Stephen Curry Visits Specialist in L.A. Regarding Right Ankle

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry visited a specialist in Los Angeles during Golden State’s two-game road trip. The results from the examination of his injured right ankle are expected Tuesday.

Once armed with the specialists’ input, Curry and Warriors management will meet and discuss a plan regarding what to do about Curry’s ankle the rest of the season.

Curry will not play against visiting Sacramento on Saturday. It will be his 20th missed game of the season. He’s missed the last seven games after spraining his right ankle against Dallas on March 10.

Curry had been playing through his ankle issues most of the season. But after the last sprain, general manager Larry Riley said Curry would not play again until he’s 100 percent. That could mean Curry is out for the season. That would give him most of March, all of April and the entire offseason to get his ankle completely healthy.

Marcus Thompson

  • Ewok

    I was watching the highlights of Stephen Curry the other day on YouTube and was i impressed? NO! I was amazed! especially those highlighted plays he did while in Davidson….

    So that made me think hard!

    Would i want to sit this guy to rest his injury for the rest of the season so i can witness and enjoy a healthy Curry in the future?

    Yes. Most definitely.

    This guy can do wonders when heathy and with the right pieces. I am really excited with him teaming up with Thompson, Jefferson, Lee and Bogut. That line up will excel and definitely provide direction.

  • Niners in 2012

    If Curry or Bogut play another game this year somebody needs to be fired.

  • Simon

    Would it be too much to NOT play Lee over 35 minutes a game too? Put Dorell in instead, he needs to get in his rhythm.

  • Dave

    Dorell is a center?

  • Dave

    Lee 22, 14 and 9. Klay 31 pts. Who needs Monta?

  • Stan

    I think Curry could play in April.. a sprain is still just a sprain. But,if the Warriors figue that pick is within reach..uh,yeah,rest Curry..wink wink.
    ps=That Keith Smart Larry Krueger calls a “great coach”,really got the Kings going doesnt he?..going backwards.

  • Stan

    Monta-9 points,sat down for the fourth. Bucks lose. The Bucks have entered the Old Warrior’s Zone.dee-dee-dee….

  • Stan


  • Stevo

    Not all sprains are created equal, and they can result in cumulative degradation of the ligaments and ankle joint assembly. That Curry can sprain his ankle just running the court is very disconcerting. I hope, for this young man’s sake, that there is some way of squaring this away through therapy, orthotics, and possibly retraining the way he distributes his weight on his feet when he runs. I agree that a healthy Curry and Bogut, coupled with some of the other pieces we have, is a playoff caliber team.

  • Jai

    Sit Curry for the rest of the season. It’s a no brainer! People don’t realize that Curry played the whole year last year with that ankle injury. He hurt it playing for Team USA before last season started. Someone on here mentioned that they were watching Curry’s rookie season highlights on youtube and they were impressed. Right! Curry can straight ball! But that ankle is what has prevented him from approaching what he did as a rookie. Do this. Sit Curry and keep your draft pick. There just might be a light at the end of the tunnel. I emphasize MIGHT

  • deano

    I hope that Curry takes the rest of the season off, even if the docs say that he can return. I do not see the gain in returning to the current roster. It would not help him prepare for next season, because Bogut’s presence will change everything.

    Plus, Curry already knows how to play with Lee and Thompson. Next season’s starter at SF is unknown at this point. It could be someone drafted or signed this summer. Let the man rest. The roster is in flux.

    Let Curry gain the confidence that everything that could be done for a permanent fix is being done, and then some.