Stephen Curry Will Play, But Off the Bench

Warriors coach Mark Jackson is going with Dominic McGuire as the starter and not Stephen Curry, who returned from a sprained right foot on Monday. However, Jackson said Curry will see action. He will just ease him back into his role as starting point guard primary player.

“I’m not going to play him 40 minutes,” Jackson said. “I think with the advantage of having two days off after tonight, we are going to use wisdom.”

Curry scored 12 points in nine minutes of Monday’s win at Washington. It was his first real action since spraining the deltoid ligament in his right foot on Feb. 22 at Phoenix. Curry sat out four straight games after the All-Star break, save for a three-second stint in a win over Atlanta when he just stood in the corner as a decoy.

Curry said he didn’t have any setbacks at Washington, so he considered the outing a success. Still, Jackson is playing it safe.

“He hasn’t practiced and quite honestly, isn’t 100 percent right now,” Jackson said. “So we want to be patient and smart about bringing him back.”

If Monday was any indication, expect Curry to play off the ball and Monta Ellis at the point. Jackson was concerned about having Curry chase around John Wall. Memphis’ PG Mike Conley Jr. poses similar threats, as he’s quick and crafty. Plus, Curry at shooting guard gives the Warriors’ a much-needed third scoring option, something they weren’t getting when he was out of the lineup.


Marcus Thompson

  • Stan

    Warriors stinking at home..and I’m sure Bob Meyers was yucking it up on KNBR this afternoon.

  • Young

    Missed the game. Can someone tell me if we tanked it or just sucked? I see Tyler got minutes and jennings

  • Derek

    Did that idiot LArry Riley really turn down a Curry for Rondo trade, please someone tell me that is a lie or simply a bad rumor. Turning down a trade for an All Star up-tempo point guard, for a brittle shooting guard poising as a point.

    When will Riley be fired ? I can do the job better than that scrub.

  • Derek

    Down here in LA it is being reported Boston wants Curry for Rondo, and Atlanta wants Monta for Josh Smith. I’m a huge Monta fan, however I believe GSW should swing both deals. Doing so would make the legit contenders. Rondo feeding Lee, Smith, Thompson and Rush would make for a solid team.

    Rondo/Thompson backcout=good defense and scoring
    small foward by committee McGuire, Rush, Wright (the rookie)
    Lee/Smith rotating between PF and C depending on the match-up. Smith is an excellent defender, Udoh coming off the bench.

    Riley wake up you old fart, make the deals.