a point guard.
    Warriors still looking to trade Monta, but want an all-star caliber player in return.

    3 way trade:
    Monta to the Hawks
    Teague and Smith to the Celtics
    Rondo to the Warriors

    Then, we trade Steph and Biedrins to New Orleans (who really wants to move Kaman for young talent) for Kaman and one of their two first rounders (probably both lottery picks).

    These trades get us a top five, proven point guard in Rondo, another 1st round pick (assuming we’re bad enough to keep our top-7 protected with these trades), an expiring contract in Kaman and relief from Biedrins and his terrible contract. Our two big contracts after this season would be with Lee (virtually untradeable, unless Utah wants to take on his salary for Derrick Favors and the Memo Okur trade exemption) and Rondo. I’ll take those two contracst versus the three we have now (Ellis, Lee and Biedrins).

    Please, Warriors, give up on Dwight Howard and start thinking creatively on how to acquire picks and shedding bad salaries! Please!!!!

  • Stan

    Why would Lacob outbid Ellison to keep the same old crap we see game after game? Answer: He’s part of a entertainment group. Like the Ice capades.
    The Warrior fans are doomed.

  • Niners in 2012

    They need to BUY OUT that disgusting piece of garbage they start at center every game. why is he on my team? why am I forced to watch this piece of crap every game? I hate Lacob for keeping him around. Terrible.

  • Niners in 2012

    Warriors cut Jeremy Lin and he goes to another team and becomes a STAR. That just sums up things right there. That’s only one bad decision they made this year. It’s unbelievable that people still waste energy defending this front office.

  • Slamma Jamma

    Harp’s Dubs – you are HIRED, my man. If they moved Monta and Curry for Rondo and a 1st rounder, I’d be pretty happy. Also unloading Beans and getting Kaman’s expiring (with a chance to bring him back for less) would be amazing. Not sure these deals could happen, but they are the right idea. Dumping the future for Howard is foolish. Build a team around Rondo, Thompson, Lee, Udoh, and two first rounders? We might have something.

  • Playoffbound

    Blow this team up and start over (See OKC or Memphis model).

    Curry and Monta will go on to other teams and become stars (i.e. Lin, Arenas etc.)

    Other comments:

    What is the heck is DWright doing in the starting lineup? He’s not having a good year, so perhaps it’s time to shut him down. The guy is a spot up shooter and does not move well without the ball. He stands in one corner and does nothing. His defense is over rated.

    Same goes for Biedrins.. Why is he still starting? The guy has the worst +/- on the team. I’m not going to be more redundant by stating Biedrins weaknesses.

  • dan


    Lacob did not outbid Ellison. Cohan did not want to sell Ellison.

  • Stan

    DAN-Your right-and that makes it even worse.

  • Stan

    Jeeezuz h Krist,Did the Warriors sign Steven Curry,or Steven Hawkings?!

  • Ewok

    In fariness to Riley with regards to the Jeremy Lynn predicament, allow me to say first that I am so proud of Jeremy Lynn and i am a big fan of Linsanity!

    But i have a few questions in defense of the Warriors organization,

    What exactly were his options when the team has Ellis and Curry? Yes, had we given up Curry and allowed Jeremy to run the show we would be better off right now but we need a Crystal Ball to see that ahead.

    How can you market Jeremy Lynn back then we don’t really know his real value except that we know he is a good player in the D League and just how do you sell that angle in the league for a trade, cap space, or a filler? We know he is a good player but just how do you convince the league this guy is a phenom?

    Trouble is, whenever got to see his phenominal talent because Ellis and Curry fills the entire room.

    Having said that, the organization still wanted to keep Jeremy Lynn.

    Released Jenkins instead?

    Should we have given up Jenkins without allowing him to prove himself?

    Jeremy is a Miracle and not exactly to our favor but to the Knicks. Let’s live with this and get it over with.

    He is a Miracle because the guy merely came from nowhere. He was undrafted in the NBA, He is one of the few Asians playing in an American league widely identified with African Americans (Jeremy himself admitted he is often mistaken as physical trainer whenever he enters the coliseum to play), and his counterparts in the Warriors are both franchise players (Ellis and Curry).

    Released Curry instead because he is prone to injury? Again we need a crystal ball to know that.

    The organization wanted Jeremy Lynn to stay but we have needs to address which led us to gamble on a certain dilemma and that’s all there is to it.

    If there is anyone at fault at all and there’s really no one, then that would be the previous coach, Keith Smart for not being able to see the gem in this guy which of course is not the case. We all knew this guy is special but special enough to give up Curry, or Ellis or Jenkins, Who’s to tell? How are we suppose to know?

  • Stan

    Ewok- Its also that Lin-besides being a possible all time in the NBA gaffe- is spart of a PATTERN,of huge bungling,bad decisions,no decisions and terrible strategy as an org. And thats all on Lacobs watch.
    I mean,if you cant spot the all star point guard working for minimum wage all for yourself-what good are you as a basketball man, or management? It’s the very reason you are paid millions..to KNOW talent when you see it.

  • Stan

    ..and certainly Ewok,not to say to New York one of the richest franchises in the world..”Take him”.”FREE”..horrid,decision,horrid.

  • moreaufan2

    Man just keep Curry off the court until he is healthy totally, if thats the case, but if they are talkiing about trading Monta, then they better think of something, honestly might want to keep the two of them and trade D Wright. For an Adequate Big Man, doesnt need to be a star Center!

  • moreaufan2

    Please lets stop talking about Lin, its a dead issue!

  • Dave


  • Stan

    Dead? He looks alive to me. REAL alive. Hey-its not like that decision was years ago,It was done by everybody we still see in the front office. Man,look at the bigger picture..

  • Ewok

    Stan, Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it. But i just have to say that from the get-go, Lin was suppose to be just a back up player for the point or the shooting guard. He was taken in as a back up, Even he accepted he was a worthy back up, and he played as back up… both in games and practices.

    He was therefore judged as a back up and he was good.

    But who would’ve known he would turn out to be a great point guard? Did he had the resume to prove it? Did he have the games to show the scouts? Even the Houston Rockets missed that one.

    With regard to the New York’s getting that break or the best deal in the league, i do agree with that. But that’s fate more than anything else. We have nothing to do with that excellent “assist,” even the Knicks didn’t see that coming. Lin was given a break out of desperation if you think about it.

    The Front Office is ok. Its the past mistakes of the previous years that are hunting us, such as the handicap we have in the next coming draft. If you think about it, We are just one dominant big guy away and that’s Andre Drummond in the next draft.

    Thank you for your input and time. I actually agree with you in a way that i can understand what you feel. I have been rooting for this team for the past 25 years and believe me, its so frustrating and annoying. Blame it on Cohan.

  • Dave

    Stan, Linsanity is over. 2-5 since Carmelo is back. Have lost 3 in a row. The Knicks spent all of this money to rebuild but they are awful!!!