Warriors “Got Punked” by Memphis 110-92

Game story from tomorrow’s paper

Warriors guard Monta Ellis sprung first from the locker room, in time to escape the media, his face painted with frustration. Forward Dorell Wright, when asked what the Warriors needed to turn things around, grumbled “you’re asking the wrong person” before hustling out of the locker room.

After Wednesday’s 110-92 loss to the visiting Memphis Grizzlies, it seems the Warriors are not in a good place.

“We got punked,” forward Dominic McGuire said. “Straight punked.”

Once again, Golden State failed to capitalize on an opportunity to turn their season around. Despite a disappointing road trip, going 2-3, Golden State returned home without losing any ground in the playoff chase. The Warriors were still 3.5 games back of the eighth and final playoff berth. They had just one loss more than Minnesota, current owners of the No. 8 seed.

So how did the Warriors respond? By getting blown out at home to the same Grizzlies’ squad they’d played close the first two meetings. The Warriors have now lost three of their last four games. And it seems they may be falling apart at the seams.

“These games, the importance of them are magnified,” point guard Stephen Curry said. “We need these games more than ever to keep our season relevant. It stings even more when we don’t get it done.”

Wednesday was the latest example of the Warriors’ inability to get it done. Golden State (15-21) was subpar on both ends. Defensively, they allowed the Grizzlies to shoot 52.5 percent from the field. The tag-team of center Marc Gasol and power forward Marreesse Speights body-blow’d the Warriors all game, combining for 35 points on 13 of 21 shooting with 19 rebounds.

Memphis star Rudy Gay provided the knockout punch, scoring 10 of his game-high 26 in the fourth quarter to put the Warriors away early.

The Grizzlies dominated in transition and in the halfcourt – racking up 32 fast-break points and doubling up the Warriors in points in the paint (52-26). Golden State managed just two steals, a season-low.

“From the jump, before we took a shot, they were getting fast-break baskets and outworking us,” coach Mark Jackson said. “That’s not Warriors basketball and it is unacceptable.”

Offensively, Golden State couldn’t keep up. Guard Monta Ellis, once again, had a tough time against Grizzlies’ defensive specialist Tony Allen. Ellis needed 19 shots to get 16 points. Forward David Lee managed just 11 points on 3-for-9 shooting.

Even with forward Dominic McGuire, not known for his offense, going 2-for-2, the Warriors’ starters were 14 for 38 shooting (36.8 percent).

“It seems as though we just didn’t have our best night,” Lee said. “No excuse not to get a win on our home floor.”

Golden State got a boost from the bench. Guards Stephen Curry, swingman Klay Thompson and forward Brandon Rush combined for 42 points. They were key during a run that erased a 21-4 first-quarter deficit. A runner by Rush tied the game at 38 midway through the second quarter.

Minutes later, a floater from rush put Golden State ahead 46-42 with 4:44 left. But over the last 2:32 of the second quarter, Memphis made six straight shots to close the first half with a 12-4 run.

Golden State trailed 56-51 at the half. But they didn’t have another charge in them in the third quarter. A break-away dunk by Gay put the Warriors down 69-58 with 7:40 left and the Warriors never got closer than seven the rest of the way.

At this point, with two days off to let the loss fester, it seems the Warriors are finding it tough to maintain confidence they have what it takes to make it run.

“Your mind keeps going 100 miles per hour trying to figure out what’s going wrong,” Curry said. “We’ve got a lot of games left. But we keep saying that after every loss. Eventually, we’re going to run out of time.”

* Curry played his second straight game off the bench Wednesday. He finished with 15 points, four rebounds and three assists in 24 minutes.

In two games, totaling 33 minutes, Curry has 27 points on 12-for-18 shooting.

“Just trying to figure out how many minutes I can play and how my ankle is going to respond,” Curry said. “It’s not where I want it to be. I’m just trying to be as effective as I can when I get out there.”

Jackson opted to start McGuire and keep Curry coming off the bench as a way of easing Curry back into his usual role. Curry sprained the deltoid ligament in his right foot back on Feb. 22. He missed the first four games after the All-Star break, save for a three-second stint as a decoy in a win over Atlanta.

He returned to action Monday, but played just nine minutes.

“He hasn’t practiced and quite honestly, isn’t 100 percent right now,”Jacksonsaid. “So we want to be patient and smart about bringing him back.”

Curry said he’s hoping to be healed enough to start or play more than 24 minutes come Saturday, when defending champion Dallas comes to town. The Warriors have two days off, so he can get more rest and treatment.

* Center Ekpe Udoh finished with nine points, six rebounds, (career-high tying) four assists and four blocks. He now has a block in 14 straight games.

Marcus Thompson

  • Rick Ross

    sorry coach, but this is warriors basketball.welcome to the party man..get real and face the fact that Dorell Wrong isn’t the answer and neither is Monte “head leader’ Ellis. Sit Goose “I’ve got the best tan in the NBA” Biedrens down completely to assure a chance of him asking for a buyout. Start Klay Thompson after y’all trade Monte Chump Ellis and Start BRush over Dorell All Wrong if he’s not part of a trade already. TANK THIS SH_T already and keep that top 7 pick will ya?

    Joe I’m A DORK Lacob

  • Judge Wapner

    Just tank. We need a difference maker in this deep draft. This team needs help, and we have little chance of trading for a difference maker without giving away our best talent.

    Its a lost season. Play the young guys, rest Curry’s ankle, and play Beans. Get him some offensive opportunities, make him look good. Maybe we can revive his trade value a little, and lose his salary. That would give us a better shot at a legit FA.

    No shame in developing the youth. Play Tyler, Jenkins and Klay. Draft a big man, and sign a FA. That needs to be the plan for 2012.

  • w’s fan got punked


  • marquee jackson

    Time for a Fire Sale!!

    Lack of desire to compete and killer instinct. I would trade the whole starting lineup to get a Tier 2 player like a Kendrick Perkins at this point. Really what value do the starters have with the weak ankles and high salaries combined with the lack of killer instinct?

    Come on now. Its an easy trade.

  • Yoda

    Job 1 – get rid of Ellis. Job 2, sit Curry the rest of the season. Job 3, see if you can get some cap space cleared while keeping the pick. Play the kids and see what they have.

    This team is going nowhere and this delusional talk about playoffs and good team is and always has been pure crap.

  • John Starks

    Pull the plug and let this season die. Ease back on the starters’ minutes and give the young guys more playing time so nobody could call it tanking when we lose out the rest of the season.

    No need to keep tearing up Curry’s ankle, pissing off Monta and wasting other players’ efforts on a season like this. It’s a wrap unless a miracle happens.

  • robert rowell

    Did you say playoffs? Thanks for the laugh. If this team is playoff material then so is Charlotte. Look they didn’t get plunked they just got beat by a better, more talented team coached by someone who isn’t a moron.

    Pastor jax and his small lineup really opened the flood gates against the Grizz. He is letting the team down.

    My god, has Stephan curry even heard of the word pass? I counted at least a half dozen times last night where the possession was just Stephan dribbling and then throwing up a quick shot. Too much playing with Robison, I guess.

    Let’s get Tropical.

  • Dave

    You wanted them to get Tropical now you’re getting it.

  • Stan

    What you wrote that stood out ,Marcus? “Rudy Gay,Memphis star took over the 4th quarter”. How many times have you ever said that about Monta? Rare,very rare.

  • Stan

    Monta is good..but he’s not a star. And the Lebron jokes about only haveing 75 cents and never a fourth quarter..works here too.

  • commish

    So sad and disappointing. Groundhog day every friggen year. We fans are such masochastic suckers for the Cohan/Lacob lemonade

  • Stan

    I will never understand how the A’s and the Warriors get EVERYTHING wrong. And then the Warriors management goes on KNBRs comedy shows and ..lies,with jokes. No shame.

  • frenemy

    I disagree that the Ws need to tank the season. The reality is that even if they play their best and smartest they’re simply not good enough so the end result will be the same without the psychological baggage of trying to lose.

  • Tony Hicks

    Sad to say, but it’s obviously time to blow it up for next year’s supposedly-deep draft. How’s everyone feeling about not giving up Biedrens when we still could’ve?

  • Stan

    Well,Marcus does quote Beidrens blowing off critics “I have a big chip on my shoulder” says Andres. If Lacob doesnt get infuriated reading that and also seeing Beidrens smiling going through the motions,then…uh,well..I need to think of something snarky later.-hee.It will come to me..lol..

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Other GMs say Ainge definitely is looking to trade Rondo. Curry, Udoh and Kwame Brown’s expiring contract for Rondo and Chris Wilcox.

    We need a center, Washington needs good team players and someone dependable up front. Trade David Lee, Biedrins and Dorell Wright for Rashard Lewis and JaVale McGee.

    Our starting five is now Rondo, Thompson, Rush, Smith and McGee. Our depth is now gone, but we have rid ourselves of the Monta/Curry backcourt quandary, shed ourselves of Biedrins’ contract, get a top-five PG in Rondo, a shoulda-been all-star in Josh Smoth and a game-changing young center. Hopefully, we could keep our top-seven protected draft pick and pick up a Kidd-Gilchrist or Barnes to play the SF spot.

  • Ewok

    Not exactly tanking but I really think its more constructive to play the bench for solid exposure for the rest of the season. If they win games, great! If they lose, they learn something.

    For the record, the secret to turn around this team, is for Monta to get a big man for a partner, another impact big guy and hopefully, Dwight Howard realizes that. Curry is already in sync with DLee. I think we can pull something from the draft preferably, Andre Drummond.

    KThompson will breakout sooner or later and Dorell will join Biedrins in the doghouse soon.

  • rotfogel

    Good news Warriors Fans; from my calculations, and I’m a genius, the warrios will only win 7 more games this year. When that happens, and oh it will, the Ws will have a top 7 pick and be in the draft! Yes!

  • Stan

    I’m tired of posting under my own name..I want something like others do..old time players..like thus:

  • Connie Hawkins fingers..

    Is that bad ? huh?-lol..

  • Todd Fuller

    Bring me back! I can do better than Biedrins and you can get me for the minimum. It’s a no brainer

  • JM95054

    We suck. From top to bottom, our roster is horrid. Hoping we get something decent in the draft. Time to move Curry and, if necessary, Ellis. The longer we hang on to Curry the lower his value goes.

  • Stan

    Yeah-the draft. The guy who passed on Greg Monroe,let Lin walk away,passed on trades for Rondo,Chris Paul,maybe even Kevin Love last year..is now teaching those skills to Bob Meyers who goes on local comedy sports show like he’s “What? me worry Meyers?”

  • Derek

    Down here in LA it is being reported Boston wants Curry for Rondo, and Atlanta wants Monta for Josh Smith. I’m a huge Monta fan, however I believe GSW should swing both deals. Doing so would make the legit contenders. Rondo feeding Lee, Smith, Thompson and Rush would make for a solid team.

    Rondo/Thompson backcout=good defense and scoring
    small foward by committee McGuire, Rush, Wright (the rookie)
    Lee/Smith rotating between PF and C depending on the match-up. Smith is an excellent defender, Udoh coming off the bench.

    Riley wake up you old fart, make the deals.

  • pablo jaime

    Come on… You don’t really buy into those rumors right? Those are probably spun by the Warriors organization to make this under-talented roster seem better than it really is. If Curry could get us Rondo Lacob would make that happen. If Ellis could get us Josh Smith Lacob would make that happen. Nobody wants these guys for anything more than a bargain. These guys are valued extremely low. They are seen as a good pickup if the price is low.

  • pablo jaime

    There just isn’t a huge market for 6-3 175 pound shooting guards.

  • lmao.
    No Moves.

    Worse than Cohan. Lohan.

  • Stan

    Still shaking my head over Beidrens quotes like “I have enough money to last for my grandkids”-last years big Andres speech. “I have a big chip on my shoulder”..in other words,start or sit-he dont give a…And then bringing his kids to the Stadium..huh? Wouldnt you think every moment he’s there should be work and practice?
    Andres aint “torn” like the Warrior managment is putting out there..like Andres just about says- he’s rich,why get dirty and sweaty too?

  • Stan

    He thinks-and says it- his no efforts makes him a GREAT TEAMMATE!!..Arghh!