Mark Jackson vs. Stephen Curry, Circa ’01

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry did not participate fully in practice. He just did some rehabilitation work and took a bunch of shots. Of course, Curry has taken plenty shots at the Raptors practice facility before.

Curry and his brother, Seth (now playing for Duke), practically lived on the Raptors’ practice court in his younger days. Their father, Dell, was a sharp-shooting forward for Toronto, where he spent the last three of his 16 seasons.

MARK JACKSON: “I remember out-shooting Steph in this gym. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

During the 2000-01 season, Jackson played with Dell Curry and the Raptors.Jackson said he used to watch in amazement as Curry’s boys shot around. Jackson said he’d have shooting competitions with the adolescent version of his starting point guard.

So who won?

JACKSON: “I’m like Kato Kaelin. I don’t recall.”

CURRY: “We have to go to the security cameras to check the footage. I think I held my own.”

Curry said on game days, he and his brother would spend the first three quarters playing in the practice facility – occasionally taking a break on the PlayStation exhibit in the hall. When the games got intense in the fourth quarter, which they judged by the noise of the crowd, they ran to the balcony to watch.

On non-game days, they were regulars at practice. When asked who won those shootouts between he and Jackson, Curry conceded.

CURRY: “He probably won some. I’m sure he’s proud of beating a 13-year-old.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Stan

    I wonder if this kind of incestuous relationship is what killed the trades of Curry for players like Rondo?..just more startling tales of why the Warriors vastly overvalue this teams players while they become laughing stocks of the league to give away Lin.
    Just a horrible example of Lacobs lack of basketball basic knowledge.

  • Niners in 2012

    Terrible decisions after terrible decisions. This list keeps growing. I think the Warriors should just jump on whatever scenario that comes to them next, because so far NOT pulling the trigger has come back to haunt every time.

  • moreaufan2


  • Stan

    And MT2 hasnt brought up the rumor that last year,the Warriors had a shot at a trade for Kevin Love bad boy-for Monta,others, and a fistful of picks. The Warriors it is said..well,you know how Lacob values his Monta and Currys…

  • Playoffbound

    The club can start by getting rid of Beidrins and starting Udoh, and starting Rush over Wright.

  • Young

    Lacob has been terrible…

    Good moves: Jerry West

    Questionable: Mark Jackson

    Bad: Keeping Larry Riley, letting Lin walk, No “impact” center like he promised, Promising the playoffs, Bringing in Myers as assistant GM (what has he assisted), Not tanking the season by now, Keeping Keith Smarts roster (which is loosing more now)..etc

  • Stan

    You know who’s going to break Wilts 100 points in a game record, Marcus?
    Jeremy Lin.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Three trades that could/should happen:

    Monta to the Hawks for Josh Smith (trade of two guys who need changes of address)

    Steph and Kwame Brown to the Celtics for Rajon Rondo (essentially Steph for Rondo, with major cost savings this summer for the Celts)

    David Lee, Dorell Wright and Andris Biedrins to Washington for Rashard Lewis and JaVale McGee (Washington’s probably going to lose McGee this summer anyway. We get McGee, then $23 mil in cap space in 2013 when Lewis comes off the books).

    I like a starting five of Rondo, Thompson, McGuire, Smith and McGee, with Lewis, Udoh, Rush, Robinson, CWright, Jenkins as back-ups.

  • Fat Panda

    Please tell me why so many people around here want RONDO to the Warriors?!

    Our problems are NOT in the backcourt. Its our lack of size and rebounding on the front line that has been the most glaring weakness for years.

    This is a laughably flawed roster put together by the front office. We have essentially one good rebounder (DLee) and one inside defender (Udoh) on the whole roster!

    Rondo is an elite PG, but even if he was averaging a triple double, the Warriors would not be a playoff team by just getting him. It would take 3 or 4 additional trades/moves for this team to be legit playoff contenders. Not to mention they would have to be “good” moves. When is the last time you remember the front office even pulling off 2 good moves in a row?

    On a team with plenty of veteran leadership and Doc Rivers as coach, Rondo is already being questioned about his attitude. Add in the fact that his salary is going up and up and I don’t see why the Warriors would need him unless we were one player away from being contenders.

  • Stan

    Its as obvious as can be-Monta isnt a win maker. Never has been like the other teams(hence never a all star game huh?) stars are. Curry-he can drive wins..but he’s lithe and injury prone,breaks down too often.
    Just a team of duct tape.

    Man-when Monta has an open invitation to go for 50+..he doesnt respond.

  • Stan

    Hey Marcus- a headline tip? how about “Warriors Rapt in Linburgercheese”. ‘Bout describes todays game.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    @Fat Panda: Why on Earth would so many people around here want RONDO to the Warriors?

    Check the stat line from today, homey! 20 assists, 17 rebounds and 18 points
    Nuff said!

  • Harp’s Dubs

    @Fat Panda: Why on Earth would so many people around here want RONDO to the Warriors?

    Check the stat line from today, homey! 20 assists, 17 rebounds and 18 points
    Oh, and the Celtics won, with an ex-Warrior getting don-Lin-ated by Rondo.
    Nuff said!

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Sorry for the repeat posts and typos.
    NY Post should read:

    Dom-LIN-ated by Rondo’s triple double!