Warriors in On-Going Talks to Keep First-Round Pick

The Warriors have been engaged in discussions with Utah that may lead to Golden State keeping its first-round pick.

The Warriors’ first-rounder will go to the Utah Jazz (via New Jersey) if the Warriors don’t land one of the top seven picks. But I’m told Golden State general manager Larry Riley has been working for months on securing a lottery pick for the Warriors.

Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob broke the news when he said during a KNBR interview Tuesday morning: “We think we can get our pick back.”

Nothing can happen until the draft lottery takes place, however, and the draft order is nailed down. The Warriors may not lose their first rounder if they somehow land in the top 7. But once the draft order is figured out in May, and if the Warriors indeed land outside of the top seven, expect discussion between the Warriors and Jazz to heat up as Golden State tries to appease Utah enough to land their first-rounder.

According to one source, the Warriors would not give up one of their core players to the Jazz. The likelihood is that the Warriors would offer a package highlighted by their three picks. Certainly, the Warriors don’t need to add three rookies to the roster.  So the Warriors would certainly be willing to give up all three of their picks (the first-round pick they got from San Antonio and two second-round picks) to get into the lottery. Plus the prospect of adding free agent PF J.J. Hickson, if he pans out, could diminish the Warriors’ need for bench help.

UPDATE: Another option is to have Utah push it back to next season and/or loosen the restrictions. Utah is a young team and doesn’t need a bunch of young players. If the Warriors keep the pick, it goes to Utah next year (top 6 protected). Golden State could make it top 3 protected next season (increasing the chances Utah gets it) in exchange for the Warriors keeping it this year.

Marcus Thompson

  • jacobslide

    What do you think it would take to get that pick back? Let’s hope Curry and Klay are untouchable. What/who else is left? David Lee?

  • kelly


  • kelly

    @ jacobslide. Utah doesn’t need bigs

  • Steve

    When will Lacob learn to keep his mouth shut? Now if the W’s DONT trade for that back it’s more disappointment. Just shut up already and let the basketball do the talking.

  • Tyrone

    GSW may not want to add 3 new rookies, but after looking at UTA’s roster, I think it’s safe to say that they don’t either.

  • Bobby G


    If the Warriors could give up David Lee’s contract, I’m sure they would. No one would take him, unless they were also unloading one or a couple unfavorable contracts of their own. For now, if Bogut is healthy, and the W’s have to have a bad contract (not counting Beans or Jefferson…), it might as well be David Lee, whose good qualities mesh well with Bogut and whose weaknesses can be partially covered by Bogut’s strengths. Keeping Lee (considering what we’d get for him) is probably a good move.

    As for the 2012 pick, I don’t really think an 8-11 draft pick is going to make or break the Warriors in their 2012-2013 season, which is what everyone is now preparing for. Heck, we might get the same utility (<10 mins a game, specialized but flawed bench player) with the 24th overall pick that we could with the 10th. I don't think it's going to be a terrible thing to not get that 8-11 pick. Maybe the W's luck out and get a top 7 pick in the lottery, making the trade moot. Of course, you know they would only get a top 7 pick if they give up their 3 other picks first. It's just Warriors luck.

  • Mac

    I don’t see the Jazz giving up a lottery pick for a late first and two second rounders. not even close.

  • Young

    Who are our “core” players?

  • Stan

    Fighting NOT to give up our “core players” has been whats made the franchise a loser.
    And Lacob was so passive on Beidrens..its no wonder the guy walks all over the owner and franchise..he gets away with murder. How can you pay somebody that kind of money..and ASK him to try new things? What Lacob needs to do? hire another bench coach-who would shout at Beidrens all game long..like those guys who yell, Stroke!
    If you can train a hamster, you can train a 7′ Latvian.

  • dubs

    Who are our “core” players?

    Curry, Klay, Lee, Bogut are the core players. None of them are going anywhere.

    Nobody is trading for Beans, Lee, or Jefferson because of their contracts.

    Robinson and McGuire are on expiring deals.

    So in addition to the pick from San Antonio and second round picks, we could offer Rush, D Wright, C Wright, Tyler, Jenkins

    If I was Utah’s GM, I would just keep the pick. At least we are trying to make a deal though.

  • Grey Warden

    Can Larry Riley be any more incompetent? Loosen the protections ONCE AGAIN, might as well take out the protections altogether and give them next year’s 1st round pick. And then when we still have an injury depleted roster next year, the Warriors are going to try and get the pick back. Cycle begins all over again. Lacob, time to save face and fire Larry Riley.

  • cds1

    Don’t give your hopes up GSW. Jazz don’t get their own first rounder if they make the playoffs because it goes to Minny. Jazz will keep that Lotto pick no matter what unless you give them a point guard…Curry. You aren’t getting that pick back. Jazz could easily end up with two lotto picks to trade away to someone like the Celtics for Rondo. GSW needs to look at anotehr strategy

  • busta

    Im sure the Jazz are jumping at the oppurtunity to trade a lottery oick for two second rounders and a late first.

  • petaluman

    Reads to me like MT is just speculating as to the specifics, so I wouldn’t get too worked up about it. I think both teams are over the cap, so this would have to be a legit trade. In addition to the picks we have for this year, there are future picks, roster players, TPEs, cash that could all theoretically be involved.

  • Stan

    Good riddance to Moped Monta. Whatever he did for the WARRIORS was only because he got twice as much in return,if you follow me. Selfish sob…a whole Org. ruined thinking that dope was premier. Rowell, Nelly, and Riley the three stooges of Monta…

  • dan

    Lacob can’t keep his mouth shut, seriously.
    The negotiation if any should be kept private til a deal is struck but Lacob “the showman” wanted people to know that he is a superman.

  • Fat Panda

    Just watched the replay of the Warriors game against Minn on CSNBayArea today. I wanted to see if they would replay the jersey retirement. Funny how they replayed the ENTIRE Mullin halftime ceremony EXCEPT the 10 minute interlude of Lacob getting booed.

    They chose to cut to commercial once Lacob grabbed the microphone and then commence again with Mullin’s daughter unveiling his jersey in the rafters.

    Personally, I feel this thing is a bigger deal then it really should be, judging from the media reaction.

    Realistically, what did everyone expect? This franchise has been losing for the better part of two decades and, to boot, just traded away the fan base’s most beloved player since Chris Mullin less than a week ago!

    And don’t discount the impact of the way in which the trade went down. Monta and Ekpe had to find out on TV that they were traded! Warriors fans are passionate and knowledgeable enough to take these types of things into consideration.

    Calling Warriors fans oppressed would be the understatement of the century.

    Marcus T was right on with his assessment of the situation. You don’t speak after the guest of honor unless you want the spotlight and Lacob’s reaction to the whole situation was questionable at best. It seemed as though he was provoking and even challenging the crowd. Like no one had ever dared question his superiority before in his life.

    A portion of Warriors fans sparked the fire. But Lacob and the media are fanning the flames.

  • moreaufan2

    Larry Riley is the downfall of this franchise. We keep getting high picks, and still no wins come from it, cuz the players don’t last, they get shipped out, or we draft the wrong guy in the first round, stupid!!!

  • Oaksterdam

    Dubs will be in lottery for sure

  • AQ

    If the jazz don’t want rookies then why would they want 3 rookies for 1? It doesn’t make sense. Bunch of BS. It would be a great deal for the warriors but not for the jazz.

  • Warrior_D

    I’m hoping Lacob is working on keeping the pick by bribing Stern to get us to win the lottery. That’s usually how it works right, Stern picks lottery winners? Or is it just coincidence the home town team won Lebron or that the hometown team won Derrick Rose? We know for sure Patrick Ewing wasn’t coincidence. I’m hoping that a lottery winner was written as part of the 450 Million purchase.

  • Rager

    Warrior D, the lottery is done with ping pong balls. There’s no “fix”. It’s pure chance who wins.