Stephen Curry May Not Be Done For the Season After All

Warriors PG Stephen Curry could return in as soon as two weeks.

According to a source with knowledge of his rehabilitation, Curry will undergo two more weeks of rehabilitation and be re-evaluated. At that point, if he cleared, he would return to action. So Curry, who has missed the last 10 games, is out for the next nine games. That timetable would put Curry back on the court for April 12 against Dallas. or April 14 at the Los Angeles Clippers.

Golden State sent Curry to renowned ankle specialist Richard Ferkle in the Los Angeles area on Thursday for a second opinion. The results from Ferkle’s examination came in Tuesday and his recommendation did not include shutting Curry down for the season. Armed with Ferkle’s analysis and the input of orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Tim McAdams and the Warriors medical staff, the resulting plan was for Curry to do a bit more rehab and test the ankle in two weeks.

Curry has said he wants to play this season. But one team source said while Golden State doesn’t mind him returning if he’s healthy, Warriors management would not mind either if Curry sat out the remainder of the season. The key, the source said, is if Curry is 100 percent healthy. If that is the case, not even the Warriors would stop Curry from returning.

Of course, the only question will be how do you define 100 percent.

Curry has missed 21 games this season. By the time he’s re-evaluated, he likely will have missed 30 games.

Marcus Thompson

  • deano

    This news makes me nervous, since there is nothing for the team to gain by Curry’s return this season. Because Bogut’s presence next year will change everything, there is no point in Curry playing any further with the current roster.

    I do value Curry’s desire to prove to himself and the world that he has recovered; but this is an essentially self-centered and superficial motivation. He and the world already know that he is the franchise #1 PG and a conerstone for the future.

  • Spencer


  • Keep him out and keep up the tanking!
    Check out this recent column on the subject…

  • moreaufan2

    What u guys mean shut it down? we need him for the playoff push right??? hahaha!!!

  • Niners in 2012

    I don’t want him to but I’m predicting he plays the final two games(at home), after the big back2back2back in April.

  • Tankapalooza column up now…stay off that ankle steph!


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  • As much as I like to see steph play they need to hold him out unless he can change his profession from sharpshooter to brick layer for the end of the season!

  • Ewok

    Get ready for Jenk~insanity!