Will Trade of Monta Ellis Prompt PG Stephen Curry to Shut it Down For the Season?

Warriors PG Stephen Curry, who at shootaround said he was good to go, wound up sitting out Tuesday’s game.

After the game, he made comments we haven’t heard from him yet in dealing with his troublesome right ankle.

CURRY: “I’m kind of getting fed up with having to deal with this.”

Frustration over the trade? Certainly, Curry’s primary reason for playing through his injury was trying to help the team make the playoffs. The sentiment in the locker room was that the trade hurt their playoff chances. But Curry stopped short of saying he would shut it down for the season.

CURRY: “I’m just trying to get healthy. What that means, I’m not sure yet. … Those little incidents with my ankle, I just want to get that put behind me and move forward.”

A couple sources who know Curry well said he isn’t planning to shut it down, but there will be conversations coming about what he should do next. Dialogue between management, doctors, Curry and his representatives will determine the next course of action. That is a shift in stance from Curry playing against all odds.

Curry said after the game he wanted to be part of the Warriors’ push. But Golden State’s trade of Monta Ellis is a clear sign the Warriors are banking next season on Curry’s health.

right ankle of his. But he stopped short of saying he would shut it down. “I’m just trying to get healthy.”

Marcus Thompson

  • robert rowell

    what about the rumor that the W’s offered curry instead of monta and the buck’s didn’t bite?

    i guess i can understand their frustration, but, really, these W’s players couldn’t have thought in a million years they were a legit playoff team, right?

  • Spencer

    Lets lose every game here on out and get Harrison Barnes and put him at SF.


  • gsc

    let’s say they shut curry down and keep winning and get into the #8 spot. do you then decide to play him or do you keep him shut down?

  • gsc

    to me, the big loss is not monta, it is udoh. we finally had a 2-way player in the 5 spot. and i think he would get enough minutes in rotation w/lee at pf and kwame at c. of course all this hinges on the health of the big man.

    regarding manta, it is a shame he only occasionally put his heart into his d, and his passing (like kobe did a few years back). if he had, i think he would still be here and leading this team into the playoffs at 4-6.

    luck to all in the trade.

  • dan

    Curry to Charlotte for their #1 pick
    The W’s might have 2 top 7 picks
    Get a SF and a real PG.


    F*CK man will you tell me Warriors Nation miss you Monta and wish you and your family all the best!!!!

    PLease let him know for us Marcus. Thank You.

  • marquee jackson

    Its a tough one for Curry. I don’t know if resting / shutting down for the season will fix his ankle. My bet is he is done.

  • rotfogel

    Even when the warriors are trying to tank, they can even do that right.

  • Yoda

    Re No. 1, that sounds like utter b.s. to me. The Warriors have been offering Ellis ahead of Curry in all of their discussions, and teams have been asking for Curry and not Ellis in most of those discussions.

    Curry should shut it down for a while. He’ll be a lot better off in the long run. And no, he’s not done.

  • commish

    I have to once again would like to point out we would have this scenario if not for Riley and Nelson not landing us Cousins and then Monroe. He should have been fired two years ago!

  • Derek

    The claim that the Warriors never won with Monta, is a false claim, he was the last real player left from the blown up play off squad.

    Andrew Bogus has never made his team better, they suck worse than the Warriors, the guy has obviously never been a difference maker.

    As for that malcontent/loser Jackson, he was run out of GS, Charlotte and Milwaukee, two sorry teams had no use for that bozo, yet we take him back as a condition for giving up our best guy for a broken center.

    We even gave them an up and coming big and quality defender, plus a 7 million dollar expiring contract, which now means no playing in next years free agent market. Damn, how stupid can the management team be. They are in completely over their heads.

  • Stan

    Curry wanted out- After that harassment claim cost a single mom her job..Monta walking around any female employees must have been uncomfortable. I bet Monta’s wife wanted a move too.

  • Stan

    Curry? I neant ELLIS..

  • Twinkie defense

    They really ought to shut Curry down, for at least a couple weeks, if not the rest of the season. He’s got to get healthy and he’s not going to do that if he doesn’t get it to 100% and keeps tweaking it.

    Without Curry, Udoh, Monta (and Bogut) the Warriors ought to be able to correctly tank finally – playoffs were always a pipe dream for this squad – but if for some reason now they start tearing it up without Monta, so be it! That may lose us our 1st round pick, but it will also bode well for the roster as a whole, and for the experience they gain while our core pieces recuperate.

    So good for them for whipping Sacramento!

    I never want them to try to lose… but if they’re playing hard, trying to win, but just don’t have enough bullets, that will work out well for the team in the long run.

    Look at the genesis of the great San Antonio Spurs – you can directly link it to their tanking for one year without David Robinson and Sean Elliot. Hopefully the Warriors could be so lucky!

  • Tired Fan

    Ironic that the first time this “team” looked like a team was without these “me first players”.

  • moreaufan2

    Udoh should still be here, how do you trade a lottery pick after a half year

  • Vanilla

    It won’t matter anyway because the Jazz get your 1st round pick (top 7 protected). Go Jazz!

    (Remember, we sent you home after you thought you were so amazing beating weak #1 seed Dallas…)