Jerry West on the trade: “I think next year, oh my goodness.”

Warriors executive board member Jerry West said guard Monta Ellis was maybe his favorite player but the trade was worth the risk. Actually, risk is too strong of a word.

“Frankly, I don’t see a risk here myself,” West said before Wednesday’s game atBoston. “I don’t. We get one of the best big men in the league. Period.”

West called Bogut the third-best center in the league and said the future rewards from the trade outweigh the setback the Warriors will endure now. He all but salivated at the prospects of putting Bogut with forward David Lee, point guard Stephen Curry and rookie swingman Klay Thompson.

West said he recognizes Ellis had a special place in the hearts of fans. But losing Ellis, and even second-year big Ekpe Udoh, was a necessary casualty. West pointed out that the league is pining for centers and said several teams wanted Bogut. That the Warriors had what it took to land Bogut was a good thing.

“I think next year, oh my goodness. If I were a fan, I’d be very, very excited,” West said, later adding, “You cannot judge a trade by what happens today. I think you have to look at what happens in the future. I think there’s a lot of people particularly in the league, who I talked to, that thought we did really well.”

West said the trading of Ellis wasn’t an admission that Ellis and Curry didn’t work. He said they did work after learning how to play together effectively. He said the trade, though, was more about seizing the opportunity to land a standout center.

But West threw in a few other bonuses he expects to come along with the departure of Ellis – including the possibilities of Curry and Thompson together in the backcourt.

“There won’t be as much dominating the ball,” West said. “Andrew Bogut might be the best passing center in basketball. Maybe they play a little bit differently. I don’t think scoring going to be the problem. I never thought that was going to be the problem up here and it hasn’t been the problem. The problem is rebounding, protect the rim and moving the ball a little bit. I think you’re going to see a little more of that.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Scotty

    No risk at all? What if Curry and Bogut can’t stay on the court next season? That would be a disaster. I totally understand why they did the trade, but you can’t say there’s no risk involved.

  • PhillyJ

    what about defense though? still soft with Curry, Lee, and Thompson. Put McGuire in as starting SF? I think Bogut will be solid on D.

    Lee needs to work on D this offseason/rest of the year. He lets people go by way too easily.

  • Justin

    I don’t think people recognize that Klay Thompson is a HUGE defensive upgrade over monta. Klay is very good at rotations, has quick hands and keeps his man in front of him well. I’m really not sure how he’s been given this negative perception of his defense.

  • Stan

    For those who dont get it..Monta was a block..he was the past,small ball,Nelson, and “we never contend”. Riley for the first time has breathed fresh air to the franchise,Lacob for his first time can look in the mirror and know he DID SOMETHING. If Bogut never pans out..the mold at least has been broken. I see better days..as long as the Org has the right frame of mind and leaves that Cohan-Nelson era far behind…

  • Young

    Jerry West sounds like Garry St. Jean…

    Nuff said…

  • Javier

    I keep hearing from GS people, how wonderful this trade is…I’ll say it a million times, they didn’t have to get rid of Udoh and Ellis to get Bogut…Monta is a better player, lb. for lb. than Bogut…
    I’ll say it right now, Have the bucks ever made playoffs with Andrew Bogut??? lol..ok, case closed…the guy is not the impact player others are claiming. If Bogut was that good, the Bucks never would have traded him…thank you. good bye…

  • Stan

    Monta also represented female harassment. Lacob must have some morals..and must feel relief to have him gone.

  • rio kid

    Bogut is going to be good for the Ws. The ankle is broken which is better than ligaments etc. He is exactly what they need and now they need to build around the 4 West mentioned. No Hall of Famers mind you but some pretty good players from which to start…Bimbo Coles…we have a better team than the team from the days when Bimbo ruled the hardwood here.

  • noma_pride

    Young: “Jerry West sounds like Garry St. Jean…”

    Kiss your mother with that mouth?

  • Young

    Nome_pride what does that mean?

    What I was saying was that St. Jean was making the exact same comments before tonight’s game…

  • hmmm

    jerry i think age finally catching up with you

  • slamdunk

    Since a good center is at a premium, I am ok with the trade as long as Bogut can come back healthy. As the Warriors have already seen, it it very difficult to draft or trade for a decent center, but it is easier to find twos and threes, so now they need to have West look for a good three to replace Wright with.

  • robert rowell


    is west senile? he does know that he’s addressing W’s fans with the same shtick we’ve heard for 18 years now, right? regardless of how i feel about the trade, which i think was about as good as the W’s could do, being told yet again to “wait until next year” is just really irritating.

    there’s plenty of risk involved here: it’s mostly financial. taking on bogut’s and sjax contracts, in addition the albatrosses they already have, and the fact that they’ll have to pay curry A LOT to keep him basically means NO meaningful free agents can be signed in the next two years.

  • Does anyone think that the Warriors had the assets to trade for a HEALTHY Top 5 NBA center?

    If the Warriors wanted to trade for Dwight Howard, Bynum, Tyson Chandler, Marc Gasol – What players and draft picks would it take to acquire these players from these teams.

    The opportunity?

    Andrew Bogut’s injury.

    STEPHEN JACKSON’S BITCHING FOR A NEW CONTRACT! Yes! Thanks to Stephen Jackson – the Warriors built the We Believe team AND acquired ANDREW FREAKING BOGUT!!!

    A new Bucks GM who’s cleaning house.

    This is the huge opportunity that Lacob’s been pining for. A game changer and quite possibly – a franchise changer.

    And they pulled it off!

    I’m thrilled!

  • Gswfan24

    Smh, bottom line is Monta was going to opt out next year anyway, smart move by the dubs, otherwise, he’d have held the team hostage during free agency the following year, Bogut is an upgrade, make no mistake about it

  • Goofy G

    Here is what the Warriors need to do…
    1) Clean house up top. Too many chiefs and not enough indians. (For those of you who want throw down the PC card. Blow me! I am a Native American.) Plus having the son in such a prominent position is also dangerous. The kid is only a year out of college!!
    2) Remove Mark Jackson and put in a real coach. Jackson preaches about defense which is strange since he was allergic to it when he played. Personally I am hoping for Ettore Messina the former Real Madrid coach who is now interning/consulting with the Lakers.
    3) Have the owner stop falling in love with players. See David Lee and Stephen Curry. Also have him admit he knows little about the game and will be willing to delegate the decision making to someone else who does.
    4) Stop speak out of both sides of your mouth when it comes to defense. See signing Nate Robinson and drafting Klay Thompson.
    5) Get a new announce team. There is homerism and then there is acting like a prostituted puppet. Tom Tolbert and Greg Papa would be a HUGE upgrade.
    6) Bring back Thunder! Screw OKC why should their move mean we lose our mascot?
    7) Promise that even if they move to San Francisco they will still be called the “Golden State Warriors”.

  • moreaufan2

    Boo to the entire thing, simply because Bogut is not available to play, and he is another guy who is injury prone! Not sure how Jackson will react to being back here, he wants to play for a contender so we will see. yeah maybe next year it can work, and maybe not, so we will have to see right, but right now, not happy at all. I know Ellis had the female issue thing and who nows what really happened there, but still he helped us win big games. And played hard! Not sure Curry is long term answer at PG either. But Klay is a nice player

  • marquee jackson

    Its a bad deal only because we got Jackson. What the heck are we still doing with S. Jackson? He is poison all around.

  • commish

    I am happy with the intent of the trade. Only time will tell if it will pan out. But how does Riley have any never gloating over this trade. Under his “leadership” we lost two legit centers: Cousins and Monroe two years in a row. That doesn’t mean Monta didn’t have to go, but for someone other than a center. Ridiculous Riley, but very typical PR by the league’s best spinners. I hope his ass is gone next season and all memories of the Nelson-Riley years.

  • Jaysohn

    I just don’t get all the whining from fans. As good as Monta was the Dubs weren’t winning with him. That was never going to change. Everyone wants to live in fantasy land where somehow we could have acquired an impact player by trading Beidrins and a cup of coffee. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that, you have to give up something good in order to get something good in return or take a risk. Isn’t that we have been asking for and then when we finally get it, all the complaining and crying over it.

  • Derek

    Warrior management spins BS like FOX news. The team has a culture of losing and mismanagement, therefore quality free agents avoid the team.

    The W’s have been losers for ever. Riley claims he’s been seeking a quality Center since he became GM, yet he passed on Cousins and Monroe (who is already better than Bogut and healthy).

    Fans it’s time to call a spade a spade, management is clueless.

  • Derek

    When has Bogut won or made a team better ? NEVER, yet they paid like he was/is a young Patrick Ewing.

  • deano

    Nobody tells West what to say. Ever. At GSW, he’s an owner not an employee. He may not always be right, but what he says he believes. Because he knows more abut basketball than anyone else at GSW, and even knows more than the commenters above, I go with what he says. The price was steep, but Bogut is well worth what GSW had to pay to get him.

  • Tired Fan

    The only risk to the trade would be if everything went wrong and we were not able to hold our usual 10-12 spot in the standings.

  • Deemoh

    @Justin: And Klay just a rookie, imagine his 3rd year where Monta started developing. Maybe if Klay gets bigger and stronger he’ll be more explosive too

  • Reno

    With this trade, I think the Don Nelson era is finally over. Jerry West is right about the risks: with the western conference as it is and the Warriors as they were before the trade, the upside to the Warriors is way more than the downside. I’m very, very excited!

  • Jaysohn

    We didn’t pass on Cousins he was picked before us.

  • Dino

    @Javier, Bucks have been to the playoffs with Bogut. Check your facts since it’s obvious you have internet access. Do the March 14th posters feel better now that the Monta trade yielded Bogut, Jefferson and a 1st round pick? Bogut’s a better post defender than Ekpe and Klay’s D is better than Monta. Good trade.

  • roadster

    Jaysohn, I think what Commish is saying is we could have tanked the last 4 games of the season couple of years ago. Instead we won I think 3 of 4 that’s why Sac got ahead of us for Cousins.

  • Ewok

    I think next year, oh my goodness….


  • Ewok

    I think next year, oh my goodness…. GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!

  • Ewok

    If we can no longer get Thunder as our mascot, How about adopting EWOK character as our next mascot?

    EWOKs are fearless warriors, yet they’re cute and cuddly.

  • Rob M

    I did not like the trade at first. Now it makes more sense since Boguts injuries do not appear to be chronic. Maybe the W’s can trade Biedrens and Wright since they clearly don’t want to be here.