Warriors Trade Stephen Jackson to San Antonio for SF Richard Jefferson, Conditional First-Round Pick

The Warriors  landed a first-round pick after all.

A team source confirmed Golden State traded Stephen Jackson to the San Antonio Spurs for small forward Richard Jefferson and a conditional first-round pick. 

Jefferson’s contract is a year longer than Jackson’s. But the priority for Golden State was landing a pick in this year’s highly touted draft, since they might lose theirs. If Golden State doesn’t land a top seven pick, their selection goes to Utah. 

Marcus Thompson

  • Dn8

    What is the condition of that pick? Lottery protected?

  • Dan

    Yep – that’s the question. What are the conditions of the pick? If they’re anything to do with SJax’s performance or attitude, I wouldn’t count on it. Hopefully just lottery-protected with given the Spurs record is a slam dunk.

  • wg

    great trade for SAS. jackson = gritty. jefferson = harrington-esque.

  • DW

    So Long Crap’n Jack!

  • Stan

    The WARRIORS are doing exactly as I posted here and on BASG blog. Enough of going to the best teams and wanted Monta for THEIR best..and getting laughed at. No,they are following my advice-go to like minded markets..trade a Monta type that we have many of’s and find somebody with too many bigs.
    NOW-they can deal for picks..and have. If Lacob had hired Sloan as I posted pre KEITH SMARTS waste of a season…two years could have been saved.
    I guess West FINALLY used the wisdom of a Sloan and got LACOB to end the hamster wheel Warriors Groundhog seasons.

  • Incredible

    Good deal. All around. Exactly what I’d hoped- take on a bigger contract than Jack’s for the right to have a later first round pick (or even a 2nd rounder would have been fine). Perfect.

    I think, love them or hate them, people will have to admit that Warriors new brass does want to get things done, does have a direction, and is willing to do whatever it takes to improve. Now.

  • J Canseco


  • Incredible

    And thanks for being so on top of all this breaking info for us, Marcus.

  • Warrior_D

    If Warriors get the Spurs pick and lose their own…can they trade next year’s pick?

  • AP

    See. A “good” deal is wests doing with lacob as a bystander. I love fans

  • rockridge

    Great news… Need more info on the conditions of the pick — but nice insurance in case we don’t retain our lottery pick.

    The Monta trade was a calculated piece of an entire overhaul of the old Warrior culture… That’s why it was so ridiculous how many fans lashed out with their dramatic, knee-jerk temper tantrum when Monta was traded.


    2012 draft pick

    That’s a nice solid lineup for next year! A real basketball team… Not a highscoring, substanceless smallball loser.

  • Young

    Solid trade! We need pics…Thnx Lacob!

  • commish


  • Derek

    Decent trade, Riley still needs to be fired !

  • commish

    Marcus we r capped out. How do we resign Rush???*

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    its the smart move

    esp. since we still have the rotting carcuss of marcus williams deal hanging over our heads

  • Grey Warden

    Most of the productive bench players (Robinson, Mcguire, Rush) are going to want and/or command more money. Some of you guys are delusional if you think they’re all going to stay with the same pay, or if you think the Warriors have enough cap space to afford them all. Out of all of them, Rush will definitely not come cheap.

    As for the trade, as long as we got rid of SJax, it’s a good move.

  • letsgo!

    just a move they needed to make because warrior fans were pissed that they didn’t come away with pick when u trade a player with the highest value and was the best on the team. Tooo bad he couldn’t get help. No one was complaining about small ball in 07 08 when they put together good teams.. they missed out on garnett. U know the story, anyhow Bogut is no different then gortat and they could’ve found someone like that for lesser value than having to give up ellis.

  • PJ

    Seems we are still going to be thin at the 4 and 5 positions. Who do we have coming off the bench for Lee or Bogut? McGuire Biedrens and Tyler? We have too much depth at 3, not enough at 4/5.

  • Tim G.

    Great move – gets rid of Capt Jack the diseased bad-attitude clown, for Jefferson, a solid shooter and defender.

  • Grey Warden

    Since Dwight Howard is staying with the Magic, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ellis opts out next season with the Bucks and signs with the Magic after that season ends.

  • Jaysohn

    Nice… things are getting done for once. These moves may or may not work but at least management is trying.

  • rockridge

    Maybe we will lose some of our bench… Who cares? Why are fans crying so much about the minor salary dump pieces of the Monta trade? Who cares about StackJack?

    Fans were move focused on Stephen Jackson and Epke Udoh than the meat-and-potatoes of the trade… That’s been the problem with Warrior fans for two decades now. Many fans are merely looking on the surface in the short-term, not the substance of basketball, which lead to years of Monta overration.

    I can’t believe many fans threw their childish temper-tantrum not because of the stars Ellis and Bogut being traded — but the role players Jackson and Udoh. Even without Monta, Udoh and Bogut we are playing at the same or higher level. Fans who spent the last two days crying about the trade need to wipe that egg of their face…

  • Grey Warden

    Who cares about losing our bench? Did you watch last season? Probably not. But who cares right? No cap space for the next 3 years, who cares right?

    Warriors beat a lousy Kings team after the Monta trade, almost win against an old Celtics team on the decline, and this is evidence that the Warriors are playing well? Talk about needing to wipe egg off their face…

  • joey

    The sad thing is we could have Nene for less. I’d take him over injured Bogut any day.

  • Grey Warden

    Nuggets just dealt Nene to the Wizards for Javale McGee. They just signed him this season and then got rid of him. They must’ve thought it was a mistake to pay him that much.

  • Young

    Lacob just paid cash for 2nd round pick (again). Things have indeed changed!

    Sir – I will never question your commitment. Your judgement, until you drop Riley…

  • Jay

    Marcus tweeted that if the Spurs don’t make the playoffs, the Warriors get the pick? That doesn’t make sense since the Spurs WILL be in the playoffs.

  • Claxtonater

    @ #19. Bogut’s played a significant less amount than Udoh this year .Udoh’s ceilings still higher and guess what he hasn’t been hurt the majority of the last two seasons. Warriors fans were upset b/c it was obvious( at the time) that the Bucks got the better of the trade. I still think Bogut’s health is questionable, Udoh and Ellis will play in the postseason(thank god. You got to question Bogut’s health, during the lockout his old team the Sydney Kings wouldn’t re-sign him b/c of his questionable health. Then after all that time he comes back and gets injured again. smh.. Australian Greg Oden is that you? Riley can’t tell.

  • AP

    @24 its other way around. If spurs don’t make it they keep the pick otherwise its ours. Here’s to hoping they lose the first round so its a 16-20 pick. Then with other assests might be able to move up to the 10-15 range on draft day

  • Claxtonater

    that said i can’t be mad at last nights performance , getting 2 draft picks to add to our one, and getting Richard Jefferson. Ill take him over Capt.”I’m an over-the-hill malcontent”Jackson any day of the week and twice on sunday.

  • rockridge

    Gray Warden — My point was that we most likely would have had the same or worse result these last too games with “our best player” Monta and Udoh still here — as we did riding our young less proven guys… So yes Gray, that IS evidence we are playing well.

    So now the trade meets your noble approval because the minor salary dump SJax is gone??? Wow. Clearly your not looking at the bigger picture or the real priority.

    You cried about the trade because of SJax and now he’s gone and your eating crow. Quit knee-jerking to every single move and stop getting your panties in a bunch until the dust settles and we see how all these transactions pan out…

    You guys sound like negative little twerps, trying to play devil’s advocate just because your redass over losing Monta and having Jax come back. Jax didn’t spend a day in the Bay let alone playing a game so shut up about him… Did Jackson steal your wives or something?

    This is the best, biggest move the Warriors have done in a long time and yet many fans can’t help but have a pissy attitude — because of the minor role players involved???

    Many of you fans need to get over yourselves and get a clue… Lacob and Co. are trying to win games — not please your personal roster desires. You don’t know more about players then them, and defiantly not our entire plans, so stop thinking you do.

  • Stan

    I wonder-did LACOB hear Larry Krueger rip Joe’s son and Meyers as not worthy of working in the front office?
    Did you hear Krueger rip your own flesh and blood Joe?

  • Derek

    Nene was cheaper than Bogut and he’s healthy. The lakers were smart enough to get two decent players to plug into positions of need and only gave up fisher and Walton meaning they gave up nothing.

    Riley guts his team and reduces their chance at a playoff spot for a broken center with no track record of improving his team or team mates

  • Grey Warden

    “Many of you fans need to get over yourselves and get a clue… Lacob and Co. are trying to win games — not please your personal roster desires. You don’t know more about players then them, and defiantly not our entire plans, so stop thinking you do.”

    “Our entire plans”? Is this Fitz going incognito once again trying to defend everything the Warriors do? Sure as hell looks like it. No point bothering to argue. It’s like beating a dead horse.

  • PhillyJ

    Bogut over Nene any day.

    Nene is a soft PF like DLee. No defense also.

  • rockridge

    Yeah Gray… This is Fitz.

    I got some more tissue for you to continue your Pietyparty from your Cohan Era bitterness.

    …Grow up and face reality. The plan of sweeping change Lacob was talking about is finally being implemented. If you can’t see that your just butthurt and bitter about the past.

    Lacob hasn’t been perfect, and in my opinion has dragged his feet on making a bold move — but don’t question and criticize just because you assume failure due to Cohan and Rowell, two guys who aren’t around anymore.

    It’s not being a homer… It’s about having perspective. I’m more cynical about the Warriors than anyone. But at some point you have to let it go.

    Cohan is gone and Lacob has clearly just started his overhaul… Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt now that he’s shaking things up, and not hold Cohan’s blunders of the past against Lacob in the present.

  • Ewok

    Richard Jefferson’s acquisition is seemed attuned to the philosophy of the team which is placing paramount defense as out of the question.

    Brandon Rush, Dominic Mcguire are great contributors in the team because of their desire to play emphasized defense. Now add Jefferson in the mix and we have truly grown stronger. I guess the next big thing is the chemistry.

    With Jefferson around, the team has become the Jefferson Starship LOL.

  • Grey Warden

    Changes have been made, but as long as Larry Riley is the GM, you can’t really say there’s been REAL change. Changes have been made, but as long as the current squad of medical trainers/doctors are still there, you can’t really say there’s been REAL change.

    Look back at all the years and the excuses being thrown around. In the end, it’s always the same shtick. “We are trying to change and have made changes, but we weren’t competitive because of all the injuries.” The same excuse will probably happen next year, and the promise of change really ends up with the same results; that there really was no change in the first place, only the illusion of it. Fans get their hopes up at the start of every season, only to see it end in disappointment. If you like to continue in that cycle, be my guest.