Dorell Wright Denied Rumors He Wants Out of Golden State

Warriors forward Dorell Wright did not hesitate one bit in denying reports he wants the Warriors to trade him.

WRIGHT: “I never said anything about me wanting to go any where. I want to be here. I didn’t say none of that.”

Wright pointed to the fact that he is buying a house in the Bay Area as evidenced he’s committed to the Warriors. He said he never expressed any desire to leave to management and has no idea where the rumors came from.


Marcus Thompson

  • J Canseco

    I want Dorell Wright out of Golden State. Does that count?

  • commish

    Who csres. We have Capt Jax back. Nuff said.

  • Niners in 2012

    If Jack is staying, we should move DWright for a bigman.

  • Paul

    Why would you not want Dorell Wright? He plays good D at several positions, rebounds, is not a ball hog, plays hard, and can hit 3’s from time to time. Maybe he is not a starter but a great guy off the bench at 6’9″ that can give you 20+ quality minutes a night..

  • JM95054

    I can’t believe West is putting our future on Curry and Bogut. Both injury prone dudes. Sorry but I doubt those guys can even last a season together. Noboby. And I mean Nobody trade away a good 7 footer unless he got some serious issues or you doint someone a favor like West/Memphis.

    We stink again.

  • Young

    Warriors are the worst team in modern sports…

    Just as I am trying to kid myself into believing Lacob knows what he is doing (we all know Riley doesnt) so the warriors MUST know Boguts health is better than it appears they do this garbage…

    Steven Jackson 2 year $20M deal for Richards Jefferson 3 year $30M deal…

    Richard jefferson has one of the worst games in modern basketball. Why do you think Pop said get the heck outta here and the rookie has been eating his minutes…

    This is it…I’m restraining myself from calling Lacob’s team incompetent after the Bogut deal (he might just be healthy), but they earned it on this one.


  • Young

    Woops…popped off too early!

    We got a first round pick! GO WARRRIORS!

    Laker fans were telling about the deal sorry….

  • Fbomb

    You need to go Dorell. If you’re not scoring, then you’re a liability. Who said he can play defense? Are you kidding me?? Watch him sometime. He turns his back on the ball constantly. He doesn’t want to leave because he won’t get playing time anywhere else. His days are numbered here, I promise.

  • Jau

    Whether DWright said or not, him and his non guaranteed contract’s day are numbered. The Warriors just acquired Richard Jefferson from the Spurs. I told people that DWright was playing way over his head last year, but I had hoped that he would prove me wrong. He didn’t. If you read the handwriting on the wall, you can see that DWright’s days are numbered. Too bad he went and bought a house. He might want to think about renting that out. Juat sayin

  • Ewok for Mascot

    Dorell Wright is a bit off this year but has been playing great of late. I don’t he should be traded….. yet! But he should share the spot or give it up to RJ if he can’t come back to form. Either way DWright is an excellent back up and when he’s on fire, he”ll burn the place down.

  • roadster

    Dorell has the slowest defensive lateral movement when he is NOT scoring. A defensive liability. He seems to defend better when he scores lots of points!!! Can’t explain what it is.

  • Rob M

    Dorell seems like he is denying the desire to be traded. His body language in games says he is already gone.