Both Andrew Bogut and Monta Ellis Make Their Oracle Debuts

If newly acquired center Andrew Bogut plays basketball as well as he works a room,GoldenStatewill be pretty good next season.

Before Friday’s game against visitingMilwaukee, the Warriors unveiled their prized possession. And the 7-foot, 260-pound Australian had already made himself at home.

“He’s very polished,” Warriors coach Mark Jackson said. “He’s a great guy. He’s got a sense of humor. … He’s a people guy. He felt very comfortable around the guys.”

Members of the organization, and many Warriors fans to boot, all but drooled at his size and charisma. Bogut said he was overwhelmed by the positive feedback he’s received. He said he embraces the pressure that comes with being looked upon as the franchise’s answered prayer for a big man.

“It is something I’m fine with,” Bogut said of the expectations. “But looking at our roster, we’ve got a lot of guys that can play. It’s not like I’m coming into a D-League team, where everything’s kind of aimed at me.”

Meanwhile, guard Monta Ellis was getting a lot of love as well.

Playing his first game as a Milwaukee Buck in the same arena he became an NBA star, Ellis described the feeling as weird. But as he said the day he was traded, he believes it was time for a change.

He said he won’t go out to try to prove the Warriors made a mistake, though many expect a big night for him.

“I really just want to get the win,” Ellis said. “I’m not going to try to come out here and kill the Warriors. Like I said, they were great to me. They gave me my shot. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be the Monta Ellis I am today.”

Ellis got a standing ovation when he was introduced – starting and wearing No. 11. He then got a milder ovation when he went to the Warriors bench to greet his former teammates, a trip he capped by kissing his son in his usual spot behind the bench.

Ellis then knocked down his first jumper, drawing more cheers.

Bogut, his love came before the game. Person after person went up to him, telling him how excited they are to have him. Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob predicted he’ll be one of the Warrior greats.

But it all makes the process that much more frustrating for Bogut.

“I wish I could go out there and play right now,” he said, pointing to the walking boot hiding his fractured right ankle. “But in the offseason, it’s going to me make me work harder than I’ve ever worked.”

Marcus Thompson

  • deano

    That was a nice tribute to Motna, pre-game, first quarter, fourth quarter. Enough of that.

  • dan

    next year’s lineup : Bogut, Lee, Curry and Thompson ?

    I see slow and unathletic players. Can they win with slow and athletic players?

  • Justin

    ^ thompson moves his feet well on defense and curry has decent speed (given his ankle won’t be a problem in the future). but remember that the warriors are trying to create more of a half court type of team instead of a transition type of team.

  • gary

    Good point above, Dan. They all need time in the weight room. Can’t teach quickness. Monta was the best. We need a coach who can run a disciplined offense with our new crew… Skiles taught us a lesson last night.

  • Yoda

    Did they win before?

  • GooseLosGatos

    If Monte was so damn good then why has it been known for a while that league GM’s saw him as a one-dimensional highly over-rated player who wouldn’t fetch much.

    Do Warriors fans know something that guys who watch 80 hours of film a week in some dark room, played the game themselves at a high level and have huge scouting staffs don’t know. Give me a break.

    Warriors fans are substituting emotion for logic in their analysis of Monte. They’ve gotten so used to hamburger that they think it tastes like filet mignon.

  • Grey Warden

    Ellis to a new team, and already 2nd highest +/- at +33

  • Grey Warden

    Oh and it was nice to see Ellis getting some respect from the refs now. Funny how that works when he’s on a different team.

  • Derek

    The Warriors have a small unathletic roster now. No big man (briedren doesn’t count), only one solid rebounder and 1 quick guy all ingedients for a failed basketball team.

    I don’t believe a slow unathletic team can win in the west, there are simply too many skilled athletic teams and players in the conference who represent extreme match up problems for the dubs. In short Larry Riley contiues to build unbalanced, inadequate/inferior teams. When will ownership get a clue and fire the guys; oh I know after he blows the up coming draft.

  • Grey Warden

    Very good chance of winning tonight’s game vs Utah. Utah’s going to sit out Al Jefferson, Raja Bell and Earl Watson so that they can lose and improve their chances of keeping the Warriors’ pick.

    Can’t wait to hear after the game: “Warriors looking good tonight!” or “They played well!”


  • JM95054

    dan Says:
    March 16th, 2012 at 10:52 pm

    next year’s lineup : Bogut, Lee, Curry and Thompson ?

    I see slow and unathletic players. Can they win with slow and athletic players?
    100% correct. You need a mix of shut down defensive players and scorers. I dont see any board crashing big man nor any shut down swingman. We better knock down a bunch of shots to make sure we outscore the other team.

  • JM95054

    Ellis will be an Allstar now or at least get the All Star treatment. It frickin sucks to see my favorite players get shipped away time and again.

  • Stan

    Ahhhh cute story of Lacob’s model fiancee is mad he traded Monta….NOT.
    Like reading about Raddy’s Bentley-just shaddup.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Those saying Bogut is slow and unathletic clearly haven’t watched him. Y’all will be surprised seeing him throw down some pretty monstrous dunks, swatting away shots and getting back quickly on D.
    I wish Monta and Ekpe well, but we needed to make this trade. We will make the pay-offs next year IF Curry and Bogut’s ankles hold up. In fact, if healthy, I’m betting we’re a #5 seed.
    If we can keep out pick and draft a fast, athletic small forward, then use the San Antonio pick for a solid back-up 4/5, while re-signing Rush and McGuire, we’ll be good. Here’s hoping Jenkins and Tyler prove themselves the rest of the season as NBA-quality back-ups. If so, that helps us tremendously. I’d love to see a starting line-up of Jenkins, Thompson, Rush, McGuire and Tyler with Chris Wright getting good minutes in order for us to really see what we’ve got and for us to lose enough to secure that protected draft pick.

  • lmao.
    total disaster of a trade deadline.

    way to stay in the headlines, morons.

  • rio kid

    I like slow and unathletic if it works. Who won the NBA Championship last season. The star Mr. Dirk would probably qualify as slow and unathletic. Mr. Kidd is fast as heck but he’s freakin 40 years old so he is certainly no longer faster than many of the points in the league. They had the little pint sized latino kid with the hot model girlfriend and they had Jason Terry as well as a bunch of other old dudes so I wouldn’t say they were the fastest and most athletic team in the league and they did ok.

    If pure athleticism were so important then I guess we’d start Nate over Curry. He is probably the best athlete on the team as he has a 49 inch vertical leap or something like that. Enough of the whining already…

  • Grey Warden

    Larry Ellison please buy the Grizzlies and move them to San Jose!


    I give the Warriors credit for taking the initiative and tanking tonight’s game. That Biedrins foul (leading to And 1) at the end to tie the game up was a great move.

  • Young

    The more I read about this trade, the more I want to kick my CPU…


  • moreaufan2

    yeah I agree we dont have an identity yet. It will take some time. Jackson has alot to learn as a coach.

  • moreaufan2

    Rio kid, I hear ya but we have to play defense! Dallas plays defense, and they also had good athletes arounf, Marion, Stevenson,terry, comn dont just ur mouth about whining! it dont matter who we bring here, if we dont start building then we never find our identity, look at Chicago, one star but everyone defends, we dont nevt trap press of anything to mix things up ever! Why is that? Cuz we are not smart

  • Stan

    30 seconds left in the game-the WARRIORS ahead by three…JACKSON in a timeout tells Beidrens “Whatever you do DON’T foul!”..Beidrens says “NO,never”. Then he fouls a Jazz,they get a 3 point play and go on to win the game…
    Even when asked to do nothing,Beidrens can’t even get THAT right.

  • Dave

    Warriors just moved up to the 9th pick in the draft. They were at the 10 spot previously. A couple more losses, and a couple wins from Cleveland and Detroit and the Warriors will be right in the hunt for the 7th spot.

  • moreaufan2

    I think Biedrins is trying to sabotage us, for real. Some of the things he does make no sense at all!

  • Young

    Lets pick up jj hickson for the change found on the coliseum floor..

    We need young talent!