Warriors Brick Their Way to a Disappointing Road Loss, 83-75 at Toronto

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TORONTO– Sunday’s performance by the Warriors was especially offensive – just not in the manner they needed.

No doubt, many were offended by Golden State’s abysmal offense in an 83-75 loss to the Toronto Raptors. Including some in the Warriors’ locker room.

“This one hurts,” rookie swingman Klay Thompson said. “This was a winnable game. … We’re better than them.”

The Warriors (14-20), set a season-low for points and shot just 36.3 percent from the field, including 4 of 19 from 3-point range. They totaled 28 points in the second half.

Certainly, the Raptors are no pushover defensively. They came into the game ranked ninth in field goal percentage defense (43.2) and 11th in points allowed (94.1). Still, totaling 75 points is anemic for the Warriors even without starting point guard Stephen Curry (sprained right foot), who missed his fourth consecutive game.

As a result, Golden State squandered its chance for a winning record on the road trip. They get a chance at redemption tonight at Washington, another Eastern Conference bottom-feeder. But at this point, they’ll just be trying to save face.

“We needed to be at least 3-2 on this road trip,” forward David Lee said after totaling 22 points and 12 rebounds. 

It seemed Golden State had found a rhythm in the second quarter. They made 10 of 18 shots in the period, turning a two-point lead at the end of the first quarter into a 47-38 halftime advantage. Lee had eight points in the quarter and the bench – specifically guard Nate Robinson, Brandon Rush and Klay Thompson – chipped in 16 points in the second quarter.

After back-to-back baskets by Ellis, a 3-pointer and a turn-around jumper, Golden State held its largest lead of the game, 52-42 with 9:26 left in the third. But the Warriors managed just six points the rest of the quarter. They missed their next seven shots and over the last 9:26 missed 14 of 17 and turned the ball over four times.

Golden State totaled 11 points in the third quarter, getting doubled-up by Toronto. Over their last four games, the Warriors have been outscored 103-61 in the third quarter, an average of 10.5 per game.

Ellis sounded at his wit’s end diagnosing the third-quarter concerns.

“Who knows,” said Ellis, his head buried and his voice just above a whisper. “Don’t know what to tell you. We had a 10-point lead and we came out and … I don’t know.”

For the road trip, Golden State is averaging 80.3 points on 37.9 percent shooting. Even if they were the best team in the league, they’d still lose with those offensive numbers.

The Warriors played defense well enough to win Sunday, which would have made them 2-2 on the trip heading to Washington. Golden State held the Raptors to 85 points on 37.2 percent shooting with 16 turnovers. Toronto never scored more than 23 points in a quarter.

“That’s good,” Second-year big man Ekpe Udoh said of the defensive result. “Don’t you think?”

So that means this one’s on the offense?

“We didn’t make shots,” Udoh responded.

Lee did, making 9 of 13 from the field. But the rest of the Warriors were 20 of 67 shooting (29.9 percent). Ellis needed 22 shots to get 20 points. Forward Dorell Wright was 1 of 9. Robinson was 2 of 12, missing all seven of his second-half attempts. Udoh was 2 of 7.

For a team that likes to brag about how many scorers it has, you would think topping 85 would be a cake walk. But Sunday, they lost because they couldn’t score.

“Period,” Robinson said. “Point blank. Exclamation point.”

* With Sunday’s 4 for 19 shooting performance from 3-point range, Golden State is now 13 for 71 from deep for the road trip (18.3 percent).

Perhaps even worse than the Warriors’ low percentage is the that they’ve taken so many. An average of 17.75 3-pointers is a lot for any team. But for a team that can’t find the stroke, why so many 3-pointers?

The 3-point shooting numbers are a sign Golden State is settling too much for the outside shot – a bad idea for a team struggling shooting. The Warriors took 80 shots on Sunday, 48 came from outside the paint. (Conversely, 40 of Toronto’s 78 shots came inside the paint).Golden State had just one fast-break point.

“For whatever reason, we’re not shooing the ball well,” Lee said. “We’re setting for a lot of jumpers, myself included. … It’s not a situation where you can say, ‘guys stop shooting’ because we’ve got great shooters getting good looks. Guys just have to put in extra work.”


*Golden State’s 28 second-half points was four more than the franchise record for fewest points in a half. The Warriors managed just 24 in the second half against visiting Minnesotaon April 9, 2004.


* Warriors coach Mark Jackson, at the last minute, put Udoh in the starting lineup, sitting center Andris Biedrins.

It was the first time in theJacksonera that Biedrins was healthy but not the starter. He played a season-low six minutes off the bench, going scoreless with a rebound and two fouls.

Sunday, Udoh – who had 19 points, eight rebounds and two blocks his last start, Feb. 20 vs. the Los Angeles Clippers – didn’t do much better Sunday.

Udoh totaled seven points, three rebounds and a block in 31 minutes.


Marcus Thompson

  • marquee jackson


    The Owners (Goober and Lacob) promised season ticket holders certain signed pictures if no Warrior goes into the All-Star and certain something something if they do not go into the playoffs. The owners should be offering a percentage refund for being offensive and anemic.

    So really it was not Keith Smart or Don Nelson who are the problem. It is the players and especially Biedrings and it is systemic.

  • Stan

    How many rebounds did Monta get?…this is ridiculous when a loser team like the Warriors has prima donna’s who think that all they have to do is their “job”.
    Monta has never strained a muscle fighting to get a rebound..and its like that with Warriors,not DOWN the line Marcus..but UP the line to Gruber and Lacob..talk the talk,do whats best for yourself..and look out for no.1…Lacob’s mantra.

  • Niners in 2012

    Monta has proved he is not a PG, and this recent shows us how much we miss Curry(as a PG). Curry gets alot of bashing but look at the offense right now. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Not too long ago people here thought Monta was a better decision maker. You guys see the light yet???

    Reading Rusty Simmons latest, Lacob is completely dislusional, he needs a major wake-up call. He’ll never see a trade he likes because he overvalues every player on this roster, that’s what you get when a FAN owns the team.

  • Ewok

    Unintentionally Tanking?

    I don’t like the idea of intentionally losing games to get a descent pick at the draft. But we need that one piece so freaking bad! Every single team in the West has improved except the Warriors in terms of new acquisitions. This draft is deep in the top ten and there’s a lot of game-changers in this year’s roll call and we have to be a player.

    No one is tanking in the team. But you just don’t know what their individual hearts are leaning them to do… Especially if the players feel the current line up is competitive but for a single piece. We need the piece badly, how do we get it is another story. I think the players can catch the drift.

    So Tanking or not, the motivation to play 100 percent is difficult as compared to the motivation to play less then 100 percent – in order to get Andre Drummond or, Anthony Davis or, Jared Sullinger or, Perry Jones.

    Any of these guys can play well in tandem or triumvirate with David Lee, Dominic Mcguire, Jeremy Tyer and Ekpe Udoh. That’s a lot of firepower!

    Now here’s the glaring fact, If we don’t get a descent draft in this draft, There is no plan B in place.
    So why play with the possiblity of getting injured? We’ll this help the team at all?

    Jerry West himself said we need to protect our pick in this draft. Whatever he means with that, It says it all.

  • lmao

  • robert rowell

    montas rebounds? are you serious? man some of you cannot see the forest for the trees.

    let’s get Tropical.

  • Stan

    My point on Monta and rebounding is..local media go on and on how tough he is,etc..but,thats when it comes to scoring…when it comes to lock down defense,assists,rebounds Monta has never broke a sweat. He’s NOT a star in the NBA.and the Warriors under Lacob have passed on some great package deals because of that idea in Warriorland that Monta is Oscar Robertson and Allan Iverson in one.

  • Stan

    And I hope to god Meyers dosnt go one that comedy sports show and BS about this team. Fix something Bob before you talk.

  • Yoda

    Sit Curry for a month. Trade Monta. Have Biedrins kidnapped by Eastern European thugs with ties to organized crime. Keep the pick and build an actual basketball team.

    It’s not that hard.

  • Stan

    Ok-THIS is what MT2 should write…That this spinning wheels ORG.’s GM’s are mentally overmatched. Meyers? what does he know about being a GM?..Riley? shown he’s not capable of building a winner..he can barely keep five players on the court.
    THIS teams only hope was for Lacob to have hired a Jerry Sloan as GM-like I advised back then. Sloan would have seen through this small guard logjam BS..and got rid of it. Beadrens?…gone.
    If not Sloan then the MANY former coaches who would have exceeded Rileys abilities by a thousand times.
    A quality GM with a loser team and a new ownership see’s the right changes needed.
    Lacob can’t even see Bob Fitzgerald annoys the fans…

  • Young

    Time for a Mark Jackson rant.

    This guy has the tools / knowledge to be a great coach. Right now he’s a D minus.

    He inserts McGuire into the starting line-up, great move vs. Atlanta bc there #1 scorer is really there only scorer. Warriors win. McGuire doesnt score a point.

    Then we play Philly and toronto. Niether team has a player who averages 20 points per game, Stephen Curry is out (your minus 18 points per game yourself) but you continue starting McGuire???

    Jackson just doesnt get it… He should be starting Klay when the other team doesnt have a dominate scorer. Klay is the warriors best bench scorer. This is obvious and easy.

    Let get tropical!

  • Young

    @ yoda…

    IT IS THAT EASY. Since they are still not doing it, they are really that incompetent…NFL draft 1 month away

    Lets get tropical!

  • Stan

    And Lacob kept Riley to mentor Meyers? That’s like the stupid teaching the smart how to think stupid. And Riley judging by Meyers comedy show routine, is getting steeped in stupid.

  • Young

    Meyers value was supposed to bringing us deandre jordan, his former client. All jordan did was leverage our offer for more money from the clippers.

    Jordan makes 13 mil per for 8pts and 9 rebounds. Makes Dave Lee look like the steal of the decade…

  • Ewok

    Stan, Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it reading your takes but i do disagree with them.

    First of all, I like Larry Riley. He is a very circumspectful type of manager. He likes to deal behind the publicity. I think the acquisitions of Lee, Mcguire, Rush and Robinson are all impressive.

    Having said that, i don’t Riley and front office as a whole can’t really do much with the team. The past ownership and management mortgaged the team with bad deals and these terrible deals are the ones getting our hands tied for the meantime. The team is relegated to simply wait for the next coming draft.

    My prediction for the team right now is that they will play their best against big teams but they will settle for less with weaker teams. The players know and they can feel the hint that the next draft is their best chance to address the team’s glaring need for a capable big guy.

    Judging Riley with the Lin predicament, i just have to say that from the get-go, Lin was suppose to be just a back up player for the point or the shooting guard. He was taken in as a back up, Even he accepted he was a worthy back up, and he played as back up… both in games and practices.

    He was therefore judged as a back up and he was good.

    But who would’ve known he would turn out to be a great point guard? Did he had the resume to prove it? Did he have the games to show the scouts? Even the Houston Rockets missed that one.

    With regard to the New York’s getting that break or the best deal in the league, i do agree with that. But that’s fate more than anything else. We have nothing to do with that excellent “assist,” even the Knicks didn’t see that coming. Lin was given a break out of desperation if you think about it.

    The Front Office is ok. Its the past mistakes of the previous years that are hunting us, such as the handicap we have in the next coming draft. If you think about it, We are just one dominant big guy away and that’s Andre Drummond in the next draft.

    Thank you for your input and time. I actually agree with you in a way that i can understand what you feel. I have been rooting for this team for the past 25 years and believe me, its so frustrating and annoying. Blame it on Cohan.