Three-Way Deal with Orlando and New Orleans Involving Monta Ellis Has No Legs

Team sources, once again, refute reports that Golden State is considering trading guard Monta Ellis to Orlando for anything other than Dwight Howard. Warriors management has held with that stance even though the latest possibility includes a third team – New Orleans. Orlando, however, is doing all it can to get some help for Howard in a bid to keep him around, as ESPN Chris Broussard reported.

One of the sources said the Warriors would not give up Ellis for Hornets center Chris Kaman, reportedly New Orleans’ key piece in the three-team talks. Golden State sources have consistently said they want a star in return if they move Ellis. Kaman, who is two years removed from his best year and is a free agent at season’s end, doesn’t qualify in the Warriors’ minds. There is basically no combination of players, from Orlando and/or New Orleans, that will make the Warriors part with Ellis.

As a matter of fact, the Warriors are embracing the reality that a trade – especially a major splash – won’t happen by Thursday’s trade deadline. One Golden State source the team would be OK if they didn’t pull off the trade now. That way, the Warriors can deal in the offseason, this time without the lockout hindrances from last offseason.

With that said, there is a faction in Warriors management that feels something needs to be done, even if it’s a smaller-scale deal.


Marcus Thompson

  • Greg

    MTII – I realize any addition/hope of a long term deal w/DH is tenuous *at best*, but I can’t help but thinking…. If DH has said Monta is one of 7 or 8 guys he’d like to be paired with… why not trade Steph and call it a day? I get that Steph has great potential but at this rate we’ll be lucky if he plays 70% of his remaining games. Pipe dream?

  • Curry Fan


    That’s the sound of Steph’s ankle breaking if they don’t rest him for the remainder of the season.

  • Grey Warden

    Because Curry’s trade value is falling too far to get anything we could’ve gotten before (CP3 or Rondo). None of those teams are interested in taking on the risks associated with Curry’s ankles/feet.

  • wil

    If we’re not going to make the monster move by moving Monta, then I’d
    I’ll bring either Kayman, Bogut or McGee for anybo else other than Curry, Ellis, Lee, Thompson, or Rush.

    I would give a combination of Dorrell Wright, Andris Biedrins and Ekpe Udoh.

  • Stan

    Ok-its getting laughable..the Warriors players are so great-none are worth trading? Monta,Lee,Curry..the core of sub.500 for almost five years now.
    Rondo,Paul,Howard a couple of times. No,our Don Nelson bred loser GM can never pull the trigger at the right time. Lacob paid a half billion to hang on tenaciously to Nelson’s residue..his garbage is cherished.
    Anybody else notice Keith Smart is 10 games under .500?..losers,all losers.

  • Derek

    I have a bad feeling Larry (the Loser) Riley is gonna make another one of his bonehead trades. I have no confidence in the guys ability to make a decent trade.

    Monta for Kamen ? Pleaazzzzzzzz, The guy should be head butted in the face for even contemplating such nonsense

  • Stan

    I would trade Monta ,Curry,and Lee for Wade. The first three are in reality,a dime a dozen. Wade is what you wait a decade for-or in the Warriors pitiful case,THREE decades. I’m serious. We already have seen Lin could be Curry’s equal..and we told him to hit the road.
    Its scary that Lacob still doesnt get it.

  • Stan

    Hell,Udoh is near Lee like now..so with Howard,you just need to find somebody who will want to be like Monta-just shoot and score=no rebound,no defense,no assists that amount to much. The line to take that job will wrap around 10 blocks..
    YES- I meant Howard in the other post…

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Monta for Kaman and New Orleans’ top pick would make me happy.
    That way, we’d be bad enough to keep our top-7 protected and have the Hornets pick. That’s two picks in the top seven in one of the deepest drafts in a long time. In the summer, we try to sign McGee in free agency. If unsuccessful, we keep Kaman.

  • PhillyJ

    Curry, Lee, Wright to Bucks for Bogut and Ilyasova. I would jump on that.

  • Niners in 2012

    Turkeyglue is actually a really good player, he would solidfy out small forward spot. I would be relieved to dump DWrong and Biedrins.

    Another factor is that Kaman is expiring and even with Turkeyglue we would have max space for DHoward this summer!

  • JJ

    @11 — wait a second, Udoh is near Lee like now?? lol Please put the crack pipe down… (although I agree with the Monta assessment).

    Here is why the GSW should trade Monta:

    Klay Thompson. I’d argue that Monta for Kaman would probably improve the overall team and give them a BETTER chance of making the postseason. And then you also let the rookie develop – what a concept I know.

    At worst, we end the cycle of mediocrity, we shed Monta’s $11/mil, and we get a good draft pick. What’s so scary about trading Monta when this team WITH MONTA is below average? So obviously, his presence on the team isn’t so imperative if you’re looking to win games. He’s been with the team long enough — NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

  • Jenia

    joe lacob has to be the dumbest owner in the NBA. this guy is gonna make his team suffer just so the magic have a higher chance of losing howard in the offseason. he doesnt get even when howard said he wouldnt resign with gs. he just keeps sucking dwights dick even when dwight dont wanna play for him. he nned to trade ellis to orlando and play thompson also develope him. curry is a sg not a pg. douche ass owner for making his team suffer so orlando has less chance of keeping dwight

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Don’t decide on Curry or Ellis – trade them both in this three-way:

    Curry and Lee to the Celtics
    Monta and Brandon Bass to the Hawks
    Rondo and Josh Smith to the Warriors

    Boston gets two high-character guys, one a potential top-notch PG, if he can stay healthy and one former all-star in the East putting up NICE numbers.

    Atlanta gets a dynamic scorer/sometimes PG to pair with Joe Johnson, a reliable tough guy PF in Bass, and they rid themselves of a player who wants to be traded (Smith).

    Warriors get a top-3 PG and a shoulda-been all-star in JSmoove.

    If we could then convince Washington to part with McGee, agreeing to take on Blatche also for Udoh and an expiring Kwame Brown, we’d be on to something special:
    Rondo, Thompson, Rush, Smith, McGee as starters
    Robinson, DWright, McGuire, CWright, Blatche, Tyler, Jenkins and Biedrins as bench

  • marquee jackson

    Its a tough call trading Ellis. At some point, you will need an Ellis to complement your Howard or Kaman or whoever.

    A Howard, Kaman or Gasol by themselves ain’t going to cut it. It makes better sense to trade a Lee plus others but point is that you will need other pieces to go along with a Howard.

    Plus Ellis is now seasoned and now being stable. Look at M. Jordan. They did not trade Jordan, they got the pieces to complement him. I know that these are apples and oranges but Ellis is keepable and buildable around.

  • Dev

    I was hoping that the hype was true, Biedrins came into camp in great shape and a great attitude. Well don’t believe the hype…he has become almost USELESS. He is making $9 mil. A year and can barely get into games now. They need to get his contract off the books. Trade him for anything that you can get that gives you some cap relief. It’s not like he is helping at all.

  • Phil

    I have no idea why people are so eager to get their hands on Javale McGee. I am a Warriors fan living in DC and go to Wizards games, you want no part of Javale, he makes 2 dumb plays for every good play he makes. He is basically Anthony Randolph, crazy athleticism, but no head for Basketball

  • PhillyJ

    I am with Marquee. I was for trading Ellis for a long time but now reassessed and think we should keep him unless of course we get major talent. Get rid of everyone else–Curry, Lee, Wright, anyone–even Thompson and Udoh.

  • moreaufan2

    Monta is a keeper. He stays, Shop Biedrins! and give some money for him also since he has a high price tag!

  • dfsdfd@dffd.com

    I don’t understand the logic here. Monta is a great player no doubt, but if they were to get Dwight Howard and he were to leave, then what’s different than simply trading Monta for a pick and an expiring? Feels like the same thing to me.

  • Niners in 2012

    Monta is a keeeper! UNTIL he goes back to being his ballhog, low eff. self. Dude has put together a few nice games but c’mon.

  • commish

    Every year at this time, when the koolaid has left our system, we begin to realize how monumentally f…d we are (once again) by the PR/marketing genius of the owners and staff to suck us in once again. Then April rolls around the bull crap promises start all over again: playoffs, all stars, trades over the summer, etc

  • If the 83 year old owner for Orlando is so desparate, why not find out how desperate?

    Ellis for say Ryan Anderson + Reddick (who can come off the books next year) + whatever other player makes the $ work + 3-4 future first round picks?

    If they think Howard would stay, those picks might not be so great. Imagine if he leaves, though, and we could have multiple future lottery picks out of it, with Ryan Anderson and future cap space.

  • Stan

    JJ- AND ALL- You notice when NY asked Lin to just shoot-he lit up the NBA?. That is a lesson of why Monta isnt ever demanding a trade from GS..only under our garbage system can he just chuck it up with no pressure to be a point guard.
    Hell,we could have traded Monta AND Curry for Howard and had we kept Lin..would be a west contender. And -my point is-telling so many of the NBA players they only have to be a Monta is easy to fill. But not many can be makes themselves a 7′ scorer rebound machine.

  • Stan

    And JJ,The only crack I do is between a bosom…wink wink.

  • carb1

    Here’s the trade that works

    Warriors get

    World Peace

    Lakers get


    Warriors get bigger, Lakers get faster and more athletic and another 3 point shooter to spot up for Kobe. Monta completely took it to CP3 on Monday – you think nobody in Buss-land saw that?