Monta Ellis Named Western Conference Player of the Week

Warriors guard Monta Ellis was named NBA Western Conference Player of the Week.

Ellis averaged 20.5 points and 7.5 assists last week. He also totaled eight steals and knocked down 8 of 12 from 3-point range.

Most important, he led the Warriors to a 3-1 record.GoldenStateposted wins over atWashington, against visitingDallas, and at the Los Angeles Clippers. And he did it while his backcourt mate, point guard Stephen Curry, was playing limited minutes thanks to a sprained right ankle.

Ellis had 21 points and 11 assists in Sunday’s win over the Clippers. It was his second 20-and-10 game this season and the 14th of his career.

Is this great timing for the Warriors or a meaningless award? The way Ellis has been playing, you’ve got to wonder if his value has skyrocketed a bit. A little national attention can’t hurt. Or, does it make him that much harder to get from the Warriors, who now REALLY need a big name in return for their nationally recognized star?

Perhaps, the better Ellis gets the harder he is to trade. Or does this help their bid to land the big they covet?

Marcus Thompson

  • deano

    This is a win-win-win: for Monta, for GSW if they keep him, and for GSW if they trade him.

  • deano

    In the trade I envision with NJ, maybe this helps GSW get BLopez and the Nets’ #5 pick in this year’s First Round, instead of their #19 pick — as well as GSW’s choice of Morrow or Farmar. Whatever, I am happy for Monta.

  • Spencer

    Awesome week for Monta. Really hope these trade rumors, which seem completely bogus, arent true.

  • Spencer


    Who is the guy @ the Warriors and Niner games with the blown out afro? I want his job!

  • Spencer – I’ve been wondering that same question FOREVER!! Who is that guy!?!!@

  • Marcus Thompson

    Spencer and David,

    He is on the Stats Crew

  • Young

    Congrats to Monta. I love him…

    This doesnt change anything tho. We all knew monta can ball. The problem is we arent willing a championship with him (playoffs are a dream) and he’s our best player (lee is close) so we need to rebuild.

    Higher trade value, great! Trade him for the highest pick you can get and a bad contract that expires in 2012 or 2013. Its that easy…

  • Derek

    No #7 Young: Lets all be glad you’ll never be the GM. What do you want the Bobcats west ?

  • moreaufan2

    We better not trade Monta! We need him to run the show. He is our true PG, just one who can score. We have Klay and Rush and Curry who can al play the off Guard spot, and we have rush wright klay can all play the wing. We have three keys pieces in Monta, Lee, and Udoh who we can Build around. Curry is in the group but not as the star of the team or main guy its Lee and Monta period!

  • moreaufan2

    I am happy that monta finally got some recognition, earlier in year everyone was saying he was struggling but thats not it, every night he is asked to do too many different things instead of Jackson finally taking the advice of so smart Warrior fans and putting monta at the PG position

  • Young

    Perfect deal

    Monta to the Nets for there 1st round pic (currently 4th overal) and Boris Diaws expiring contract…

    The nets NEED to win nxt year not develop talent…