Warriors trade Monta Ellis, Udoh to Bucks for Bogut, Stephen Jackson

This is Marcus’ story that he posted online a few minutes ago. He confirmed through team sources that the deal has gone through. Check back a little later for more from Marcus.

The Warriors have traded Monta Ellis to the Milwaukee Bucks in a five-player deal that will bring center Andrew Bogut and ex-Warrior Stephen Jackson to Golden State, team sources confirmed.
Yahoo Sports first reported the deal that sends Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and the expiring contract of injured center Kwame Brown to Milwaukee.
Bogut, who represents the center the Warriors have been needing for years, is currently sidelined with a severely sprained ankle. It’s not certain when he’ll return to action.

Jon Becker

  • AQ

    wow!!!!!!! dumbest trade ever. I don’t think I’ll be a warriors fan any more. Lacob and Guber are idiots!!!!

  • bill

    are you freakin’ kidding me?
    there is no longer any reason to watch the warriors
    somebody please put Larry Riley out of our misery
    Captain Jack returns? watching him sit on his ass complaining he got fouled while the rest of the team runs back on D?
    lard ass Bogut backed up by choirboy Biedrins?
    this is AWFUL!
    I have been a fan, loyal and suffering since Guy Rodgers, since Rick Barry…and now THIS?
    blow up the team bus…..we suck, we will always suck…I’m going to root for somebody else
    Monta was courageous and we give him away!!!

  • Young

    Lousy golden state warriors…

    Can you spell OVERPAID!

    Ekpe is finally playing well so we’ll through him in too…

    and NO we dont want your draft pick in return.

    Only good news is we are finally tanking this season. THANK THE HEAVENS

  • Young

    By the way…we have tanked the next 4 years as well bc this man IS NEVER HEALTHY!!

    LARRY RILEY = NBA worst GM

  • Ellis was the best Warrior since Sprewell, and he goes for always injured Bogut and uninterested (and former Warriors headache) Jackson. Nearly $45 million tied up in Bogut, Lee, Biedrins and Jackson for next season, with over $23 million committed to the center position alone. This is worse than any trade rumor I’d seen, and all of those were horrendous.
    More evidence that the Warriors have the worst front office in sports (seemingly regardless of who’s calling the shots).

  • ShittyWarriors

    WTF???? WTF??? WTF???

  • rockridge


    Tough to see Udoh go, but Bogut although not great, IS THE BEST BIGMAN WE WILL HAVE SINCE CHRIS WEBBER.

    Since Bogut is hurt I’m assuming we will be tanking it as well… Another great move. Make sure we keep our pick in this loaded draft. If we totally stink which we probably will, we may have our highest pick since Mike Dunlevly.

    Develop the youth and sit Curry the rest of the season.

    Fans and Monta groupies who will knee-jerk and cry most likely don’t know basketball and about Andrew Bogut.

    Great Move Joe!

    About time we start playing basketball TO WIN constantly and in the long term — and not just to score off jumpshots!

  • Stan

    Its about time. I just cant take hearing anymore about Monta missing the All Star game and nobody knew why?..because he was never an all star in the NBA!!..Just in Warriorworld.
    Sink or Swim..but stop that two decades of treading water torture.

  • Michael

    How did we not get Ilyasova in this trade?!

  • rockridge

    By the way…

    Undersized, one-dimensional, scoring-Scoring Guards come a dime a dozen.

    Solid 7 footers do not.

  • Ron

    Too bad we could not get them to take Biedrens. I would have been fine with this if Udoh was not thrown in. Riley is terrible!

  • rockridge

    Now we will stink, tank, and keep our pick in a loaded draft…

    With a lottery pick in this years draft we can draft a another big who is younger and BETTER THAN UDOH.


  • gw

    Wow, am I torn on this one. I really liked Ellis, but he or Curry or both had to go. I liked Udoh maybe more than Ellis (because he is excellent at D and had potential on offense). I don’t like S. Jackson (though I admit I did during the We Believe season. I like Bogut, but he is injury prone. BUT: We can’t help but tank now and Klay Thompson will get far more minutes and develop far more quickly. So basically it’s Ellis for Bogut and Udoh for a top pick in this coming draft. Those aren’t bad. BUT, it’s not good salary-wise. Ugh…I just don’t know.

  • Derek

    I predicted that idiot LArry Riley would make a bonehead trade, What-a-loser, brain dead GM.

    Monta Ellis and Udoh for an always injured stiff of a big man and that pathetic loser Steven Jackson, wow !

    How stupid can the guy be !! Damn why am I loyal, my team is a joke

  • Derek

    Riley gets fleeced again and we still have Biedrens.

    Lacob you loser, FIRE; Riley !

  • Derek

    Who’s suppose to score and distrute on this garbage squad, sorry ars Capt Jack ? WOW ! what a bonehead move.

    Rilkey is a total loser, the worse GM in the NBA by far. I predicted he’s get rid of Monta and get fleeced in the process.

  • GiantInOakley

    WOWwwww…. Moss on Monday, Stack Jack on Tuesday….. WOWwwwww…..

  • dakirw

    Great trade – a legit 7 footer and a strong chance to keep their #1 draft pick next year in a loaded draft.

  • marquee jackson


    I am not renewing my Season Ticket. Count out my $20k for next year.

  • Niners in 2012

    I LOVE IT!!! THIS is exactly the type of trade we needed to do. I trash the front office more than anyone, I will be changing my tune.