Warriors Planning to Go After PF J.J. Hickson if He Clears Waivers

The Warriors will make a run at signing fourth-year power forward J.J. Hickson if he clears waivers.

Yahoo! Sports first reported that Hickson, once a promising young big man with the Cavaliers, reached a buyout agreement with Sacramento on Monday and the Warriors were a top suitor. Golden State doesn’t want to claim him off waivers and pay the remainder of his $2.35 million for this season. But they will try to sign him once he becomes a free agent.

The Warriors are hurting for size on the frontline after trading second-year big man Ekpe Udoh in a package to put to acquire Milwaukee Bucks’ injured center Andrew Bogut.

With Sacramento, Hickson averaged 4.7 points on 37 percent shooting with 5.1 rebounds in 18.4 minutes.

In 80 games with the Cavaliers last season, Hickson averaged 13.8 points and 8.7 rebounds in 28.2 minutes.

When asked why Hickson’s production had fallen off so much, one team source said, “I don’t know, but we want to find out.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Tay

    Ya bring him in fast he needs a change of scenery, I like him backing up DLee, plus I swear they hyped him up as Lebron’s wing man in Cleveland a few years back. Still mad about Monta tough don’t care what anybody says I would of traded Curry Thompson and udoh

  • robert rowell

    yeah, because the W’s can always use Sac’s garbage, right?

    i dunno. i thought he had promise in Cleveland, but promise doesn’t pay the bills. i know he’s been battling injuries, maybe that’s his issue, maybe not. we’ll see. however, i’m not liking it. play tyler instead, the tank is on, why not?

  • Grey Warden

    The look on Lacob’s face after the fans constantly booing him: PRICELESS!!

  • Grey Warden

    I wonder if Lacob will cower back into his office, never to reappear again, just like Chris Cohan! lmao

  • lavalovers

    I cheer for JOE lACOB. that was embarrassing. He’s done all good things so far, that was really childish. I cheer for Joe. jesus people…..

  • Tblocks

    That was discraceful, low class performance by the majority in attendance…I hope Joe Lacob knows they don’t represent all the Warrior fans.

  • Grey Warden

    They wouldn’t have to tank the remainder of the season if Lacob’s lackey Larry Riley didn’t reduce the protections of the 1st round pick. That all happened under Lacob. And Riley’s still employed. So remind me again how he has done nothing but good things?

  • Derek

    Lacob should have fired Riley already, How much damage is he going to let the guy do.

    Getting J.J Hickson would be nice. Sac is loaded with bigs so he had no playing time. Hickson could get 30 mins a night playing for the Dubs as a center/pf. Given 25-30 mins a night Hickson should do well and would give use some size we lost when Riley the idiot traded Udoh.

  • Slamma Jamma

    I felt bad for Joe, but if I were an owner I would only make speeches at championship ceremonies. I would NOT speak when my team just traded away two popular players for a guy with a broken ankle, and was pretty clearly throwing in the towel on the season. Not good.

  • I thought Warrior fans were sick and tired of fancy shots, small ball and losing???? We have an owner bold enough to see the big picture and wants to win a championship! This is the most optimistic I have been in the last 20 years for this organization. The low-class booing does not represent me nor many of us! Thanks Lacob and team!!!

  • Derek

    #10 Tired of small ball ? what do they have now ? You don’t like fancy shots ? this is not 1950, what do you think run TMC was, or showtime. Lebron, Kobe, Wade ohh those fancy shot makers suck. Hey dude it’s called athleticism, you can’t win in the league without it.

    Monta needed a good to decent complimetary roster, something management seems unable to provide.

  • Jaysohn

    Don’t try to compare Monta with Lebron, Kobe or Wade. Please don’t. I’m so tired of fans thinking we could have built a playoff team around a less than all-star level small shooting guard with out any major free agents wanting to come here or a high first round draft picks? How easy is that? So with the team once again on the outside of the playoffs the organization makes the move to get a legitimate big in an effort to change the makeup of the team yet the fans are pissed. They pissed when the team didn’t do anything dramatic and now they are even more pissed that the team has. Wow.

  • Samrodin

    Good post Jaysohn. Most fans have no ability to think past their nose. They complain bitterly that we suck. Then management finally agrees and says we have to shake this up and get us a true center and they can’t handle that either. they have completely fallen into the same trap that management sometimes does, falling in love with your own players. Derek. i don’t think you quite get it. We traded Monta so we could get Bogut..next year. So yes we are going to suck. And if we are very lucky we will suck enough to get back into the lottery and as a season ticket holder every game I am routing for them to win and thanking god they lose. personally i want a winning team. Anyone who thinks we were a playoff team this year is delusional. if we kept this core it would always be like this. And Monta cannot be a point guard. Curry has a chance. this was a no brainer. though i like Udoh, he can’t rebound so his ceiling is not high. i will be surprised if he is ever a starter and if he is he will never be a star.And getting Jefferson and a first rounder was genius. first of all veteran leadership who has been on a winning team could help us next year. And secondly we get back into the first round and maybe package it with our 2nd’s and get into the lottery and get a star. This management team is for real and I hope you naysayers wake up.

  • Niners in 2012

    Warriors need to claim Hickson off waivers so they can keep his restricted rights. Otherwise, what’s the point? Say he blows up and looks like a keeper, we no control over him this summer, he’ll be unrestricted.

  • gtown1_sj

    How many people criticizing the booing of Joe Lacob would purchase season tickets at the beginning of the season if he said ” We WILL make the playoffs. However if it looks dim, we plan on trading our most productive player and most up and coming player for a hurt possibly all-star center and a soon be be retired player, and then we will play a competetive team with no chance of winning”.
    I doubt any of the people saying the wouldn’t boo are either (a) die-hard warrior fans or (b) Season ticket holders.

  • gtown1_sj

    To all these people who don’t think Monta could win a championship and we “NEED” a big man, how many Championships have been won with a DOMINANT Center in the past 30 years? Shaq?? Please he had Penny, Curry, Scott, etc. in Orlando. What did he do? And how many times did he get traded? How many Championships does Dwight Howard have? We can go with my favorite big man ever Olawujun, but without his crew of HOF, I don’t think he did it alone or with average players. A big man is a nice to have.
    A dominant player with great peices around him is what is needed. What did David Robinson do before Tim Duncan showed up? Barkely, Malone, Ewing, Reggie, the list goes on and on of players who without a good set of players don’t win anything, and sometimes even with good players around them, they loose to a team who had even better players.
    I agree Monta was not an all star, but he was a one man band at GSW for the time he was here. How MANY times did teams just sag the middle to stop his drives so he was forced into tough jump shot? How many times did he guard the other teams best player? Anyone ever try to be the best offensive player on your team and then guard the best offensive player for the other team? It is extremely difficult. I never see LeBron or Kobe do it. They put them on a less than average player to allow them to conserve energy on Defense to be better on Offense. Monta never did that. He took the challenge of trying to guard a Kobe or a LeBron, but you NEVER saw those guys try to guard Monta.
    I am one of Monta’s biggest critique because I thought sometimes he displayed a poor basketball IQ, but he was getting better in his decision making and he was learning how to play better with the other less than average players.

  • Stan

    Gt-How many teams won ANYTHING when their best player was a 6′ 3″ 120 pound scorer ONLY? When Monta claimed HE was the best player in the NBA,Kobe laughed and said he could take Monta anytime down low.”Too small” said Kobe.
    The Warriors with Nelson and small ball were Monta’s lotto win..no other team will build around what he does.