Andrew Bogut Says Coming Back this Season Highly Unlikely

There was some talk in the organization that center Andrew Bogut – still recovering from a fractured left ankle – would make his Warriors debut closer to the end of the season. But Bogut, acquired from Milwaukee on March 15, all but ruled out that option.

Perhaps just as big a blow, Bogut sounds pessimistic about his chances of representing Australia in the 2012 Summer Games in London.

BOGUT: “I’m 99 percent sure I’m done for the season. Olympics are hinging on my health.”

No doubt, the Warriors love to trot Bogut out there a few times. Many Warriors fans have been vocal about their disapproval of the trade, which sent guard Monta Ellis and up-and-coming big man Ekpe Udoh to Milwaukee. If Bogut can come in, even late in the season, and give the fan base a preview it may prevent Golden State from enduring an offseason worth of criticism and skepticism.

But, as Bogut pointed out in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, there is risk involved.

BOGUT: “The most important thing is to get the bone right. If I come back at 99 percent, and the bone is unsettled, and something shards off, I’m in big trouble.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Stan

    Bogut makes a case for a better team..but the risk of he’s a chronic injured player is there.
    Well,he will play again..after that, who knows? ..but Monta was a dead end. That, we know.

  • Dan

    As much as I like Ellis’s individual game, he just did not make the team better. I think Udoh is the one the Ws will come to regret trading. The team always was better with him in the game. If Bogut can stay healthy, the trade will be ok as he is a really good player. But 260+ lb players typically do not stay healthy for long, especially after they pass their mid-20’s. I hope I’m wrong but my money says Udoh has a more valuable career going forward than Bogut. If Bogut starts to have foot problems, it’s over.

  • LTinSF

    I would be much more worried about Curry being a “chronic injured player.” Bogut’s 2 major injuries were a result of the way he plays..not because of weak tendons or other soft tissue issues (a la our man steph). Granted Bogut is 270 lbs and on the wrong side of 25, but a dude named Jordan had a similar injury his second season (age-22) and turned out just fine if I remember correctly.

  • Stan

    I was watching Beidrens play the other day..and I noticed,he doesn’t seem to have that lean muscle he had in his best years..he looks soft, and when he stuck up his arms to steal a pass..it looked awkward and girly. Is Andres Beidrens undergoing a sex change?..OR,..is not taking what he did in his best year?.”Supplements”?,if you catch my drift.
    Marcus,ask him.

    ps,Andres might have chosen to start a family over “supplements” and shrinking, ehems…

  • Ewok

    Why Hurry?

    For six million dollars, you can be the Bionic Man!