Warriors Have Their Eyes on Andrew Bogut

Talks perhaps won’t really heat up for another couple days. But count the Warriors among teams interested in Andrew Bogut.

According to team sources, the Warriors are preparing to make a play for Milwaukee’s center. He’s high on their list, but one source didn’t sound too optimistic.

First off, Bogut is hurt.  Thanks to an injured left ankle, he could be done for the season. Ideally, the Warriors would like to trade for someone who can help  now.

Also, Bogut’s price is high.

The Bucks, which are in desperate need of consistent offense, aren’t pining to get Monta Ellis – who would form a little backcourt with point guard Brandon Jennings. But even if the Warriors come up with a package the Bucks might like – for instance Andris Biedrins, Kwame Brown’s expiring, Dorell Wright and Ekpe Udoh — Golden State would have to take back on of two players they really don’t want.

Stephen Jackson or Drew Gooden.

Jackson’s history with the Warriors is probably too irreparable for him to bring back. Plus, the Warriors would not give him the extension he wants, so it could end poorly. However, Jackson – who makes $9 million this year and $10 million next year – would be an upgrade over Dorell Wright and if it means shedding Biedrins’ last year, it may be worth considering. 

Gooden is a tad more desireable than Jackson. He can give them something off the bench, especially if the Warriors lose Udoh. Problem with Gooden, a Bay Area native, is his contract has three years, $20 million on it after this year. That’s a noted commitment. But it may be worth it if the Warriors can add Bogut while keeping it’s core. 

Perhaps the more likely option is to get a third team involved, preferably one that would take Stephen Jackson. 

Yes, I came up with such a trade.

Andrew Bogut
Ronnie Brewer
C.J. Watson

Warriors upgrade at center and at back-up PG. The trio of Ronnie Brewer, Brandon Rush and Dominic McGuire makes them solid defensively on the wings.

Carlos Boozer
Kwame expiring
Dorell Wright

Milwaukee sheds its Stephen Jackson headache, gets salary cap relief in Kwame and gets potential offensive help in Dorell. Convincing them to take Boozer may be a reach since they have good young PFs

Monta Ellis
Stephen Jackson
Nate Robinson

Bulls get much-needed scoring help in Monta and dump Boozer’s contract, paving the way for Taj Gibson to start. Their bench now features Jackson, Rip Hamilton and Nate Robinson – perhaps not Thibs kind of guys but could work.

Here is another one that may work better 

Andrew Bogut
Drew Gooden

Monta for Bogut. Gooden for Andris. Win on both fronts, right?

Joe Johnson

Joe is expensive, but Milwaukee sheds two contracts for one and now their backcourt is Joe Johnson and Brandon Jennings to go with some good young bigs. 

Monta Ellis
Andris Biedrins

Atlanta rids itself of Joe’s contract without losing offense. Monta and Teague would be explosive – and cheaper – backcourt.

Marcus Thompson

  • Grey Warden

    Nevermind about Gooden. The Bucks won’t part with Bogut unless he comes with Captain Jack. It doesn’t matter if Jackson’s an upgrade over Dorell. Jackson is an absolute cancer in the clubhouse and I wouldn’t want to trade for him over a box of Cap’n Crunch. Plus, you’ll never hear the end of the “I want an extension” until he gets one. And regardless of whether he gets an extension or not, he’ll be demanding a trade. Dude is an endless nightmare.

  • Grey Warden

    Ricky Rubio is out for the season. Torn ACL. There goes the Wolves’ chances for making the playoffs.

  • JJ

    Take on ‘ol Capt. Jack. He’s a P.I.T.A. but his beef was with the old Cohan regime, there’s a new sheriff in town. I think it’s worth the gamble if you bring back an elite C like Bogut.

    Curry / Klay / Jackson / Lee / Bogut

    that is $ lineup and playoffs

  • Dan

    If the Bucks/Hawks would do it (and I kind of doubt they would), the second trade should be a no-brainer for the Ws. The huge bonus of getting Bogut is that if he doesn’t play this year, he should help the Ws tank and keep their draft pick, especially if they sit Curry, too. Go into next year w/ Curry/Klay/Rush(or Wright)/Lee/Bogut with Udoh able to start at the 4 or 5 as well. PLUS you’ve got a top 7 pick in a strong draft. Not a world-beating lineup but depending on the development of Curry, Klay and Udoh (all potential stars) as well as the pick, the future would look bright.

  • Ya Boy

    Right idea marcus, but wrong team. If you’re looking for a third team, call on Orlando – who want Jack and Monta cause Howard wants to play with those guys

  • Young

    Why not just trade ellis and lee for a good pick, tanking the season.
    Then you have:

    Top 7 Pick – call it jeremy Lamb
    Top 6 Pick – Andre Drummond

    If they are afraid of not being able to sell tickets, as fan I’d rather this young team than Bogut and Lee

  • john

    Here we are past the half way point in the season and 2012 looks(w/l record)like almost every previous season for the past too many years. Somewhere Chris Cohan is laughing out loud at all his critics who blamed him for the mediocre records of the past. Lacob/Guber have owned the team for more than a year and while the deck chairs have been rearranged the Titanic is still sinking.

  • Yoda

    I like the fact that Bogut wouldn’t play this year. And just sit Captain Jack down on the bench, tell him no extension and shut up. Then get a video crew in to record all the ensuing action and sell it on pay per view.

  • Obie

    Tim Duncan of all people called Steven Jackson the ultimate teammate.

    For all the issues he has with management, he always has his teammates backs and is quick to help young players with the finer points of the game.

  • Ewok

    Let’s use “Common Sense Conservtism” in approaching the problem of the franchise.

    Bogut is not the answer. Especially if it means trading our blue chips. The better road is the draft.

    And anyone who is thinking, talking playoffs this season needs to get real. All we can do for this season is to get a good finish hopefully with our bench and keep everyone healthy.

    Patience is a virtue.

  • 32

    You can’t include an injured player in a trade. Kwame’s expiring contract won’t be tradable until he’s healthy (after the trade deadline). Even if the other team has no intention of playing him and purely want his expired, it will void out since he’d fail a physical.

  • Bel

    The latter of the two trades is definitely more probable though I don’t see why the Bucks would want an aging Joe Johnson even if it does shed some cap space.

    I know Lacob and co are devoted to bringing the bay a winner but why not build something sustainable. Go young! Warrior fans are zen monks when it comes to patience. The likelyhood of a quick fix happening here is minuscule. Free agents want nothing to do with us and the ones that do come here we end up over paying for. We have to get young players that haven’t reached their full potential yet ie OKC. Bogut for Monta would be great but if that fell through here’s a thought…

    Trade Monta to the 76ers for Evan Turner and salary fillers.
    -I’m sure the 76ers are high on Turner but Monta is a better fit for their team. Turner is a larger version of Brandon Roy minus the jump shot which would come with time. This guy has star potential.

    Trade Steph for Derrick Favors.
    -Physicaly he’s on par with D. Howard at the same age. He’d immediately upgrade our D and rebounding and he’s only 20 years old.


    Give Jenkins a shot until he proves he’s not capable-Trade Lee for… I don’t care just trade Lee- Retain your lottery pick and draft the BPA.

    Build don’t renovate!

  • Ewok

    Conservative Common Sense is how we should approach the situation.

    The team is ok with the exception of a missing piece… Obviously the center position and we need a fresh, inexpensive, impact player to fill this in. So the road to go from hereon is through the draft.

    I like this present line up because the chemistry between the players are already set, especially Curry and Lee. If we get Drummond, Davis, Jones or Sullinger to tandem with Ellis, and fill in Kyle Thompson in there, plus the bench we have, backcourt and front, We have a Team that can contend for the playoffs. That simple.

    Andre Bogut to break the team is not worth it. Monta Ellis is the center of the team and we win with him or we lose with him. Curry is the guy who keep things together in sync, and David Lee is obviously the leader.

  • binbin

    Bogut is a stud! we get the center position sorted and can move forward.

    Curry and Bogut would be an awesome inside-outside combo and Bogut is a great defensive player.

  • Rent

    great. let’s pair an overrated oft-injured center with an oft-injured overrated point guard. genius.

  • KL

    Yes, the Bucks want to trade Bogut.

    The two trades here have the Bucks taking on two of the worst contracts in the NBA (Boozer/Joe Johnson).

    This entire article is high comedy. Bogut may get traded, but not for this slop.

  • JimPunkrockford

    yea, this team has such a stellar track record when drafting big men. just get one in the draft and tell everyone to “give it a little time”. how long have you following this sorry franchise?

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Marcus, I like the fact that you’re throwing out possible trades, joining the rest of us would-be GMs. Your second scenario is an outstanding one for the Dubs and solid for the Bucks and Hawks.

    Rather than focus on Bogut, who’s solid, but a bit injury-prone, let’s look to get younger, while getting rid of contracts. JaVale McGee will be this year’s DeAndre Jordan, so we need to get him to Oakland now, giving us the ability to match any offer for him, as he’d be a RFA. I think Washington would love to have a guy like Monta paired with John Wall in the backcourt and they’re trying to unload Andray Blatche.

    I wonder if Washington would take Monta and Udoh for Blatche, McGee and their first rounder?

  • Niners in 2012

    THIS is EXACTLY what we need to do!!

    Looking ahead, we won’t get a better center than Andrew Bogut in the offseason with capspace. Use it to land Bogut, and take CaptnJack if you have to. THis season is lost, this is the right move. We’ll likely end up with our pick back in the top 7, just a win-win scenario!

  • Twisted Jay

    I like the JaVale McGee scenario. His offensive game begins and ends with the dunk but he runs the floor like a deer and loves to play defense. I think Washington would be down to do it, except the first rounder might instead be Vesely since he’s been disappointing and Trevor Booker has improved a lot.

  • tim

    your insane if u think the bucks will take on boozer or johnsons contracts. they are trying to get rid of two bad contracts so take on worse ones?udoh or ellis would have to be involved.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Bel – I’ll run with your ideas, as they are interesting. Possible hold-ups:
    1) What else would Philly send us to make up the difference between Turner and Monta’s contracts? 2) Would Philly be willing to part with enough parts on a winning team to acquire a proven non-winner in Monta?
    How about Monta for Turner, Nocioni and their 1st rounder.

    Curry for Favors is a risky proposition, but I’d take it. The problem is they already have a point guard. How about Favors and Harris for Curry, Lee and full protection on our pick this year? That solves your trading Lee problem and guarantees us a lottery pick.

    PG – Harris/Robinson/Jenkins
    SG – Thompson/Rush
    SF – Turner/McGuire/DWright
    PF – Udoh/Nocioni/CWright
    C – Favors/Biedrins/Tyler

    Use our lottery pick on Jared Sullinger and Philly’s 1st rounder for the best available player.

  • Derek

    Bogut for Monta is a fools (Larry Riley)trade. Bogut is an often injured slow, unathletic big man with an old body. The W’s can’t afford to continue making stupid moves like that. The team can’t have two slow unathletic big men, the defense would suffer as they are murdered on a nightly basis.

  • Claxtonater

    Would be gm’s?? half of your plans are banking on the idea that another team would go for backcourt thats small and with monta at the 2 undersized. Then you want to pair then oft- injured curry with the oft injured bogut..WHAT?! Go young hows that working for the wizards..anybody check? does that team seem sustainable? Next you want to give Klay and jenkins the team to run. why?b/c they do such a consistent good job?(they don’t). A draft pick in rileys hand is always an oppurtuity wasted. Iman Shumpert, Marshon Brooks picked after Klay , Chandler Parsons picked after Tyler, Goudelock picked after Jenkins. Those guys can start ours.. shouldn’t

  • Ultimate Warrior

    How about JaVale Magee and Andre Blanche for Ellis and Udoh?

  • Derek

    Both McGee and Blatch are free agents, they could be had in the off season. I just got home from the Warriors Clippers game at staples, the W’s better keep Monta, they’d have no offense without him. Curry in frail and Nate (who I like alot) can be a moron at times and is inconsistent.

    At best McGee for D. Wright

  • grkstyles

    Capn Jack would revitilize Biedrins’ game more than any other player in this league…. their pick and roll game together was sick

  • Darryl D.

    Derek Says:
    “Bogut is an often injured slow, unathletic big man with an old body … The team can’t have two slow unathletic big men, the defense would suffer as they are murdered on a nightly basis.”

    Let’s see: Bogut led the L in blocks last season and was second the year before. His Defensive Rating and Defensive Win Shares were top 5 those years. He was also a top 10 defensive rebounder by volume and by percentage. He was top 5 in charges drawn. He knows what the opposing team’s offense is going to do before they do, his positional and help defense is outstanding.

    If you want to bucket him, choose his offense which has been crap since the elbow injury (not that it was ever great). But on defense, he’s one of the smartest players out there.

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